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Bill details

Planning Bill 2013

Type: Government
Status: Lapsed, Thu 28 Nov 2013
Bill Remarks: Lapsed on Prorogation on 02/03/2015; Lapsed on Prorogation on 08/09/2014 and Restored to Business Paper on 09/09/2014
Origin: Legislative Assembly
Member with Carriage: Hazzard, Brad (Gallacher, Michael)
Long Title: An Act relating to planning and sustainable growth in New South Wales
Cognate with main bill: Planning Administration Bill 2013
Lapsed at Prorogation: Mon 2 Mar 2015
Stage at Prorogation: Consideration of LC amendments
House at Prorogation: Legislative Assembly
Date Restored to Business Paper: Tue 9 Sep 2014
Legislative Assembly
Initially introduced in the Legislative Assembly
Introduced by: Hazzard, Brad
Notice of Motion: Tue 22 Oct 2013
Introduced: Tue 22 Oct 2013
First Reading: Tue 22 Oct 2013
2R Speech: Tue 22 Oct 2013
Second Reading: Wed 30 Oct 2013
Third Reading: Wed 30 Oct 2013
Date Passed w'out amdt: Wed 30 Oct 2013
Legislative Council
Member with Carriage: Gallacher, Michael
Introduced: Wed 30 Oct 2013
First Reading: Wed 30 Oct 2013
2R Speech: Wed 20 Nov 2013
Second Reading: Tue 26 Nov 2013
Date Committed: Tue 26 Nov 2013
Reported with amdts: Wed 27 Nov 2013
Report Adopted: Wed 27 Nov 2013
Third Reading: Wed 27 Nov 2013
Date Passed with amdts: Wed 27 Nov 2013
Sent to LA for Concurrence: Wed 27 Nov 2013
Documents and Transcripts
Text of Bill:
First Print.pdf First Print.pdf
Previous Version(s):
Not available at this stage.
Explanatory Notes:
XN Planning.pdf XN Planning.pdf

Transcript of speeches:
2R Speech LA 2R PLANNING.pdf 2R PLANNING.pdf
2R Speech LC 2R Planning_1.pdf 2R Planning_1.pdf

Amendments for Consideration:
Legislative Assembly
No amendments.
Legislative Council
c2013-204.pdf c2013-204.pdf
c2013-194B.pdf c2013-194B.pdf
c2013-201D.pdf c2013-201D.pdf
c2013-202.pdf c2013-202.pdf
c2013-197.pdf c2013-197.pdf
c2013-203B.pdf c2013-203B.pdf
c2013-168-D1.pdf c2013-168-D1.pdf
c2013-193C.pdf c2013-193C.pdf
c2013-168F.pdf c2013-168F.pdf
c2013-168-F2.pdf c2013-168-F2.pdf

Amendments Agreed To:
Legislative Assembly
No amendments.
Legislative Council
Schedule of Amendment.pdf Schedule of Amendment.pdf

Bill digest
See Legislation Review Digest No.18 of 2013 for an examination of this Bill by the Legislation Review Committee.