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Disclaimer and Feed Back
This site has been researched and designed by Antony Green with initial funding by the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in New South Wales Trust. The research began as background material for the Electoral Atlas of New South Wales, but has developed into a project in its own right. The current site is a prototype for a future development that will make the result more readily available to the public.
Contacting the Author
Antony Green is very keen to receive any feed back on the site, both in its operation, and also its content. There are some results that are incomplete, candidates where full names have not been available. It has not been possible to ascertain the gender of every candidate,  and the status of party affiliations is still under review. Please e-mail Antony Green if you have any information that will help improve the quality of this site.
The Basic Data
The basic data for this site is district level results and associated candidate details. All totals and indexes are generated from the district results. All changes to names, results and party affiliations in an individual district are used to update to all associated election results and indexes.
Status of the Site
This site has been made available as a prototype, with the intention of making it available to the public at some future date. Research for this site is still on-going. Correct names are still being uncovered. Duplicate and misspelt names are still being resolved. The gender of a small number of candidates is being finalised. Incomplete results are still being researched. Party affiliations are still being re-checked. Please e-mail Antony Green with any information that may help improve the quality of the site.
Incomplete Results and Conflicting Sources
Electorate notes are provided throughout the site to highlight background material and also to indicate incomplete results. Notes are also used to explain decisions made in the face of conflicting sources.
Improving the Notes and Sources
What started as a simple database of results has become a more complete database including annotations and sources. Any additional background material that improves the notes and sources would be greatly appreciated. In particular, details of why members resigned or did not re-contest an election have been very difficult to find.
This is a very complex site. All care has been taken to insure information is correct, but under the sheer volume of information, Antony Green apologises if some error has slipped through the checking process. Please e-mail Antony Green if you find any errors or can assist improve the quality of the site.