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Bill details

Industrial Disputes Amendment Bill 1908

Type: Government
Status: Assented - Act No 24 of 1908
Bill Remarks: LA REMARKS: Originated in Committee of the Whole on 5.11.1908. Message from Governor recommending provision for, on 14.10.1908. Report Adopted 27.11.1908 am. Council's amendments disagreed to 16.12.1908 am. Assent not reported during Session. (b) Disagreed to one and agreed to remainder of the Council's amendments. Message to Council 16/12/1908 am. Council does not insist upon its amendment 17/12/1908 am. LC REMARKS: Reported 10.12.1908. Agreed to by Assembly with Amendments upon Council's amendments 16.12.1908. Assembly disagrees from one of Council's amendments 16.12.1908. Council does not insist 16.12.1908. Assembly's amendments upon Council's amendments agreed to 16.12.1908. Assent not reported.
Origin: Legislative Assembly
Member with Carriage: Wade, Charles
Act number: 24/1908
Legislative Assembly
Initially introduced in the Legislative Assembly
Introduced by: Wade, Charles
Introduced: Thu 5 Nov 1908
First Reading: Thu 5 Nov 1908
Second Reading: Wed 25 Nov 1908
Considered in Detail: Wed 25 Nov 1908
Third Reading: Wed 2 Dec 1908
Date Passed and sent to Council for concurrence: Wed 2 Dec 1908
Legislative Council
Introduced: Wed 2 Dec 1908
First Reading: Wed 2 Dec 1908
Second Reading: Thu 10 Dec 1908
Date Committed: Thu 10 Dec 1908
Reported: Thu 10 Dec 1908
Recommitted: Thu 10 Dec 1908
Report Adopted: Thu 10 Dec 1908
Third Reading: Fri 11 Dec 1908
Date Passed with amendment: Fri 11 Dec 1908
Sent to Assembly for Concurrence: Fri 11 Dec 1908
Documents and Transcripts
Text of Bill:
Not available at this stage.
Previous Version(s):
Various Versions 1.pdf Various Versions 1.pdf
Explanatory Notes:
Not available at this stage.

Transcript of speeches:
2R Speech LA Not available at this stage.
2R Speech LC Not available at this stage.

Amendments for Consideration:
Legislative Assembly
No amendments.
Legislative Council
No amendments.

Amendments Agreed To:
Legislative Assembly
No amendments.
Legislative Council
No amendments.