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Quirindi - 1898 (Roll: 1,923)
Retained by Independent
Nominations: Monday, 18 July 1898
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Clapin, William Ernest National Federal 22 1.83
Levien, Robert Henry (Re-elected) Independent 645 53.79
Perry, John Labor Party 532 44.37
Formal Votes 1,199
Informal Votes 8 0.66
Total Votes / Turnout 1,207 62.77
Notes: Quirindi was not included in the SMH list of selected National Federal candidates in the SMH 22 July, but he was included as a Bartonite in the Australian Star on 26 July. At all times the SMH listed Levien as an Independent, though the DT called him an Opposition candidate 27 July. The SMH listed his as an Independent MP after the election on 30 July, the classification adopted here.
Source: SMH 29 July 1898, p.6 col.3, noted p.6 col.5 as 'final'.