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Parramatta - By-election (Roll: 2,802)
Retained by Protectionist
Nominations: Monday, 24 October 1898, Polling: Wednesday, 26 October 1898
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Ferris, William John (Re-elected) Protectionist 1,035 54.82
O'Reilly, Dowell Phillip Free Trade 853 45.18
Formal Votes 1,888
Informal Votes 5 0.26
Total Votes / Turnout 1,893 67.56
Cause Category: Qualifications Committee
Notes: Victory of WJ Ferris overturned by the Election and Qualifications Committee owing to 'many gross irregularities' in the poll. (LAVP 1898 (2), Vol.1 p.487). Note that party labels were much muted for this by-election, and the Protectionist and Free Trade labels applied here reflect the traditional allegiance of both candidates.
Source: SMH 31 October 1898, p.1 col.7, published declaration by Returning Officer.