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Bill details

Mandatory Disease Testing Bill 2020

Type: Government
Status: Assented on Thu 17 Jun 2021 - Act No 13 of 2021 (GG No. 275, 25/06/2021, n2021-1351)
Bill Remarks: LC Notes: Provisions of Bill referred to Standing Committee on Law and Justice on 17 November 2020. Report tabled 30 April 2021.
Origin: Legislative Assembly
Member with Carriage: Elliott, David (Tudehope, Damien)
Act number: 13/2021
Long Title: An Act to provide for mandatory blood testing of a person in circumstances where the person's bodily fluid comes into contact with a health, emergency or public sector worker as a result of the person's deliberate action and the worker may be at risk of contracting a blood-borne disease.
Legislative Assembly
Initially introduced in the Legislative Assembly
Introduced by: Elliott, David
Notice of Motion: Tue 10 Nov 2020
Introduced: Wed 11 Nov 2020
First Reading: Wed 11 Nov 2020
2R Speech: Wed 11 Nov 2020
Second Reading: Wed 18 Nov 2020
Considered in Detail: Wed 18 Nov 2020
Third Reading: Wed 18 Nov 2020
Date Passed with an amdt: Wed 18 Nov 2020
Legislative Council
Member with Carriage: Tudehope, Damien
Introduced: Wed 24 Mar 2021
First Reading: Wed 24 Mar 2021
2R Speech: Tue 11 May 2021
Second Reading: Tue 11 May 2021
Date Committed: Thu 13 May 2021
Reported with amendments: Thu 13 May 2021
Report Adopted: Thu 13 May 2021
Third Reading: Thu 13 May 2021
Date Passed with amdts: Thu 13 May 2021
Returned to LA: Thu 13 May 2021
LA agrees with amendments: Tue 8 Jun 2021
  • LC Sent to Governor: Fri 11 Jun 2021
  • Passed Parliament: Tue 8 Jun 2021
  • Assented: Thu 17 Jun 2021
Documents and Transcripts
Text of Bill:
Passed by both Houses.pdf Passed by both Houses.pdf
Previous Version(s):
Second Print.pdf Second Print.pdf
First Print.pdf First Print.pdf
Explanatory Notes:
XN Mandatory Disease Testing Bill.pdf XN Mandatory Disease Testing Bill.pdf

Transcript of speeches:
2R Speech LA Second Reading Speech LA
2R Speech LC Second Reading Speech LC

Amendments for Consideration:
Legislative Assembly
c2021-060C.pdf c2021-060C.pdf
c2020-291B.pdf c2020-291B.pdf
c2020-272G.pdf c2020-272G.pdf
Legislative Council
GRN c2021-038B.pdf GRN c2021-038B.pdf
PHON c2021-027C.pdf PHON c2021-027C.pdf
AJP c2021-033A.pdf AJP c2021-033A.pdf
GOVT c2021-025C.pdf GOVT c2021-025C.pdf
GRN c2021-017D.pdf GRN c2021-017D.pdf
OPP c2021-016D.pdf OPP c2021-016D.pdf

Amendments Agreed To:
Legislative Assembly
LA amendments agreed to.pdf LA amendments agreed to.pdf
Legislative Council
Schedule of Amendments - Mandatory Disease Testing Bill 2021.pdf Schedule of Amendments - Mandatory Disease Testing Bill 2021.pdf

Bill digest
See Legislation Review Digest No. 24 for an examination of this Bill by the Legislation Review Committee.