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How to Navigate using the Candidates Index
Index to Candidates Home Page
Whenever you use the Candidates Index link, you are taken to the 'Index to Candidates' home page. The names of all candidates who have contested election have been broken into 60 pages with roughly the same number of names on each page. A separate page listing Women candidates has also been generated. The 'Index to Candidates' home page lists the range of Family Names on each Index page. Simply press the link for the relevant range of candidate names to go to that page.
Index to Candidates Name Pages
Each Index to Candidates Name Page is headed with the Family Names covered on that page. The name of individual candidates is shown on a yellow background, followed by lines showing every instance of this candidate contesting a NSW election or by-election. Each line shows the year of the election or by-election, the name of the district, whether the candidate was elected, re-elected, defeated or unsuccessful, the party and the % vote received. The individual result can be accessed by clicking the link behind the district name.
Navigating using the Letter Links
At the top of each page, a set of Letter Links is provided to assist in navigating between Candidate Index pages. Rather than return to the Candidate Index Home Page all the time, by simply pressing the link for each letter, you will be taken to the first Candidate Index page where Family Names beginning with that page appear. Note that a link is also provided to the page of Women candidates.
Navigating using the << and >> links
These links are provided so that you can easily move to the previous or next Candidate Index page. For instance, if you use the Letter Links to go to the first page where names starting with 'M' appear, you may need to move on several pages, as Names with the letter M are spread over several pages.
Candidate Order
It has not been possible to force candidate names starting with 'Mac' and 'Mc' to appear at the same point in the sort sequence.
Incomplete Names
While a record appears for every candidate who has nominated for an election, the process of distinguishing between different candidates with the same names, and the same candidates with slightly different name spellings, is still being undertaken. The site will be updated as further research is undertaken.
Unknown Genders on the Women Candidates page
At this stage, the gender of a small number of candidates has yet to be determined. The process has been made more difficult by a change to legislation in the 1980s which meant full names no longer appeared automatically on the ballot paper. This has led to a plethora of Pat's, Chris's and other non-gender specific names appearing on the ballot. Determining the gender for candidates with non-Anglo Celtic names has also presented problems.