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Committee Details

Library Committee

This committee has not been re-appointed in the current session


The conduct and operation of the Parliamentary Library shall be under the
control of a Joint Committee consisting of the Library Committees appointed by
each House.

The Joint Committee shall from time to time:
(a) determine what policies and services are desirable and necessary for the
efficient functioning of the Parliamentary Library;
(b) make appropriate recommendations whenever necessary for action to the
Presiding Officers of the Parliament;
(c) utilise the Library's resources and collections for the purpose of having
prepared and published for the common benefit of all Honourable Members
scholarly and non-partisan reference and research material which may assist
Honourable Members in the discharge of their Parliamentary duties or contribute
to the history of the New South Wales Legislature or facilitate the better use
and understanding of the Parliamentary Library's resources and collections
provided that such publications do not detract from other Library services to
Honourable Members

The Parliamentary Librarian shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the
Library, and he shall have the powers, authorities and discretions and perform
the acts, duties and functions from time to time assigned to or vested in him
by the Joint Committee.

The principal functions of the Parliamentary Library shall include the
provision of flexible reference and research services specifically designed to
meet the needs of Honourable Members in the performance of their Parliamentary

The Parliamentary Library shall maintain collections and staff of qualified
librarians adequate to meet the research and information needs ofthe
Legislature but such staffshall be under the Control of the Presiding Officers
of the Parliament.

At meetings of the Joint Committee the presence of at least three Members from
each House shall constitute a quorum.

The President, if present, or in his absence the Speaker, shall be the Chairman
of the Joint Committee; in the absence of both those officers, the Chairman
shall be appointed by the Members present.

Meetings of the Joint Committee shall be convened by the Librarian by order of
the President or Speaker or on the requisition of two Members of either House,
and every notice of any such meeting shall state the objects for which it is

The Librarian or his deputy attend all meetings of the Joint Committee as its
Secretary, keep the minutes of its proceedings and carry out its directions,
and be responsible for the collections and services of the Parliamentary

Whenever the Joint Committee resolve upon any proceeding requiring the sanction
of the two Houses, the matter be reported to each House by one of its own

Nothing in the foregoing resolutions shall prejudice the joint control of the
Presiding Officers of the Parliament over the staff of the Library.

During the current parliament, no inquiries have been undertaken by the committee.
Referred Inquiry
No inquiries were undertaken by the committee in past parliaments.
Records of earlier inquiries undertaken by the committee appear below:
Referred Inquiry
No inquiries have been referred to the committee.