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Candidate Date Party District
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Abbott, Joseph (Re-elected 3) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Newtown
Abbott, Joseph Palmer (Re-elected) 18/06/1891 Independent Wentworth
Abbott, William Edward (Defeated) 24/06/1891 Protectionist The Upper Hunter
A'Beckett, William Channing (Defeated) 29/06/1891 Free Trade The Bogan
A'Beckett, William Channing (Elected) 31/05/1892 (by) Free Trade The Bogan
Abigail, Francis (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade West Sydney
Affleck, William 24/06/1891 Free Trade Yass Plains
Airey, Walter Thomas 17/06/1891 Protectionist Central Cumberland
Allen, Alfred (Re-elected 4) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Paddington
Allen, William Johnston 17/06/1891 Protectionist Paddington
Anderson, George 17/06/1891 Free Trade Redfern
Arnold, William Munnings Montague 17/06/1891 Free Trade Morpeth
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Baker, Ezekiel Alexander 19/06/1891 Protectionist Carcoar
Ball, Edward Joseph (Defeated) 20/06/1891 Free Trade Argyle
Barbour, Robert (Re-elected 2) 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Murray
Barnes, John Frederick (Re-elected) 27/06/1891 Protectionist Gundagai
Barton, Edmund (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Protectionist East Sydney
Barton, Edmund (Re-elected) 07/11/1891 (by) Protectionist East Sydney
Bavister, Thomas (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Canterbury
Bellemey, Richard Thomas 17/06/1891 Protectionist Newtown
Bembrick, Thomas 27/06/1891 Free Trade Grenfell
Beveridge, John 17/06/1891 Free Trade Redfern
Bissell, Thomas 24/06/1891 Free Trade Illawarra
Black, George (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Labor Party West Sydney
Black, Reginald James (Defeated) 22/06/1891 Free Trade Mudgee
Blacket, Wilfred 17/06/1891 Protectionist Newtown
Boot, William 24/06/1891 Ind Protectionist Eden
Booth, Robert (Elected 3) 29/06/1891 Free Trade The Bogan
Boshell, L L 22/06/1891 Protectionist The Macleay
Bourke, Patrick 20/06/1891 Labor Party Orange
Bowes, John Wesley (Elected) 17/06/1891 Protectionist Morpeth
Bowman, Alexander (Re-elected) 17/06/1891 Free Trade The Hawkesbury
Boyd, Charles 20/06/1891 Free Trade West Macquarie
Boyd, John Jnr 13/08/1892 (by) Protectionist East Macquarie
Boydell, James W 27/06/1891 Protectionist Durham
Bradley, Walter (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Protectionist East Sydney
Brodie, William Alfred 29/08/1891 (by) Free Trade Central Cumberland
Brown, Alexander (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Protectionist Newcastle
Brown, Edward George (Elected) 24/06/1891 Free Trade Tumut
Brown, Herbert Harrington (Re-elected) 27/06/1891 Free Trade Durham
Browne, Thomas Henry 27/06/1891 Protectionist Gunnedah
Brunker, James Nixon (Re-elected) 17/06/1891 Free Trade East Maitland
Burdekin, Sydney (Elected) 30/07/1892 (by) Free Trade The Hawkesbury
Burke, Michael 27/06/1891 Protectionist Gunnedah
Burns, John Fitzgerald (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade St Leonards
Burns, Malcolm Worner 24/06/1891 Protectionist Boorowa
Burns, William Moffit 17/06/1891 Protectionist Balmain
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Cameron, A L P 29/06/1891 Protectionist Balranald
Campbell, Archibald 24/06/1891 Free Trade Illawarra
Campbell, Archibald (Elected 2) 03/10/1891 (by) Protectionist Illawarra
Campbell, John Lang 20/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Camden
Cann, John Henry (Elected) 20/06/1891 Labor Party Sturt
Carruthers, Joseph Hector (Re-elected 1) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Canterbury
Cass, George Edwin (Re-elected 2) 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Bogan
Chandler, George 29/06/1891 Free Trade The Murray
Chanter, John Moore (Re-elected 1) 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Murray
Chapman, Austin (Elected) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Braidwood
Chapman, Michael (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade The Glebe
Clark, Edward Mann (Elected 3) 17/06/1891 Labor Party St Leonards
Clark, George Daniel (Elected 3) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Balmain
Clark, Marcus 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Newtown
Clarke, Francis (Elected) 29/05/1893 (by) Protectionist The Macleay
Clarke, Henry (Re-elected 1) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Eden
Clubb, George (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Balmain
Collins, Charles (Re-elected 2) 26/06/1891 Free Trade The Namoi
Colls, Thomas (Re-elected) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Yass Plains
Conder, Francis 29/06/1891 Free Trade The Bogan
Conlon, Michael Joseph 17/06/1891 Protectionist The Glebe
Connelly, John 19/06/1891 Protectionist The Hunter
Conroy, Alfred H 24/06/1891 Free Trade Queanbeyan
Cook, James 22/06/1891 Labor Party Mudgee
Cook, Joseph (Elected 1) 20/06/1891 Labor Party Hartley
Cooke, Henry Harry (Defeated) 24/06/1891 Free Trade Forbes
Coombes, William Charles 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Redfern
Copeland, Henry (Re-elected 2) 25/06/1891 Protectionist New England
Copeland, Henry (Re-elected) 04/11/1891 (by) Protectionist New England
Copland, David (Defeated) 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Murrumbidgee
Cotton, Francis (Elected 1) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Newtown
Court, Leonard 03/07/1891 Labor Party The Gwydir
Courtney, John 17/06/1891 Protectionist Morpeth
Crabb, Richard 24/06/1891 Ind Protectionist Eden
Creer, Joseph (Defeated) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Northumberland
Crick, William Patrick (Re-elected) 20/06/1891 Protectionist West Macquarie
Cropley, Robert Baker 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Balmain
Cruickshank, George Alexander (Re-elected) 20/06/1891 Protectionist Inverell
Cullen, Joseph Francis (Re-elected 2) 17/06/1891 Free Trade St Leonards
Cullen, William Portus (Elected 3) 20/06/1891 Free Trade Camden
Curley, James (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Newcastle
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Dale, David (Re-elected 4) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Central Cumberland
Dalton, Thomas (Defeated) 20/06/1891 Protectionist Orange
Danahey, Cornelius James (Elected 3) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Canterbury
Dangar, Otho Orde (Re-elected 1) 22/06/1891 Ind Protectionist The Macleay
Dangar, Otho Orde (Defeated) 29/05/1893 (by) Protectionist The Macleay
Darnley, Edward (Elected 4) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Balmain
Davis, Thomas Martin (Elected 4) 17/06/1891 Labor Party West Sydney
Davis, William Walter (Defeated) 03/07/1891 Protectionist Bourke
Davison, Samuel George 17/06/1891 Protectionist Balmain
Dawson, Henry (Re-elected 1) 30/06/1891 Protectionist Monaro
De Lissa, Alfred 19/06/1891 Protectionist Patrick's Plains
Deakin, Henry Malcolm 27/06/1891 Free Trade Gundagai
Dibbs, George Richard (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Protectionist South Sydney
Dibbs, George Richard (Elected 3) 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Murrumbidgee
Dibbs, George Richard (Re-elected) 04/11/1891 (by) Protectionist The Murrumbidgee
Dibbs, George Richard (Re-elected) 30/03/1893 (by) Protectionist The Murrumbidgee
Dickens, Edward Bulwer Lytton (Re-elected) 20/06/1891 Protectionist Wilcannia
Donald, George (Elected 2) 20/06/1891 Free Trade Hartley
Donnelly, Denis Cornelius Joseph (Elected 1) 19/06/1891 Protectionist Carcoar
Donnelly, William J 27/06/1891 Protectionist Durham
Doolan, Robert 27/06/1891 Protectionist Gunnedah
Dowel, William Springthorpe (Re-elected 2) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Tamworth
Doyle, Aiden 17/06/1891 Labor Party Goulburn
Dyson, George 17/06/1891 Labor Party Paddington
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Edden, Alfred (Elected 3) 24/06/1891 Labor Party Northumberland
Edmunds, Walter (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Protectionist South Sydney
Eve, James 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Canterbury
Eve, James (Elected) 02/09/1891 (by) Free Trade Canterbury
Ewing, Thomas Thomson (Re-elected 1) 24/06/1891 Ind Protectionist The Richmond
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Farnell, Frank (Re-elected 1) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Central Cumberland
Fegan, John Lionel (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Newcastle
Ferguson, John 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Central Cumberland
Ferris, William John 17/06/1891 Protectionist Parramatta
FitzGerald, John Daniel (Elected 1) 17/06/1891 Labor Party West Sydney
Fitzgerald, Robert George Dundas (Re-elected 2) 24/06/1891 Protectionist The Upper Hunter
Fitzpatrick, John Charles Lucas 30/07/1892 (by) Free Trade The Hawkesbury
Flowers, Frederick 17/06/1891 Labor Party South Sydney
Flowers, Frederick 13/02/1893 (by) Labor Party South Sydney
Forsyth, John 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Central Cumberland
Foxall, Edward William 17/06/1891 Free Trade South Sydney
Foxall, Edward William 13/02/1893 (by) Free Trade South Sydney
Franklin, Frederick Augustus 24/06/1891 Free Trade Illawarra
Fremlin, Alfred Reginald 19/06/1891 Protectionist Carcoar
Fuller, Cyrus Edgar 17/06/1891 Protectionist Central Cumberland
Fuller, Cyrus Edgar 29/08/1891 (by) Protectionist Central Cumberland
Fuller, George Warburton (Re-elected) 19/06/1891 Free Trade Kiama
Furner, Frederick Owen 17/06/1891 Free Trade Goulburn
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Gannon, John Thornton 17/06/1891 Labor Party Central Cumberland
Gannon, John Thornton 29/08/1891 (by) Protectionist Central Cumberland
Gardiner, Albert (Elected 1) 24/06/1891 Labor Party Forbes
Garrard, Jacob (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Balmain
Garrard, Jacob (Elected) 29/08/1891 (by) Free Trade Central Cumberland
Garton, George 17/06/1891 Protectionist Redfern
Garvan, James Patrick (Re-elected 2) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Eden
Gibson, James Thomson 27/06/1891 Protectionist Grenfell
Gillies, John (Elected) 17/06/1891 Free Trade West Maitland
Gordon, James 27/06/1891 Free Trade Young
Gormly, James (Re-elected 1) 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Murrumbidgee
Gorrick, Joseph Albert 29/06/1891 Free Trade Wollombi
Gough, John George (Re-elected 2) 27/06/1891 Labor Party Young
Gould, Albert John (Re-elected) 19/06/1891 Free Trade Patrick's Plains
Graham, Edward 20/06/1891 Protectionist Argyle
Grahame, William (Re-elected 3) 17/06/1891 Protectionist Newcastle
Grant, John 17/06/1891 Labor Party Canterbury
Grantham, William 17/06/1891 Labor Party East Sydney
Grantham, William 07/11/1891 (by) Labor Party East Sydney
Greene, George Henry (Defeated) 27/06/1891 Free Trade Grenfell
Grogan, Bernard John 24/06/1891 Protectionist Yass Plains
Gulson, Luke 19/06/1891 Free Trade Albury
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Hales, Alfred Arthur G 19/06/1891 Protectionist East Macquarie
Hanrahan, James Vincent 20/06/1891 Protectionist Camden
Harper, Walter A 30/06/1891 Free Trade The Hume
Hart, John Shadrach (Elected) 27/06/1891 Free Trade Gloucester
Hassall, Thomas Henry (Re-elected) 03/07/1891 Protectionist The Gwydir
Hawken, Nicholas (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Newtown
Hawthorne, John Stuart (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Balmain
Hayes, James (Re-elected 2) 30/06/1891 Protectionist The Hume
Haynes, John (Re-elected 1) 22/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Mudgee
Heffernan, Patrick 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Murrumbidgee
Hellmrich, Charles 17/06/1891 Free Trade Paddington
Henson, William 17/06/1891 Free Trade Canterbury
Herfort, Gustavus 24/06/1891 Labor Party Yass Plains
Higgs, W G 17/06/1891 Labor Party South Sydney
Hindle, John (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Newtown
Hogan, Patrick (Re-elected 2) 22/06/1891 Protectionist The Macleay
Holborow, William Hillier (Re-elected 2) 20/06/1891 Free Trade Argyle
Hollis, Leslie Thomas (Elected) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Goulburn
Houghton, Thomas John (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Labor Party The Glebe
Howe, James Peter (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Protectionist Redfern
Howe, James Peter (Elected 3) 03/07/1891 Protectionist Bourke
Hoyle, Henry Clement (Elected 1) 17/06/1891 Protectionist Redfern
Hungerford, Thomas 17/06/1891 Protectionist Newcastle
Hurley, John (Defeated) 20/06/1891 Free Trade Hartley
Hurley, John 29/06/1891 Free Trade Molong
Hutchinson, George Fairhurst (Elected 2) 24/06/1891 Labor Party Forbes
Hutchison, Alexander (Re-elected 2) 27/06/1891 Protectionist Glen Innes
Hyam, Solomon Herbert 17/06/1891 Protectionist Balmain
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Inglis, James (Re-elected 1) 25/06/1891 Free Trade New England
J Top of Page
Jeanneret, Charles Edward (Elected 2) 19/06/1891 Free Trade Carcoar
Johnston, James (Elected 1) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Balmain
Jones, Evan 20/06/1891 Protectionist Hartley
Jones, Robert (Elected 3) 22/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Mudgee
Jones, Travers (Defeated) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Tumut
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Kelly, Andrew Joseph (Elected 3) 17/06/1891 Labor Party West Sydney
Kennedy, Thomas Charles 19/06/1891 Protectionist Kiama
Kidd, John (Re-elected 2) 20/06/1891 Protectionist Camden
Kidd, John (Re-elected) 03/11/1891 (by) Protectionist Camden
King, Robert John (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Paddington
Kirkpatrick, John (Elected) 27/06/1891 Labor Party Gunnedah
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Lakeman, Allen (Defeated) 29/06/1891 Protectionist Balranald
Langwell, Hugh (Elected 1) 03/07/1891 Ind Labor Bourke
Lansdowne, Albert 17/06/1891 Protectionist Goulburn
Lee, Charles Alfred (Re-elected) 16/06/1891 Free Trade Tenterfield
Lees, Samuel Edward (Re-elected) 17/06/1891 Free Trade The Nepean
Legh, Christopher 27/06/1891 Protectionist Glen Innes
Levien, Robert Henry (Re-elected 1) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Tamworth
Lindeman, Sidney 30/06/1891 Protectionist The Hume
Lindsay, Cornelius 29/06/1891 Labor Party Molong
Lonsdale, Edmund (Elected 3) 25/06/1891 Free Trade New England
Lucas, William Bradford 27/06/1891 Free Trade Young
Luscombe, Richard Charles 24/06/1891 Protectionist The Richmond
Lusk, Hugh Hart 17/06/1891 Protectionist West Maitland
Lyne, William John (Re-elected 1) 30/06/1891 Protectionist The Hume
Lyne, William John (Re-elected) 04/11/1891 (by) Protectionist The Hume
Lysaght, Andrew (Elected 2) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Illawarra
Lysaght, Andrew (Defeated) 03/10/1891 (by) Free Trade Illawarra
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Macdonell, Donald 04/12/1891 (by) Labor Party Bourke
Mackay, John Kenneth 26/06/1891 Free Trade The Namoi
Mackey, Angus 17/06/1891 Protectionist Balmain
Mackinnon, James Archibald (Re-elected 1) 27/06/1891 Labor Party Young
Maclean, John 19/06/1891 Labor Party Shoalhaven
Manning, William Patrick 17/06/1891 Protectionist East Sydney
Manning, William Patrick (Elected) 13/02/1893 (by) Protectionist South Sydney
Manuell, William Henry 17/06/1891 Free Trade Redfern
Marks, James (Elected 3) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Paddington
Marshall, John 17/06/1891 Labor Party Central Cumberland
Marshall, John 29/08/1891 (by) Labor Party Central Cumberland
Martin, George Jnr 24/06/1891 Protectionist The Richmond
Martin, James (Re-elected 3) 17/06/1891 Free Trade South Sydney
Martin, Malcolm Alexander 17/06/1891 Free Trade Morpeth
Martin, William 17/06/1891 Protectionist Paddington
McCourt, William (Re-elected 1) 20/06/1891 Free Trade Camden
McCredie, George (Elected) 06/05/1893 (by) Free Trade Central Cumberland
McDonagh, John M 17/06/1891 Free Trade South Sydney
McElhone, John 24/06/1891 Free Trade The Upper Hunter
McFarlane, John (Re-elected) 19/06/1891 Protectionist The Clarence
McGowen, James Sinclair Taylor (Elected 3) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Redfern
McKinnon, Hugh (Elected 2) 20/06/1891 Protectionist The Hastings and Manning
McLaughlin, John 22/06/1891 Protectionist The Macleay
McMillan, William (Re-elected 1) 17/06/1891 Free Trade East Sydney
Meallin, George Richard 25/06/1891 Free Trade New England
Meeks, John 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade The Glebe
Melville, Ninian Jnr (Re-elected 2) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Northumberland
Middleton, Albert Ernest 24/06/1891 Free Trade Boorowa
Midelton, Thomas 17/06/1891 Independent Newtown
Millen, Edward Davis 03/07/1891 Free Trade Bourke
Miller, Gustave Thomas Carlisle (Re-elected 2) 30/06/1891 Protectionist Monaro
Mitchell, Joseph 03/10/1891 (by) Free Trade Illawarra
Molesworth, Edmund William (Re-elected 4) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Newtown
Morgan, James (Elected 1) 29/06/1891 Labor Party The Bogan
Morgan, William 17/06/1891 Free Trade The Hawkesbury
Morgan, William 30/07/1892 (by) Free Trade The Hawkesbury
Morris, Frederick W C 24/06/1891 Free Trade The Upper Hunter
Morris, John George 20/06/1891 Free Trade Camden
Morton, Philip Henry (Re-elected) 19/06/1891 Free Trade Shoalhaven
Moxham, Thomas Robert 17/06/1891 Free Trade Parramatta
Murphy, William Alfred (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Balmain
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Neild, John Cash (Elected 1) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Paddington
Neilley, William Robert Samuel 24/06/1891 Free Trade Eden
Newman, Henry William (Elected 1) 20/06/1891 Labor Party Orange
Newton, James (Elected 1) 29/06/1891 Labor Party Balranald
Nicholson, John Barnes (Elected 1) 24/06/1891 Labor Party Illawarra
Nicholson, John Barnes (Re-elected 1) 03/10/1891 (by) Labor Party Illawarra
Nicoll, Bruce Baird (Re-elected 2) 24/06/1891 Ind Protectionist The Richmond
Nobbs, John (Re-elected 3) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Central Cumberland
Nobbs, John (Defeated) 06/05/1893 (by) Free Trade Central Cumberland
Northcote, Samuel Theophilus 24/06/1891 Protectionist The Richmond
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O'Brien, John 30/06/1891 Protectionist The Hume
O'Connor, Daniel (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade West Sydney
O'Connor, Daniel 30/06/1891 Free Trade Monaro
O'Grady, Austin Joseph 03/07/1891 Protectionist Bourke
O'Halloran, Michael Conlan 20/06/1891 Protectionist Wellington
O'Halloran, Michael Conlan 31/05/1892 (by) Protectionist The Bogan
O'Sullivan, Edward William (Re-elected) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Queanbeyan
P Top of Page
Parkes, Henry (Re-elected 1) 17/06/1891 Free Trade St Leonards
Parkes, Varney (Elected 3) 17/06/1891 Free Trade East Sydney
Passmore, Charles James 20/06/1891 Free Trade Hartley
Paul, William Henry (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Bathurst
Peadon, John Joseph 29/06/1891 Free Trade The Murrumbidgee
Perry, John (Re-elected 3) 24/06/1891 Ind Protectionist The Richmond
Playfair, Thomas (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade West Sydney
Plumb, John (Defeated) 19/06/1891 Free Trade Carcoar
Plummer, George 31/05/1892 (by) Independent The Bogan
Price, Richard Atkinson 27/06/1891 Protectionist Gloucester
Prince, John 29/06/1891 Labor Party The Bogan
Pritchard, James 19/06/1891 Protectionist The Hunter
Proctor, William Consett 25/06/1891 Protectionist New England
Punch, Francis 17/06/1891 Protectionist St Leonards
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Quirk, Thomas 20/06/1891 Protectionist Wellington
R Top of Page
Rae, Arthur (Elected 2) 29/06/1891 Labor Party The Murrumbidgee
Reid, George Houstoun (Re-elected 4) 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade East Sydney
Reymond, Joseph Bernard 24/06/1891 Protectionist Forbes
Richardson, Thomas Smith 20/06/1891 Independent Hartley
Richardson, Tottenham Lee 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Bogan
Richardson, William 20/06/1891 Protectionist Camden
Rigg, John Richard 17/06/1891 Protectionist East Maitland
Ritchie, Robert Adam (Re-elected 2) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Central Cumberland
Roberts, James A 17/06/1891 Protectionist Paddington
Rose, Thomas (Elected 1) 20/06/1891 Protectionist Argyle
Ross, Andrew (Re-elected) 29/06/1891 Protectionist Molong
Rudder, E 22/06/1891 Protectionist The Macleay
Russell-Jones, Griffith Evan 17/06/1891 Free Trade Canterbury
Ruthven, John Lowry 20/06/1891 Protectionist The Hastings and Manning
Ryrie, Alexander (Defeated) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Braidwood
Ryrie, John Cassels 31/05/1892 (by) Free Trade The Bogan
S Top of Page
Salmon, John 17/06/1891 Free Trade Newtown
Schey, William Francis (Re-elected 2) 17/06/1891 Protectionist Redfern
Scobie, Robert (Re-elected) 19/06/1891 Free Trade The Hunter
Scott, David (Elected 1) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Newcastle
Seaver, Jonathan Charles Billing Pockerage (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade St Leonards
See, John (Re-elected) 18/06/1891 Protectionist Grafton
See, John (Re-elected) 07/11/1891 (by) Protectionist Grafton
Sharp, William Henry (Elected 4) 17/06/1891 Labor Party Redfern
Sheldon, Job (Elected 1) 26/06/1891 Labor Party The Namoi
Simpson, George Morris 27/06/1891 Free Trade Glen Innes
Slattery, Thomas Michael (Re-elected) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Boorowa
Slattery, Thomas Michael (Re-elected) 04/11/1891 (by) Protectionist Boorowa
Smith, Bruce (Re-elected 1) 17/06/1891 Free Trade The Glebe
Smith, Frank James (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Balmain
Smith, James Francis 17/06/1891 Protectionist Newtown
Smith, Sydney (Re-elected 1) 19/06/1891 Free Trade East Macquarie
Smith, Thomas Richard 17/06/1891 Protectionist The Nepean
Stephen, William (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Redfern
Stevenson, Richard (Re-elected) 29/06/1891 Protectionist Wollombi
Stock, James 24/06/1891 Protectionist The Richmond
Suttor, Francis Bathurst (Elected) 17/06/1891 Protectionist Bathurst
Suttor, Francis Bathurst (Re-elected) 04/11/1891 (by) Protectionist Bathurst
T Top of Page
Tabrett, John Francis 20/06/1891 Free Trade Hartley
Taylor, Hugh (Re-elected) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Parramatta
Taylor, Thomas Whitford 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Central Cumberland
Taylor, Thomas Whitford 29/08/1891 (by) Free Trade Central Cumberland
Thompson, James 24/06/1891 Labor Party Northumberland
Thompson, Richard Windeyer (Defeated) 17/06/1891 Free Trade West Maitland
Tompsitt, George 24/06/1891 Free Trade Braidwood
Tonkin, James Ebenezer (Re-elected 2) 19/06/1891 Free Trade East Macquarie
Tonkin, James Ebenezer (Re-elected) 13/08/1892 (by) Free Trade East Macquarie
Toohey, James Matthew (Re-elected 4) 17/06/1891 Protectionist South Sydney
Torpy, James (Re-elected 2) 20/06/1891 Protectionist Orange
Traill, William Henry (Re-elected 1) 17/06/1891 Protectionist South Sydney
Tribe, William Frederick 24/06/1891 Free Trade Tamworth
V Top of Page
Vaughn, Robert Matteson (Elected) 27/06/1891 Labor Party Grenfell
Vivian, Walter Hussey (Defeated) 20/06/1891 Free Trade The Hastings and Manning
W Top of Page
Waddell, Thomas (Defeated) 03/07/1891 Protectionist Bourke
Waddell, Thomas (Elected) 04/12/1891 (by) Protectionist Bourke
Waldron, George Charles 22/06/1891 Protectionist Mudgee
Walker, Thomas (Re-elected 1) 24/06/1891 Protectionist Northumberland
Wall, William Chandos (Re-elected 2) 22/06/1891 Protectionist Mudgee
Walsh, Fred 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade The Glebe
Walsh, Raymond Joseph 24/06/1891 Labor Party Tamworth
Walters, John James 20/06/1891 Protectionist Camden
Want, John Henry (Re-elected 2) 17/06/1891 Ind Free Trade Paddington
Webb, George William 17/06/1891 Free Trade Newcastle
Webster, William 17/06/1891 Protectionist Canterbury
Welch, Charles Frederick 30/06/1891 Protectionist Monaro
Wheeler, John (Re-elected 4) 17/06/1891 Free Trade Canterbury
Wilkinson, John (Re-elected) 19/06/1891 Protectionist Albury
Wilkinson, Robert Bliss (Re-elected 2) 29/06/1891 Free Trade Balranald
Wilkinson, William Boyce 29/06/1891 Protectionist The Bogan
Wilkinson, William Boyce 31/05/1892 (by) Protectionist The Bogan
Williams, Thomas Henry (Elected 1) 24/06/1891 Labor Party The Upper Hunter
Willis, William Nicholas (Re-elected 2) 03/07/1891 Protectionist Bourke
Wilson, Charles Graham 25/06/1891 Protectionist New England
Wise, Bernhard Ringrose (Elected 2) 17/06/1891 Free Trade South Sydney
Woolcott-Waley, Frederick 17/06/1891 Free Trade West Sydney
Wright, Francis Augustus (Re-elected 1) 27/06/1891 Protectionist Glen Innes
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York, Thomas Henry (Re-elected) 20/06/1891 Protectionist Wellington
Young, James Henry (Re-elected 1) 20/06/1891 Free Trade The Hastings and Manning
Young, James Henry (Re-elected) 26/08/1891 (by) Free Trade The Hastings and Manning
Young, John Douglas 17/06/1891 Protectionist West Sydney