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Candidate Date Party District
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Abbott, Joseph Palmer (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Wentworth
Abigail, James William 27/07/1898 National Federal Newtown-Camperdown
Affleck, William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Yass
Alison, William 27/07/1898 National Federal Coonamble
Allen, Alfred 27/07/1898 Free Trade Queanbeyan
Amein, Suleman 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Cook
Anderson, George (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Waterloo
Archer, William (Elected) 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Burwood
Ashton, James (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Goulburn
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Baker, William Robert 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade The Tweed
Ball, Richard Thomas (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Albury
Barnes, John Frederick (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Gundagai
Barrett, Arthur 27/07/1898 National Federal Goulburn
Barton, Edmund 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-King
Barton, Edmund (Elected) 23/09/1898 (by) National Federal The Hastings and The Macleay
Basche, Percival Charles 01/03/1900 (by) Independent The Hastings and The Macleay
Bavin, Thomas Rainsford 27/07/1898 National Federal Canterbury
Bavister, Thomas (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Ashfield
Bavister, Thomas 26/09/1899 (by) Free Trade Ashfield
Beale, Charles Gordon Lennox Griffin 27/07/1898 Free Trade Braidwood
Bennett, Walter (Elected) 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Durham
Berryman, George Henry 27/07/1898 Independent Deniliquin
Black, George (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Sydney-Gipps
Black, George Ernest Charles 20/06/1899 (by) Independent Northumberland
Blunt, William John 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Waverley
Boot, William 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Bega
Borthwick, William Murray 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Narrabri
Braine, William Henry 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Bega
Bridson, Hugh Ridgeway 01/03/1900 (by) Independent The Hastings and The Macleay
Brogan, John Thomas 27/07/1898 Independent Moruya
Broome, C N 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade The Lachlan
Brown, Edwin John 27/07/1898 National Federal Parramatta
Brown, Francis Bruhn 27/07/1898 Independent St George
Brown, Herbert Harrington (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal Durham
Brown, Robert 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Uralla-Walcha
Brown, Thomas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Condoublin
Brown, William H D 27/07/1898 Independent Willoughby
Brunker, James Nixon (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Maitland East
Bull, Charles (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Camden
Butler, Frank 27/07/1898 Labor Party Wickham
Butterfield, Joseph 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Redfern
Byrne, Francis Arthur (Elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Hay
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Cameron, Alexander Lee Paul 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist The Lachlan
Cameron, William Graham 27/07/1898 National Federal Redfern
Campbell, Alexander (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Kiama
Campbell, Archibald (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Illawarra
Cann, John Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Broken Hill
Carlos, Joseph 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Sydney-Belmore
Carmichael, Allen Duncan 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Macquarie
Carroll, James George (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Lachlan
Carruthers, Joseph Hector (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade St George
Carter, John George 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Pyrmont
Case, William 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Gunnedah
Chandler, Thomas 27/07/1898 Independent Glen Innes
Chanter, John Moore (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Deniliquin
Chapman, Albert Edward 27/07/1898 National Federal Moruya
Chapman, Austin (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Braidwood
Chapman, Henry (Elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-Fitzroy
Chenhall, David 27/07/1898 National Federal Marrickville
Chuck, Joseph Arthur 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Lang
Clapin, William Ernest 27/07/1898 National Federal Quirindi
Clark, Edward Mann (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade St Leonards
Clark, George Daniel 27/07/1898 Labor Party Leichhardt
Clarke, Francis (Re-elected) 18/07/1898 National Federal The Hastings and The Macleay
Clarke, Francis (Elected) 01/03/1900 (by) Protectionist The Hastings and The Macleay
Clarke, Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Bega
Clarke, Thomas (Elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Darlington
Clarke, William Wycliffe 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Marrickville
Clift, Samuel 27/07/1898 National Federal Maitland East
Cohen, Isaiah Reginald 27/07/1898 National Federal Annandale
Cohen, John Jacob (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Petersham
Colonna-Close, Richard 27/07/1898 National Federal Leichhardt
Cook, Joseph (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Hartley
Cooper, Joseph James 09/06/1900 (by) Independent Canterbury
Copeland, Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Phillip
Cotton, Francis (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Newtown-Camperdown
Counsell, Charles 27/07/1898 Independent Alma
Cowan, David 27/07/1898 National Federal The Manning
Crick, William Patrick (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Macquarie West
Crick, William Patrick (Re-elected) 23/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Macquarie West
Croft, Albion Richard 27/07/1898 National Federal Woronora
Cropley, Robert Baker 27/07/1898 Labor Party Sydney-Flinders
Cruickshank, George Alexander (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Inverell
Cullen, Joseph Francis 27/07/1898 National Federal Willoughby
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Dacey, John Rowland (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Botany
Dale, George Samuel Evans 27/07/1898 National Federal Narrabri
Dalton, James Joseph 27/07/1898 National Federal Orange
Danahey, Cornelius James 27/07/1898 Free Trade Uralla-Walcha
Davis, David (Elected) 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist The Shoalhaven
Davis, William Walter (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Bourke
Davis, William Walter (Re-elected) 06/09/1900 (by) Protectionist Bourke
Dawson, Henry 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Eden-Bombala
Dean, William Hessell 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist The Hawkesbury
Dent, Ernest Alfred Lambourne 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Newtown-St Peters
Dick, William Thomas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Newcastle East
Dight, Charles Hilton (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Singleton
Dobbie, John Alexander 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-Flinders
Donaldson, Robert Thomas (Elected) 27/07/1898 Independent Tumut
Dorahy, Patrick Joseph 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Sydney-Fitzroy
Duffy, Charles James 20/06/1899 (by) Independent Northumberland
Dunn, Mikael Charles 27/07/1898 Independent Newtown-Camperdown
Dyer, Charles 27/07/1898 Labor Party Granville
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Eaton, Andrew 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist St Leonards
Edden, Alfred (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Kahibah
Edmunds, Walter 27/07/1898 National Federal Maitland West
Edwards, George Bertrand 27/07/1898 National Federal Newtown-St Peters
Ellis, James Cole 27/07/1898 National Federal Newcastle West
Evans, Thomas 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Newtown-Camperdown
Eve, James 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Burwood
Ewing, Thomas Thomson (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Lismore
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Farnell, Frank (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Ryde
Fealy, David 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Sydney-Lang
Fegan, John Lionel (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Wickham
Fegan, John Lionel (Re-elected) 22/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Wickham
Ferguson, William John (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Sturt
Ferris, William John (Elected) 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Parramatta
Ferris, William John (Re-elected) 26/10/1898 (by) Protectionist Parramatta
FitzGerald, John Daniel 27/07/1898 National Federal Rylstone
Fitzgerald, Robert George Dundas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Robertson
Fitzgerald, Robert George Dundas (Re-elected) 20/04/1901 (by) - Robertson
Fitzpatrick, John Charles Lucas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Rylstone
Fitzpatrick, Thomas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Murrumbidgee
Fletcher, Arthur Polglase 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Paddington
Fletcher, William 27/07/1898 National Federal Wallsend
Flowers, Frederick 27/07/1898 Labor Party Waterloo
Foran, Henry 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Belmore
Foster, Francis James 27/07/1898 Independent Macquarie
Foxall, Edward William 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Ryde
Fuller, George Warburton 27/07/1898 Free Trade Kiama
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Galloway, William James 27/07/1898 National Federal Wellington
Gardiner, Albert 27/07/1898 Free Trade Ashburnham
Gardner, Ernest Henry 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Sydney-Flinders
Garland, John (Elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Woollahra
Garrard, Jacob (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sherbrooke
George, Eden 27/07/1898 National Federal Wickham
Gilbert, John 27/07/1898 National Federal Waratah
Gillies, John (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Maitland West
Gocher, William Henry 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Flinders
Goldsby, Edward 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Macquarie West
Goodwin, Thomas Henry Hall (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Gunnedah
Gormly, James (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Wagga Wagga
Gould, Albert John (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Singleton
Graham, James (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-Belmore
Green, Leonard 27/07/1898 National Federal Balmain North
Griffith, Arthur Hill (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Waratah
Griffith, Thomas Hunter (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Albury
Grogan, Bernard John 27/07/1898 National Federal Yass
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Hall, Brinsley 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist The Hawkesbury
Hall, William Hessel 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Darlington
Harding, William 27/07/1898 National Federal Alma
Harper, John Henry Cooke 27/07/1898 Independent Queanbeyan
Harris, Matthew (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-Denison
Harrison, George 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Yass
Harvey, James Frederick (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-Bligh
Hassall, Thomas Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Moree
Hassall, Thomas Henry (Re-elected) 22/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Moree
Hawthorne, John Stuart (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Leichhardt
Hayes, James (Re-elected) 18/07/1898 National Federal The Murray
Haynes, John (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Wellington
Healey, Daniel Edward 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Cook
Hendry, Alexander 27/07/1898 Independent Sturt
Hendry, Alexander 27/07/1898 National Federal Broken Hill
Henson, William Thomas 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Denison
Hester, Jefferson William 27/07/1898 National Federal Newcastle East
Hodgkinson, Percy Clifford 27/07/1898 Independent Queanbeyan
Hodgson, Ralph 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Sydney-Phillip
Hogan, Patrick 27/07/1898 National Federal Raleigh
Hogue, James Alexander (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Glebe
Hogue, James Alexander (Re-elected) 10/09/1898 (by) Free Trade Glebe
Hollis, Robert 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-Phillip
Hollis, Robert 07/04/1900 (by) Labor Party Sydney-Phillip
Holman, William Arthur (Elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Grenfell
Hooke, Frederick Augustus 27/07/1898 Free Trade Gloucester
Hordern, Percy Grose 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Petersham
Houghton, Thomas John 27/07/1898 Free Trade Robertson
Howarth, George (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Willoughby
Hoyle, Henry Clement 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Belmore
Hughes, William Morris (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Sydney-Lang
Hunter, William 27/07/1898 Independent Redfern
Huntly, Robert 27/07/1898 Independent Newcastle East
Hurley, John 27/07/1898 Free Trade Macquarie West
Hurley, William Fergus (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Macquarie
Hutchison, Alexander 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Denison
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Isaac, Francis 27/07/1898 Free Trade Argyle
J Top of Page
Jessep, Thomas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Waverley
Johnson, William Elliott 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Marrickville
Jones, James 27/07/1898 Independent Darlington
Jones, James 10/09/1898 (by) Independent Glebe
Jones, Llewellyn Charles Russell (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Petersham
Jones, Robert (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Mudgee
Jones, Thomas 27/07/1898 Independent Inverell
Jones, Travers (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal Tumut
Joseph, Henry 27/07/1898 Free Trade Moree
Joyce, Robert 27/07/1898 Labor Party Tumut
K Top of Page
Keating, Michael Lewis 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Darlington
Keenan, John James 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Tumut
Kelly, Andrew Joseph 27/07/1898 National Federal Grenfell
Kelly, Joseph Bede (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Tweed
Kennedy, Thomas Charles 27/07/1898 National Federal Illawarra
Kidd, John (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Camden
Kidd, John (Re-elected) 20/04/1901 (by) Protectionist Camden
Kirkpatrick, John 27/07/1898 Free Trade Gunnedah
Kohen, Thomas John 27/07/1898 Ind Labor Sydney-Gipps
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Lakeman, Allen 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Hay
Lamond, Hector 27/07/1898 Labor Party Cowra
Latimer, William Fleming 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Woollahra
Law, Sydney James (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Balmain South
Lee, Charles Alfred (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Tenterfield
Lee, Charles Alfred (Re-elected) 08/09/1898 (by) Free Trade Tenterfield
Lees, Samuel Edward (Elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade The Nepean
Levien, Robert Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Independent Quirindi
Levy, Daniel 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Sydney-Fitzroy
Lewis, George 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Cook
Lonsdale, Edmund (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Armidale
Lonsdale, Edmund 09/06/1900 (by) Free Trade Uralla-Walcha
Lonsdale, Edmund 27/10/1900 (by) Free Trade Uralla-Walcha
Lyne, William John (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Hume
Lyne, William John (Re-elected) 30/09/1899 (by) Protectionist The Hume
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Macdonald, Hugh (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Coonamble
Macdonell, Donald 27/07/1898 Labor Party The Barwon
MacDonnell, Hugh Henry 27/07/1898 Independent Manaro
Macfadyen, James John 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Botany
Machattie, Richard Randolph 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Cobar
Mackay, James Alexander Kenneth (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Boorowa
MacMahon, Michael John (Elected) 27/10/1900 (by) Protectionist Uralla-Walcha
Mahony, William Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Annandale
Manning, William Patrick 27/07/1898 National Federal Woollahra
Marsh, Charles Mcleod 27/10/1900 (by) Free Trade Uralla-Walcha
Marshall, Frederick 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Sydney-Pyrmont
Martin, William 27/07/1898 National Federal Waterloo
Matchett, William 27/07/1898 Labor Party Gundagai
Maynard, Henry 27/07/1898 Independent Waterloo
McCourt, William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Bowral
McCulloch, Harrington Crichton 27/07/1898 Free Trade Molong
McFarlane, John (Re-elected) 20/07/1898 National Federal The Clarence
McGowen, James Sinclair Taylor (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Redfern
McGrath, John Joseph 17/04/1901 (by) Independent The Hume
McGuren, Frederick 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Grafton
McIntosh, Herbert Edgar 27/07/1898 Independent Willoughby
McIntyre, William Donald 27/07/1898 National Federal Bingara
McLaughlin, John (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Independent Raleigh
McLaurin, Gordon Ranald (Elected) 17/04/1901 (by) Protectionist The Hume
McLean, Francis Edward (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Marrickville
McMillan, William (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal Burwood
McNamara, William Henry 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Bligh
Meagher, Richard Denis (Elected) 27/07/1898 Independent The Tweed
Melville, William Bede 20/06/1899 (by) Independent Northumberland
Millard, William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Moruya
Millen, Edward Davis (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Bourke
Miller, Gustave Thomas Carlisle (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Manaro
Miller, John James 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Gundagai
Miller, John James 30/09/1899 (by) Independent The Hume
Miller, John James 17/04/1901 (by) Independent The Hume
Milne, Alexander Martin 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Balmain North
Mitchell, James Brown 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Newtown-St Peters
Molesworth, Edmund William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Newtown-Erskine
Moloney, John 07/04/1900 (by) Ind Liberal Sydney-Phillip
Moodie, Robert 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist St Leonards
Moore, Samuel Wilkinson (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Bingara
Morgan, Harold Thomas 27/07/1898 National Federal Newtown-Erskine
Morgan, James 27/07/1898 National Federal Dubbo
Morgan, William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade The Hawkesbury
Morton, Philip Henry (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Shoalhaven
Murdoch, Gilbert Curtis 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Balmain South
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Neild, John Cash (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Paddington
Nelson, Arthur David (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Flinders
Newman, Henry William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Orange
Newton, James 27/07/1898 National Federal Hay
Nicholson, John Barnes (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Woronora
Nielsen, Niels Rasmus Wilson (Elected) 30/09/1899 (by) Labor Party Boorowa
Nobbs, John (Elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Granville
Norman, John Dixon 27/07/1898 Independent Wagga Wagga
Norton, John (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Fitzroy
Norton, John (Elected) 20/06/1899 (by) Independent Northumberland
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O'Brien, Daniel Patrick 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Tumut
O'Connor, Daniel 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Pyrmont
O'Connor, Daniel (Elected) 07/04/1900 (by) Protectionist Sydney-Phillip
O'Connor, Richard Edward 27/07/1898 National Federal Young
O'Conor, Broughton Barnabas (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Sherbrooke
O'Donnell, Edmond 27/07/1898 National Federal Wilcannia
O'Halloran, Michael Conlan 27/07/1898 National Federal Cobar
Onslow, James William Macarthur 27/07/1898 National Federal Waverley
O'Reilly, Dowell Phillip (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Parramatta
O'Reilly, Dowell Phillip 26/10/1898 (by) Free Trade Parramatta
O'Reilly, Thomas 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Denison
O'Sullivan, Edward William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Queanbeyan
O'Sullivan, Edward William (Re-elected) 23/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Queanbeyan
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Paine, John Jackson 27/07/1898 National Federal The Hawkesbury
Parkes, Varney (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Canterbury
Parkes, Varney (Re-elected) 06/09/1898 (by) Free Trade Canterbury
Paul, William Henry 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Macquarie
Perry, John 27/07/1898 Labor Party Quirindi
Perry, John (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Ballina
Perry, John (Re-elected) 22/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Ballina
Phillips, Simeon (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Dubbo
Piddington, Albert Bathurst (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Tamworth
Piddington, William Henry Burgess (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Uralla-Walcha
Piddington, William Henry Burgess (Re-elected) 09/06/1900 (by) Protectionist Uralla-Walcha
Price, Richard Atkinson (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Gloucester
Purser, James 27/07/1898 Independent Sherbrooke
Pyers, Robert (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Richmond
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Quinn, Patrick Edward (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Bligh
R Top of Page
Rae, Arthur 27/07/1898 Labor Party The Murrumbidgee
Raffan, George 27/07/1898 National Federal Randwick
Reid, Alfred Victor 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade The Nepean
Reid, George Houstoun (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-King
Reid, John Holmes 27/07/1898 National Federal Tenterfield
Reid, Robert William 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-King
Reymond, Joseph Bernard (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Ashburnham
Richards, Edwin (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Mudgee
Richardson, William 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Kahibah
Rigg, William (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Newtown-St Peters
Riley, Edward 27/07/1898 Labor Party Newtown-Camperdown
Roberts, John H 27/07/1898 Independent Willoughby
Rolin, Tom 27/07/1898 Free Trade Warringah
Rose, Thomas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Argyle
Ross, Andrew (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Molong
Ross, Hugh (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Narrabri
Rundle, George Edward 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Canterbury
Ryrie, Granville de Laune 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Manaro
S Top of Page
Sawers, William Bowie Stewart Campbell (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Tamworth
Schey, William Francis (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal Darlington
Schey, William Francis 20/06/1899 (by) Independent Northumberland
Scobie, Robert 27/07/1898 Labor Party Wentworth
See, John (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Grafton
See, John (Re-elected) 22/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Grafton
Sherley, William 27/07/1898 Independent Newtown-St Peters
Shield, William 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Molong
Sibthorpe, Waldo Homan 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Gundagai
Sleath, Richard (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Wilcannia
Smith, Bruce 27/07/1898 National Federal Glebe
Smith, James Francis 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Newtown-Camperdown
Smith, Samuel (Elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Sydney-Pyrmont
Smith, Sydney (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Bathurst
Smith, Sydney 23/09/1898 (by) Free Trade The Hastings and The Macleay
Smith, Sydney (Elected) 09/06/1900 (by) Free Trade Canterbury
Smith, Sydney (Defeated) 28/07/1900 (by) Liberal Canterbury
Smith, Thomas Richard (Defeated) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Nepean
Snape, William 20/06/1899 (by) Independent Northumberland
Spark, George Hudson 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Newtown-Camperdown
Spence, William Guthrie (Elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Cobar
Spruson, Wilfred Joseph (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Sydney-Gipps
St George, Hugh Ernest 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Newtown-St Peters
Steel, Oswald Gleghorn 27/07/1898 National Federal Kahibah
Stephen, William 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade Botany
Stevenson, Richard (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Northumberland
Stewart, Andrew 27/07/1898 National Federal Condoublin
Stoddart, William 27/07/1898 Independent Willoughby
Storey, David (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Randwick
Strachan, John 27/07/1898 Independent Sydney-Lang
Suttor, Francis Bathurst (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Bathurst
Sweeney, Edward 27/07/1898 Independent Waterloo
Swinbourne, Charles Richard 27/07/1898 National Federal Botany
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Tabrett, John Francis 27/07/1898 National Federal Hartley
Taylor, Charles Andrew 27/07/1898 Independent Balmain South
Taylor, Thomas Whitford 09/06/1900 (by) Protectionist Canterbury
Taylor, Thomas Whitford (Elected) 28/07/1900 (by) Independent Canterbury
Temperley, Thomas 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Ballina
Terry, Edward (Elected) 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Ryde
Thomas, Josiah (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Alma
Thompson, Alfred Gordon 25/06/1900 (by) Free Trade Bathurst
Thompson, Robert Hall 27/07/1898 Free Trade Macquarie
Thomson, Dugald (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Warringah
Thomson, James (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Newcastle West
Tighe, Percy Edward 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Sydney-Fitzroy
Todd, David Smith 27/07/1898 Independent Macquarie
Toomey, James Morton 27/07/1898 Labor Party Boorowa
Traill, William Henry 27/07/1898 National Federal Balmain South
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Waddell, George Walker 27/07/1898 National Federal St George
Waddell, George Walker 30/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Boorowa
Waddell, Thomas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Cowra
Waddell, Thomas (Re-elected) 20/04/1901 (by) Protectionist Cowra
Walker, James Peter Field 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Lismore
Walker, Thomas 27/07/1898 National Federal Sturt
Wall, William Chandos 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Botany
Warden, Alexander Karley 25/06/1900 (by) Independent Bathurst
Watkin, John Wesley 10/11/1900 (by) Protectionist Ashfield
Watkins, David (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Wallsend
Watson, John Christian (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Labor Party Young
Webster, William 27/07/1898 Independent Marrickville
West, Thomas John 27/07/1898 National Federal Paddington
Wetherspoon, John 27/07/1898 Independent Glen Innes
Wheeler, Henry Charles (Defeated) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Northumberland
Wheeler, Henry Charles 20/06/1899 (by) Free Trade Northumberland
Whiddon, Samuel Thomas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Sydney-Cook
Wiesner, William 27/07/1898 Free Trade The Hume
Wilks, William Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade Balmain North
Willard, John 27/07/1898 Ind Free Trade The Richmond
Williams, William 27/07/1898 Independent Kahibah
Willis, Henry 27/07/1898 Independent Camden
Willis, William Nicholas (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal The Barwon
Wilson, Charles Graham (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Armidale
Winchcombe, Frederick Earle (Elected) 10/11/1900 (by) Free Trade Ashfield
Windsor, William Harcourt 27/07/1898 National Federal Granville
Winter, Fountain Anthony 27/07/1898 National Federal St Leonards
Wise, Bernhard Ringrose (Elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Ashfield
Wise, Bernhard Ringrose (Re-elected) 26/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Ashfield
Withers, Joseph William 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Parramatta
Wood, Samuel Rupert 27/07/1898 Independent Cobar
Wood, William Herbert (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Eden-Bombala
Wood, William Herbert (Re-elected) 22/09/1899 (by) Protectionist Eden-Bombala
Woods, Samuel David Thomas Augustus Mordecai 27/07/1898 Ind Federalist Eden-Bombala
Wright, Francis Augustus (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 National Federal Glen Innes
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Yarwood, F N 27/07/1898 National Federal Bowral
Young, James Henry (Re-elected) 27/07/1898 Free Trade The Manning
Young, William White (Elected) 25/06/1900 (by) Protectionist Bathurst