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Committee Details

Select Committee on Juvenile Offenders

Resolution passed 9 December 2004, Minutes No 88, Item 30, pp 1205-1210
1. That this bill be now read a second time.

2. That the provisions of the Juvenile Offenders Legislation Amendment Bill
2004, as passed by the House, be referred to a select committee for inquiry and

3. That, notwithstanding the generality of paragraph 2, the committee examine
in particular the following matters:

(a) the reasons for, and the consequences of, the transfer of management
responsibility for the Kariong Juvenile Justice Centre from the Department of
Juvenile Justice to the Department of Corrective Services including the impact
on staff at Kariong and Baxter detention centres,

(b) whether the transition of Kariong Juvenile Justice Centre into a juvenile
correctional centre operated by the Department of Corrective Services is the
most effective method of addressing management problems at that centre,

(c) the issue of adult detainees sentenced as juvenile offenders at Kariong and
elsewhere in the juvenile detention centre system,

(d) the classification system and appropriateness of placements for detainees,

(e) alternatives to the establishment of a juvenile correctional centre,

(f) the wider social implications of incarcerating juveniles in juvenile
correctional centres run by the Department of Corrective Services,

(g) management of staff assault issues in the juvenile justice system,

(h) whether incarcerating juveniles in juvenile correctional centres achieves
reduced recidivism, rehabilitation and compliance with human rights obligations.

4. That, notwithstanding anything contained in the standing orders, the
committee consist of six members, comprising:

(a) two government members,

(b) Ms Cusack and Mr Lynn, and

(c) Revd Dr Moyes and Dr Wong.

5. That the Chair of the committee be Revd Dr Moyes.

6. That the committee report by 29 July 2005.