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Eden - 1891 (Roll: 3,717) - 2 to be elected
Elected - Protectionist (2)
Nominations: Friday, 19 June 1891, Polling: Wednesday, 24 June 1891
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Clarke, Henry (Re-elected 1) Protectionist 1,079 30.33
Garvan, James Patrick (Re-elected 2) Protectionist 1,021 28.70
Neilley, William Robert Samuel Free Trade 603 16.95
Boot, William Ind Protectionist 510 14.34
Crabb, Richard Ind Protectionist 344 9.67
Formal Votes 3,557
Informal Votes 90 2.47
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 3,647 50.27
Persons Voting / Turnout 2,690 72.37
Source: Report of nominations, Bega Standard 23 June, p.2 col.6-7, results 7 July, p.2 col.6 including booth details. Used in preference to slightly different totals published in SMH 8 July 1891, p.5 col.8.
Corrections: Hughes and Graham (1975) list Boot and Crabb as Protectionists, but it was clear that the 'official' Protectionists were sitting members Clarke and Garvan. All the protectionists were simply listed as 'Opposition' by the SMH, but the Telegraph lists Crabb as a Labor candidate with the close of nominations, and also as a defeated Labor candidate in its election summary on 4 July, p.9 col.1. The Australian Star also refers to Crabb as a Labor candidate. However, Crabb's address to the electors of Eden in the Bega Standard, 19 June p.3 col.3, reads as a standard Protectionist platform of the election and says nothing about being a Labor candidate.