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Illawarra - 1891 (Roll: 3,273) - 2 to be elected
Elected - Protectionist (1), Labor Party 1
Nominations: Saturday, 20 June 1891, Polling: Wednesday, 24 June 1891
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Lysaght, Andrew (Elected 2) Protectionist 799 24.17
Campbell, Archibald Free Trade 669 20.24
Bissell, Thomas Free Trade 463 14.00
Franklin, Frederick Augustus Free Trade 195 5.90
Nicholson, John Barnes (Elected 1) Labor Party 1,180 35.69
Formal Votes 3,306
Informal Votes 16 0.48
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 3,322 50.99
Persons Voting / Turnout 2,570 78.52
Notes: Neither sitting MP Francis Woodward nor Joseph Mitchell contested the election. Mitchell was in Europe and so could not nominate. (SMH 5 June, p.6 col.2) SMH 25 June p.6 col.3 reports the shortage of ballot papers at Bulli that created a disuption to the election, a matter later examined by the Elections and Qualifications Committee who nullified the result. (LAVP 1891-2 Vol A2 p.51)
Source: Totals used have been taken from the report of the official declaration in the Illawarra Mercury, 27 June 1891, p.2 col.3. These totals were also used in the petition against the result and published in the Elections and Qualifications Committee report. Slightly different totals were published in the SMH 25 June 1891, p.6 col.3, including details of booths.
Corrections: Note competing ads SMH 24 June, p.2 col.5. While both list Bissell as a Free Trade candidate, one ad lists Campbell as the second candidate, the other lists Franklin.