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Canterbury - By-election (Roll: 3,340)
Retained by Free Trade
Nominations: Friday, 8 June 1900, Polling: Saturday, 9 June 1900
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Cooper, Joseph James Independent 14 1.32
Smith, Sydney (Elected) Free Trade 527 49.58
Taylor, Thomas Whitford Protectionist 522 49.11
Formal Votes 1,063
Informal Votes 10 0.93
Total Votes / Turnout 1,073 32.13
Cause Category: Resignation - Other
Notes: Resignation of Varney Parkes (Reason not known). Taylor was a Free Trader, but prepared to support the Lynne government on the basis it did not get involved in the fiscal debate. See Daily Telegraph, 9 June 1900, p.8 col.6-8. At this point, the Free Traders were increasingly being called Liberals.
Source: SMH 12 June 1900, p.10 col.2, published declaration by Returning Officer.