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Wickham - By-election (Roll: n.a.)
Protectionist gain from Free Trade
Nominations: Friday, 22 September 1899, Polling: Tuesday, 26 September 1899 (No poll held)
No election, candidate declared elected
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Fegan, John Lionel (Re-elected) Protectionist Elected unopposed
Cause Category: Ministerial by-election
Notes: By-election on the formation of the Lyne Ministry. Note that Fegan was one of the dissident Free Traders whose desertion cost the Reid government office. For Fegan's part in the fall of Reid and appointment of Lyne as Premier, see Chaper 16 of Bede Nairn's 'Civilising Capitalism'.
Source: SMH 25 September 1899, p.10 col,2. Report includes reference to R James Morgan having his nomination rejected by the Returning Officer.