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Gunnedah - 1891 (Roll: 2,320)
Won by Labor Party
Nominations: Wednesday, 24 June 1891, Polling: Saturday, 27 June 1891
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Browne, Thomas Henry Protectionist 407 33.92
Burke, Michael Protectionist 76 6.33
Doolan, Robert Protectionist 58 4.83
Kirkpatrick, John (Elected) Labor Party 659 54.92
Formal Votes 1,200
Informal Votes 43 3.46
Total Votes / Turnout 1,243 53.58
Persons Voting / Turnout 1,243 53.58
Notes: Edwin Woodward Turner did not contest the election. Burke was a former MP for Tamworth. There is confusion over party affiliations. At all times the SMH referred to Browne as a 'Ministerial' candidate, but the Telegraph called him a Protectionist and listed him as a defeated Opposition candidate in its election summary on 4 July. The Australian Star also listed Browne as a protectionist, the affiliation adopted here. It should be noted that when first publishing nominations, the Telegraph also referred to Kirkpatrick as a Free Trade Labor candidate and Doolan as Protectionist Labor, and Doolan was listed as a defeated Labor candidate in the 4 July summary. Neither of these affiliations have been adopted here.
Source: SMH 30 June 1891, p.6 col.1, reported as complete results, with booth details published 29 June, p.6 col.3