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New South Wales Election Results 1856-2007

(as at 5 July 2007)

This site contains the results of all elections for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly since the first general election under Responsible Government in 1856. It contains seat by seat results for every election, overall totals, summaries for each election, results for all by-elections, a complete set if indexes by district and candidate, as well as associated notes, sources and corrections.

All research and design has been carried out by election analyst Antony Green. Initial funding was provided by the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in New South Wales Trust as part of the Electoral Atlas of New South Wales project.

Please e-mail Antony Green with any comments on how the site operates. Given the volume of information contained in this site, and the difficulty in finding election results, there are minor errors and also a small number of incomplete results. Again, please e-mail Antony Green if you find any errors or know of additional sources. Throughout the site you can access the FeedBack page which gives access to Antony's e-mail.

The site can be navigated in several ways.

  • You can return to the Home Page (this page).
  • You can go to an election using the Elections Index. (Click here for help on how to do this)
  • You can find all the districts contested by a candidate using the Candidates Index. (Click here for help on this option)
  • You can use the District Index to find all contests for a particular district. (Click here for help on how to do this)
  • You can locate all By-elections.
  • You can access the FeedBack page.
  • You can navigate using the Election Links within results for each election
  • You can navigate between district results using the Previous/Next Links

All pages are linked. There is an page for every electoral district at every election and every by-election. As well as the links to indexes, you can also access various index pages for each election, and also move from district to district within an election. You can also use links to trace one district from contest to contest.

Some of the more complex tables have their own help page. The following general help pages are also available.

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