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Hay - 1898 (Roll: 2,054)
Retained by Free Trade
Nominations: Wednesday, 20 July 1898
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Byrne, Francis Arthur (Elected) Free Trade 520 53.01
Lakeman, Allen Ind Federalist 212 21.61
Newton, James National Federal 249 25.38
Formal Votes 981
Informal Votes 8 0.81
Total Votes / Turnout 989 48.15
Notes: Sitting MP James Ashton contested Goulburn. Both Lakeman and Newton were listed as Opposition or Federalist candidates, but Newton was the selected National Federal candidate. Byrne is listed as a Free Trade candidate as he was endorsed in George Reid's letter, SMH 27 July, p.2 col.7, and also listed by the DT as a Ministerial candidate, 27 July. However, Byrne was missing from the list of selected Free Trade candidates SMH 22 July, p.7 col.2, was listed as an Independent in the SMH results pages on 28 July, and was again listed as an Independent in the list of elected MPs, SMH 30 July, p.10 col.1.
Source: Year Book of Australia (1899), incomplete results published SMH 29 July 1898, p.6 col.2.