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The Nepean - 1898 (Roll: 2,282)
Free Trade gain from National Federal
Nominations: Wednesday, 20 July 1898
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Lees, Samuel Edward (Elected) Free Trade 744 47.97
Reid, Alfred Victor Ind Free Trade 151 9.74
Smith, Thomas Richard (Defeated) National Federal 656 42.30
Formal Votes 1,551
Informal Votes 18 1.15
Total Votes / Turnout 1,569 68.76
Notes: Hughes and Graham (1975) list Reid as an Unattached Free Trader. The SMH lists him as an Independent, but the Telegraph classified him as a Ministerial candidate.
Source: SMH 30 July 1898, p.13 col.2, published declaration of Returning Officer.