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Macquarie - 1898 (Roll: 2,382)
Retained by National Federal
Nominations: Wednesday, 20 July 1898
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Carmichael, Allen Duncan Ind Free Trade 2 0.15
Foster, Francis James Independent 96 7.31
Hurley, William Fergus (Re-elected) National Federal 724 55.10
Paul, William Henry Ind Free Trade 6 0.46
Thompson, Robert Hall Free Trade 478 36.38
Todd, David Smith Independent 8 0.61
Formal Votes 1,314
Informal Votes 28 2.09
Total Votes / Turnout 1,342 56.34
Notes: Advertising in the Bathurst Times by both Carmichael and Paul indicated they had withdrawn from the contest and urged supporters to vote for the endorsed Free Trade candidate Thompson. The DT listed Carmichael as an Opposition candidate 27 July. Both are shown here as Independent Free Trade candidates. Todd and Foster received no affiliation in the SMH at any stage, though the DT listed them as Ministerial candidates 27 July.
Source: Bathurst Daily Times, 29 July 1898, p.3 col.5, official declaration by Returning Officer.