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Inquiry Details

Fisheries Management (Aquaculture) Regulation

Established under the Regulation Review Act 1987, this Joint Committee examines all regulations in accordance with various grounds including whether they trespass on private rights and liberties; adversely impact on businesses; are not in accordance with the spirit of the Regulation or within its objectives or there are better alternatives. It reports to the House on those grounds and whether there has been compliance with procedures relating to the making of regulations under the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989. The Committee has the power to recommend to Parliament that regulations be disallowed.

Regulation Review Act 1987, Subordinate Legislation Act 1989

This inquiry examines, reports and makes recommendations relating to the Fisheries Management (Aquaculture) Regulation 1995 and a recent amendment to it, the Fisheries Management (Aquaculture) Amendment (Administration) Regulation 1999.