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Bathurst - By-election (Roll: 2,657)
Retained by Protectionist
Nominations: Tuesday, 19 June 1900, Polling: Monday, 25 June 1900
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Thompson, Alfred Gordon Free Trade 571 42.17
Young, William White (Elected) Protectionist 770 56.87
Warden, Alexander Karley Independent 13 0.96
Formal Votes 1,354
Informal Votes 29 2.10
Total Votes / Turnout 1,383 52.05
Cause Category: LC Appointment
Notes: FB Suttor was appointed to the Ministry as Vice President of the Executive Council at the same time as he was appointed to the Legislative Council. Party affiliations in this contest are very difficult to fathom. See the Daily Telegraph 27 June, p.6 col.4, which indicates that Free Trader Thompson was a supporter of the Lynne government, while Protectionist Young was elected with the support of the Labor Party. The looming arrival of Federation was re-aligning political affiliations.
Source: Bathurst Free Press, 26 June 1900, p.3 col.6, published declaration by Returning Officer. Slightly different totals published same issue with booth details, p.2 col.3, these incorrect totals published in the SMH 26 June 1900, p.4 col.8 and reported as final. Nominations from Returning Officer notice, Bathurst Free Press 19 June, p.3 col.6.