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Parramatta - 1898 (Roll: 2,391)
Ind Federalist gain from Free Trade
Nominations: Thursday, 21 July 1898
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Brown, Edwin John National Federal 168 10.08
Ferris, William John (Elected) Ind Federalist 747 44.81
O'Reilly, Dowell Phillip (Defeated) Free Trade 743 44.57
Withers, Joseph William Ind Federalist 9 0.54
Formal Votes 1,667
Informal Votes 12 0.71
Total Votes / Turnout 1,679 70.22
Notes: Brown is listed as the official National Federal candidate, SMH 22 July, p.7 col.2 and 27 July, p.4 col.1. At all points the SMH and DT refer to both Ferris and Withers as Federalists, and both are shown here as Independent Federal candidates. After the election, the SMH 30 July p.10 col.1 listed Ferris as a Federalist MP.
Source: SMH 29 July 1898, p.8 col.3, published declaration of Returning Officer.