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The Macleay - 1891 (Roll: 3,148) - 2 to be elected
Elected - Protectionist (1), Ind Protectionist 1
Nominations: Friday, 19 June 1891, Polling: Monday, 22 June 1891
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Hogan, Patrick (Re-elected 2) Protectionist 761 20.21
McLaughlin, John Protectionist 721 19.15
Rudder, E Protectionist 683 18.14
Boshell, L L Protectionist 558 14.82
Dangar, Otho Orde (Re-elected 1) Ind Protectionist 1,042 27.68
Formal Votes 3,765
Informal Votes 21 0.55
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 3,786 60.47
Persons Voting / Turnout 2,225 70.68
Notes: After his defeat in South Sydney, Macleay had been mentioned as a seat George Dibbs might contest. A forty pound deposit was paid with a nomination for Dibbs, but a telegram withdrew the nomination, Dibbs choosing to contest his old seat of Murrumbidgee. (SMH 20 June 1891, p.10 col.4) In its election summary, the Daily Telegraph listed Dangar as a Protectionist, but also listed him as a supporter of the Parkes government. For that reason he is listed as an Independent Protectionist.
Source: Macleay Argus, 26 June 1891, p.5 col.1-2 including booth results. Same totals in SMH 26 June, p.6 col.1, reported as 'official declaration', though totals were slightly lower than reported 24 June, p.8 col.2 as 'election totals have been received'.
Corrections: Hughes and Graham (1975) use totals published SMH 23 June 1891, p.5 col.8.