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Candidate Date Party District
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Alley, William Underwood 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Clyde
Anderson, Walter (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Balmain
Archer, William 10/09/1907 Independent Burwood
Arthur, Richard (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Middle Harbour
Ashford, William George 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Upper Hunter
Ashford, William George (Elected) 13/04/1910 (by) Labor Party The Upper Hunter
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Baird, Sidney Arthur 10/09/1907 Independent Paddington
Ball, Richard Thomas (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Corowa
Balmer, Richard Samuel Knox 10/09/1907 Independent Rous
Barton, Charles Hampden (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Macquarie
Beeby, George Stephenson (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Blayney
Beegling, Herbert August 13/04/1910 (by) Liberal Party Queanbeyan
Bennett, Walter (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Durham
Birt, John Edward 10/09/1907 Labor Party Surry Hills
Black, George 10/09/1907 Labor Party St George
Booth, Robert (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Leichhardt
Boxall, Robert 10/09/1907 Labor Party Lane Cove
Briner, George Stuart (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Raleigh
Broughton, Ernest Clement Vernon (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party King
Brown, William (Elected) 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal Durham
Browne, John Francis 10/09/1907 Labor Party Randwick
Bruntnell, Albert (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Alexandria
Bryant, Francis Henry 10/09/1907 Labor Party Gough
Bryson, Alexander 10/09/1907 Independent Alexandria
Burgess, George Arthur (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Burrangong
Byrne, Francis Arthur 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Murray
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Campbell, Alexander 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Wollongong
Campbell, Donald 10/09/1907 Independent Sherbrooke
Cann, John Henry (Re-elected) 30/08/1907 Labor Party Broken Hill
Carmichael, Ambrose Campbell (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Leichhardt
Carroll, James George 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Lachlan
Carruthers, Joseph Hector (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party St George
Carter, John George 10/09/1907 Liberal Party St Leonards
Charlton, Matthew (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Northumberland
Clark, Edward Mann (Elected) 10/09/1907 Independent St Leonards
Clark, George Daniel 10/09/1907 Labor Party Queanbeyan
Clarke, George Thomas 21/05/1910 (by) Liberal Party Belmore
Clegg, William Carnegie 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Camperdown
Cochran, John Patrick (Elected) 13/04/1910 (by) Labor Party Darling Harbour
Cohen, Isaiah Reginald 10/09/1907 Independent Annandale
Cohen, John Jacob (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Petersham
Collins, Albert Ernest (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal The Namoi
Conroy, Alfred Hugh Beresford 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal Cootamundra
Counsell, Charles 20/05/1908 (by) Independent St George
Cox, William 10/09/1907 Independent Botany
Craddock, Patrick Joseph 10/09/1907 Independent Alexandria
Creswell, Thomas Edgar (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal St Leonards
Crick, William Patrick 10/09/1907 Independent Surry Hills
Cusack, John Joseph (Elected) 13/04/1910 (by) Labor Party Queanbeyan
Cutler, Edgar William 10/09/1907 Labor Party Canterbury
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Dacey, John Rowland (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Alexandria
Daley, William Michael (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Darling Harbour
Davidson, Robert (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Hastings and Macleay
Davies, Henry Gidley 10/09/1907 Labor Party Albury
Davis, William Walter 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Darling
Donaldson, Robert Thomas (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Wynyard
Dooley, James (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Hartley
Downes, Frederick William Arthur (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Camden
Duncan, Walter Leslie 10/09/1907 Labor Party Granville
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Eagar, Edward George 10/09/1907 Independent The Upper Hunter
Edden, Alfred (Re-elected) 30/08/1907 Labor Party Kahibah
Estell, John (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Waratah
Eve, James 10/09/1907 Independent Ashfield
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Fallick, James (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Singleton
Farleigh, Harold Arthur 10/09/1907 Labor Party Tamworth
Fegan, John Lionel (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Wickham
Fell, David (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Fell, William Scott 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal Middle Harbour
Fitzpatrick, John Charles Lucas (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Orange
Fitzpatrick, Thomas 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Murrumbidgee
Fleming, William Montgomerie (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Upper Hunter
Fletcher, Donald 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal The Castlereagh
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Gardem, Henry Robert 10/09/1907 Independent Gloucester
Gardiner, Albert (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Orange
Garland, John 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Phillip
Gegg, James Albert 10/09/1907 Independent Goulburn
George, Eden (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Ashburnham
Gilbert, Owen (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Newcastle
Gillies, John (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Maitland
Gilmartin, Laurence Patrick 10/09/1907 Labor Party Wollondilly
Graham, James (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Surry Hills
Grahame, William Calman (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Wickham
Grant, John 10/09/1907 Labor Party Corowa
Green, Leonard 10/09/1907 Independent Wollondilly
Green, Sydney Albert 10/09/1907 Independent Darling Harbour
Griffith, Arthur Hill (Re-elected) 30/08/1907 Labor Party Sturt
Griffith, Arthur Hill (Re-elected) 13/11/1908 (by) Labor Party Sturt
Grogan, Bernard John 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Yass
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Hall, Brinsley (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Hawkesbury
Harris, Edward Alfred 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Monaro
Hawthorne, John Stuart 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal Leichhardt
Hayes, John Wilson 10/09/1907 Independent Middle Harbour
Haynes, John 10/09/1907 Independent The Glebe
Heaton, Samuel Joseph John 10/09/1907 Labor Party Bingara
Henley, Thomas (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Burwood
Hindmarsh, George Thomas (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Rous
Hogan, Thomas Roger 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal The Gwydir
Hogue, James Alexander (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Glebe
Holland, Henry Edmund 10/09/1907 Socialist Darling Harbour
Hollis, Robert (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Newtown
Holloway, Richard 10/09/1907 Labor Party Goulburn
Holman, William Arthur (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Cootamundra
Holt, George Burgess 10/09/1907 Labor Party Bega
Holt, George Burgess 20/05/1908 (by) Labor Party St George
Horne, Henry Edwin (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Liverpool Plains
Howe, George William 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Redfern
Hunt, John Charles (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Sherbrooke
Hurley, John (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Hartley
Hutton, Sydney Edward 10/09/1907 Labor Party Gordon
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James, Augustus George Frederic (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Goulburn
Jessep, Thomas (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Waverley
Johnson, William James 10/09/1907 Labor Party Singleton
Jones, Evan 10/09/1907 Independent Darling Harbour
Jones, George Alfred (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Gwydir
Jones, James 10/09/1907 Independent Darlinghurst
Jones, James 13/04/1910 (by) Independent Darling Harbour
Jones, James 21/05/1910 (by) Independent Belmore
Jones, Robert (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Mudgee
K Top of Page
Kearsley, William (Elected) 23/03/1910 (by) Labor Party Northumberland
Keenan, John James 10/09/1907 Independent The Clyde
Kelly, Andrew Joseph (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Lachlan
Kelly, Henry Edward 13/04/1910 (by) Liberal Party Darling Harbour
Kohen, John Thomas 10/09/1907 Labor Party Petersham
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Lalor, Robert Henry 10/09/1907 Independent Sherbrooke
Latimer, William Fleming (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Woollahra
Law, Sydney James (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Rozelle
Lee, Charles Alfred (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Tenterfield
Levien, Robert Henry (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Tamworth
Levy, Daniel (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Darlinghurst
Lock, Frank 10/09/1907 Independent Waverley
Lockwood, Edward Frederick 10/09/1907 Independent Queanbeyan
Lonsdale, Edmund (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Armidale
Loxton, Thomas Henry 10/09/1907 Independent Middle Harbour
Lynch, John Patrick (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Ashburnham
M Top of Page
Macdonell, Donald (Re-elected) 30/08/1907 Labor Party Cobar
Macey, William 13/04/1910 (by) Ind Labor Darling Harbour
Mackenzie, Arthur 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Hawkesbury
Mackenzie, Thomas Fitzherbert Hawkins (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Canterbury
MacMahon, Michael John 10/09/1907 Labor Party Armidale
Mahony, William Henry (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Annandale
McCourt, William (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Wollondilly
McCoy, Richard Watson Walker (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Marrickville
McCristal, Timothy William 10/09/1907 Labor Party Raleigh
McFarlane, John (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Clarence
McGarry, Patrick (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Murrumbidgee
McGowen, James Sinclair Taylor (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Redfern
McIntosh, Herbert Edgar 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal St Leonards
McKinney, Hugh Giffen 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Deniliquin
McKinnon, Donald McLeod 10/09/1907 Labor Party Darlinghurst
McLaughlin, John 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal Raleigh
McLaurin, Gordon Ranald (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Albury
McNeill, John (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Pyrmont
McWilliam, Hector Roderick 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Burrangong
Meagher, Richard Denis (Elected) 10/09/1907 Independent Phillip
Meehan, John Charles (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Darling
Mercer, James Ballantine (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Rozelle
Middleton, David Dunn 10/09/1907 Independent Darlinghurst
Millard, William (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Clyde
Miller, Gustave Thomas Carlisle (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Monaro
Miller, John (Elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Bathurst
Milner, Herbert Joseph 10/09/1907 Labor Party St Leonards
Minahan, Patrick Joseph (Elected) 21/05/1910 (by) Labor Party Belmore
Moore, John Edward 10/09/1907 Independent Camden
Moore, Samuel Wilkinson (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Bingara
Morgan, Harold Thomas 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Newtown
Morrish, James John 10/09/1907 Labor Party Mudgee
Morton, Mark Fairles (Re-elected) 30/08/1907 Liberal Party Allowrie
Moxham, Thomas Robert (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Parramatta
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Newton, William James Edmund 10/09/1907 Independent Hastings and Macleay
Nicholson, John Barnes (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Wollongong
Nielsen, Niels Rasmus Wilson (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Yass
Nobbs, John (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Granville
Noonan, Edward Patrick 10/09/1907 Independent Hastings and Macleay
Norton, John (Elected) 10/09/1907 Independent Darling Harbour
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Oakes, Charles William (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Paddington
Onslow, James William Macarthur (Elected) 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal Waverley
Osborne, John Percy 10/09/1907 Labor Party Paddington
O'Sullivan, Edward William (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Belmore
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Page, Frederick Joseph (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Botany
Parkes, Varney (Elected) 10/09/1907 Ind Liberal Canterbury
Perrin, George Henry 10/09/1907 Independent Deniliquin
Perry, George 10/09/1907 Independent Surry Hills
Perry, John (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Liverpool Plains
Perry, John (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party The Richmond
Peters, Henry John Frederick (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Deniliquin
Pickup, William Henry 10/09/1907 Independent Petersham
Price, Richard Atkinson (Elected) 10/09/1907 Independent Gloucester
Prior, Benjamin Timothy 10/09/1907 Labor Party Sherbrooke
Pyers, Robert 10/09/1907 Independent Tenterfield
Q Top of Page
Quinn, Patrick 10/09/1907 Independent Newtown
R Top of Page
Rae, Arthur 10/09/1907 Labor Party Parramatta
Rees, Samuel 10/09/1907 Labor Party Maitland
Renfrew, David 10/09/1907 Independent Waratah
Robson, William Elliot Veitch (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Ashfield
Rodd, Stapleton Trevanian 10/09/1907 Independent Burwood
Rose, Thomas 10/09/1907 Independent Goulburn
Ross, George 10/09/1907 Labor Party Belubula
Rudder, Eugene Frederick 10/09/1907 Independent Sherbrooke
Ryrie, Granville de Laune (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Queanbeyan
S Top of Page
Scobie, Robert (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Murray
Sheridan, John Patrick Garvan 10/09/1907 Independent Rous
Smith, James Francis (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Independent Camperdown
Smith, Thomas Richard 10/09/1907 Independent The Hawkesbury
Spackman, Isaac Edwin 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Botany
Stevens, Percy Charles 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Pyrmont
Storey, David (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Randwick
Storey, John (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Balmain
Stuart-Robertson, Robert James (Elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Camperdown
Sullivan, Patrick 10/09/1907 Labor Party Wynyard
Sullivan, Phillip Hurley (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Labor Party Phillip
Sutton, John 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Northumberland
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Taylor, William (Elected) 20/05/1908 (by) Liberal Party St George
Teece, Richard Clive 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Belmore
Temperley, Thomas 10/09/1907 Independent The Richmond
Terry, Edward 10/09/1907 Independent Parramatta
Thomas, Follet Johns (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Gough
Thompson, Walter Samuel 10/09/1907 Labor Party Marrickville
Thrower, Thomas Henry (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Macquarie
Treflé, John Louis (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Castlereagh
Tytherleigh, Thomas 10/09/1907 Labor Party Burwood
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Usher, Robert William 10/09/1907 Labor Party Woollahra
V Top of Page
Vial, Laurence Philip 10/09/1907 Labor Party Newcastle
Vincent, William Edward 10/09/1907 Independent Gough
W Top of Page
Waddell, Thomas (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Belubula
Wade, Charles Gregory (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Gordon
Walker, Samuel Robert 10/09/1907 Independent Tamworth
Wall, William Chandos 10/09/1907 Independent Mudgee
Wallace, James 10/09/1907 Independent Deniliquin
Waller, James Hardress Fitzgerald 13/04/1910 (by) Liberal Party The Upper Hunter
Walton, William James 10/09/1907 Labor Party The Namoi
Warner, Joseph Edward 10/09/1907 Independent Alexandria
Webster, Frederick William 10/09/1907 Independent Camden
West, John Edward 10/09/1907 Labor Party King
Whatmore, George Willoughby 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Darling Harbour
Whittington, Edward 10/09/1907 Labor Party Waverley
Willan, Thomas 10/09/1907 Independent The Clarence
Withington, John Swann (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Blayney
Wood, William Herbert (Re-elected) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Bega
Y Top of Page
Young, James Henry (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Liberal Party Gloucester
Young, Wilfred Thomas 10/09/1907 Independent The Upper Hunter
Young, William White (Defeated) 10/09/1907 Former Progressive Bathurst