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Candidate Date Party District
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Aarons, Samuel 10/05/1941 Independent Granville
Ardill, George Edward (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Goulburn
Arkins, James Guy Dalley (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Dulwich Hill
Arthur, Joshua George (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Hamilton
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Baddeley, John Marcus (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Cessnock
Bales, Joseph 25/09/1943 (by) United Australia Willoughby
Batchelor, Ernest George 10/05/1941 Country Party Namoi
Bate, Henry Jefferson Percival (Re-elected) 22/04/1941 United Australia Wollondilly
Bate, Henry John (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia South Coast
Bate, Henry John 14/11/1942 (by) United Australia South Coast
Beale, Jack Gordon (Elected) 14/11/1942 (by) Independent South Coast
Beale, Rupert Noel (Elected) 10/05/1941 Independent South Coast
Bellanto, Anthony John 10/05/1941 State Labor Leichhardt
Bennett, Charles Edward (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Gloucester
Blackwell, Harry le Tissier 10/05/1941 New Social Order Annandale
Booth, George (Re-elected) 22/04/1941 Labor Party Kurri Kurri
Brady, Vincent John 10/05/1941 Independent Manly
Brain, George William (Elected) 25/09/1943 (by) United Australia Willoughby
Brandon, William 10/05/1941 New Social Order Canterbury
Brittain, Addison Arthur Ernest 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Botany
Brown, Arthur Spencer 10/05/1941 United Australia Hawkesbury
Bruce, Robert Thompson 10/05/1941 Independent Gloucester
Bruxner, Michael Frederick (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Tenterfield
Budd, Arthur Eames (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Byron
Burgess, Alfred Eric Ivan 10/05/1941 State Labor Bulli
Burke, Francis Michael (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Newtown
Byrne, Gordon Andrew 02/10/1943 (by) Labor Party Auburn
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Cahill, Frederick Joseph (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Young
Cahill, John Joseph (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Cook's River
Cain, John 10/05/1941 Independent Clarence
Cameron, Robert (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Waratah
Campbell, Arthur Rupert 10/05/1941 State Labor Sturt
Campbell, Clarence Hart 10/05/1941 State Labor Auburn
Campbell, Harold Edward Ostler 10/05/1941 Country Party Castlereagh
Carlton, William Joseph (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Concord
Carr, Robert Douglas 10/05/1941 Independent Casino
Carruthers, Andrew Newel 10/05/1941 State Labor Newtown
Chaffey, William Adolphus (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Ind UAP Tamworth
Chanter, John Courtenay (Elected) 25/09/1943 (by) Labor Party Lachlan
Clarke, Arthur 10/05/1941 Independent Hamilton
Clyne, Daniel (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party King
Coleman, Percy James George 10/05/1941 Independent Bankstown
Conway, Sidney 10/05/1941 State Labor Redfern
Cooke, Frederick George 10/05/1941 Independent Mudgee
Cram, Robert George 10/05/1941 Independent Waratah
Cunningham, Lucien Lawrence (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Coogee
Currey, William Matthew (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Kogarah
Cuttle, Ronald 10/05/1941 Independent Wagga Wagga
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Dalby, Claude Elmer 10/05/1941 Independent Newcastle
Davidson, Mark Anthony (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Cobar
Davies, William (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Wollongong-Kembla
Dickson, Samuel Douglas (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Temora
Dixon, George Norman 10/05/1941 Country Party Murrumbidgee
Dooley, Brian James 10/05/1941 Labor Party Mosman
Doughty, Arthur 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Balmain
Dowe, William Arthur Edward 10/05/1941 New Social Order Lakemba
Dring, Edgar Percy (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Ashburnham
Drummond, David Henry (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Armidale
Dunn, James Patrick Digger 10/05/1941 Labor Party Manly
Dunn, William Fraser (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Mudgee
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Edwards, Jack Francis Arthur 10/05/1941 New Social Order Bankstown
Elliott, Hilton Oswald (Defeated) 10/05/1941 Country Party Ashburnham
Elliott, William Edgar 10/05/1941 Independent Ryde
Enticknap, Ambrose George (Elected) 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Murrumbidgee
Evans, Griffith Parry (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Lachlan
Evans, Walter Patrick 10/05/1941 State Labor Balmain
Evatt, Clive Raleigh (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Hurstville
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Faulkner, Clarence Campbell 10/05/1941 United Australia Illawarra
Faulkner, Clarence Campbell 25/09/1943 (by) Independent Willoughby
Fenwick, Augustus Vance 25/09/1943 (by) People's Labor Willoughby
Finnan, Francis Joseph (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Fisher, John 10/05/1941 State Labor Waverley
Fitzgerald, Joseph John 10/05/1941 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Fitzgerald, Raymond Leo (Elected) 10/05/1941 Independent Gloucester
FitzSimons, Herbert Paton (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Lane Cove
Fleck, Claude Cropton 10/05/1941 United Australia Granville
Fowler, Lilian 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Newtown
Fowles, Howard Thomas (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Illawarra
Frame, William 10/05/1941 State Labor Wollongong-Kembla
Francis, Arthur Leonard 10/05/1941 United Australia Blacktown
Francis, Wilfrid Edwin Robert 10/05/1941 United Australia Hornsby
Fredericks, James 10/05/1941 Labor Party Lismore
French, Albert Edgar 10/05/1941 Independent Hornsby
Frith, William (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Lismore
Fulton, Francis Benedict 10/05/1941 Labor Party Willoughby
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Geraghty, James Leo (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party North Sydney
Geraghty, Walter James 10/05/1941 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Gilby, George Henry Peter 10/05/1941 Country Party Namoi
Gollan, George Charles (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Parramatta
Gollan, William McCulloch (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Randwick
Gorman, Robert Douglas (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Annandale
Gould, Diana Maud 10/05/1941 Independent Phillip
Graham, Edgar Hugh (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Gray, Cecil Harold Clarence 10/05/1941 Independent Goulburn
Greig, Robert John (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Drummoyne
Grintell, George Alfred 10/05/1941 Labor Party Lachlan
H Top of Page
Hale, George Douglas 10/05/1941 State Labor Paddington
Hamilton, Raymond George (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Namoi
Harrison, David Williamson 10/05/1941 Ind Coalition Lismore
Hawkins, Francis Harold (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Newcastle
Hedges, William Whaley (Defeated) 10/05/1941 Country Party Monaro
Heferen, Stephen Roy (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Barwon
Heffron, Robert James (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Botany
Hill, Francis (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Blacktown
Hogan, Ernest Peter 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Namoi
Holmes, Denis 10/05/1941 Labor Party Casino
Horsington, Edward Matthew (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Sturt
Hortin, William Ernest Pierce 10/05/1941 State Labor Canterbury
Howard, John Patrick 10/05/1941 Labor Party Raleigh
Howarth, Walter Arthur Harrex (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Maitland
Hughes, Morris John Rodwell 10/05/1941 State Labor Bankstown
Hunter, David Benjamin (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Croydon
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Ivey, Malinda Angelina 10/05/1941 Independent Balmain
J Top of Page
Jackett, Harry Gordon (Elected) 10/05/1941 Ind UAP Burwood
Jackson, Joseph (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Nepean
Jenkins, Allan Milton 10/05/1941 State Labor Bondi
Jones, Rex Charles 10/05/1941 Labor Party Ashfield
Jordan, Leslie Charles 10/05/1941 Country Party Raleigh
K Top of Page
Kelly, Christopher Augustus (Re-elected) 22/04/1941 Labor Party Bathurst
Kelly, John Henry 10/05/1941 Country Party Murrumbidgee
Kilpatrick, Matthew (Defeated) 10/05/1941 Country Party Wagga Wagga
King, John Clifford 10/05/1941 Labor Party Albury
Knight, Hamilton (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Hartley
L Top of Page
Lamb, William Henry (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Granville
Landa, Abram (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Bondi
Lander, Arnold William 10/05/1941 United Australia Waverley
Lang, John Thomas (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Auburn
Lang, John Thomas (Re-elected) 02/10/1943 (by) Ind Labor Auburn
Lawson, Joseph Alexander (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Murray
Lazzarini, Carlo Camillo (Re-elected) 22/04/1941 Labor Party Marrickville
Lee, John Robert (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Drummoyne
Lethbridge, Christopher Baron (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Independent Corowa
Lewis, Samuel Phineas 10/05/1941 State Labor Randwick
Lindsay, William Reginald 10/05/1941 Labor Party Maitland
Lloyd, Herbert William (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Mosman
Lloyd, James Conroy 10/05/1941 Labor Party Murray
Lloyd, Stanley Allan (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Concord
Lockwood, Rupert Ernest 10/05/1941 State Labor Concord
Loewenthal, Leslie Stanhope 10/05/1941 Independent Orange
Luckett, Charles 10/05/1941 Independent Tamworth
Lyons, John Joseph 10/05/1941 Labor Party Tamworth
M Top of Page
Macdonald, Donald Peter (Elected) 10/05/1941 Ind UAP Mosman
Mair, Alexander (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Albury
Martin, Clarence Edward (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Waverley
Martin, Lewis Ormsby (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Oxley
Mathews, William Patrick 10/05/1941 Labor Party Nepean
Matthews, Claude Hilton (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Leichhardt
McCaffrey, Charles Joseph 10/05/1941 State Labor Newcastle
McGirr, James (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Bankstown
McGrath, John Francis (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Rockdale
McGregor, George Robert 10/05/1941 State Labor Cessnock
McGuire, George James 10/05/1941 United Australia Rockdale
McIvor, Lindsay 25/09/1943 (by) Country Party Lachlan
McKell, William John (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Redfern
McKnight, William George 10/05/1941 United Australia Tamworth
McMullin, Alister Maxwell 10/05/1941 Country Party Liverpool Plains
Milne, Hugh Charles Oliver 25/09/1943 (by) Independent Willoughby
Miscamble, Howard Henry 10/05/1941 Independent Ryde
Mitchell, George Deane (Elected) 10/05/1941 Independent Oxley
Mitchell, Harrie Robert Croft (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Burwood
Monro, Cecil Owen James (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Georges River
Moran, Stanley James 10/05/1941 Independent Annandale
Morey, Thomas Irving 10/05/1941 State Labor Phillip
Morgan, William Joseph Tyler 10/05/1941 Labor Party Gloucester
Mortier, Paul Francis 10/05/1941 State Labor Kogarah
Moverly, Arthur Henry (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Randwick
Murphy, Daniel Henry 10/05/1941 Labor Party Croydon
Murray, Roland Charles 10/05/1941 United Australia Hurstville
Mutch, Thomas Davies (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Coogee
N Top of Page
Neagle, Stanley Richard Hammond 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Young
North, Asa 10/05/1941 State Labor Lakemba
Nott, Roger Bede (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Liverpool Plains
O Top of Page
O'Donnell, James 10/05/1941 Independent Orange
Ogilvie, Edward Douglas 10/05/1941 Labor Party Tenterfield
O'Halloran, Robert Emmet (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Orange
Osborne, John Percy 25/09/1943 (by) Ind Labor Willoughby
O'Sullivan, Maurice (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Paddington
P Top of Page
Poole, Charles Arthur 10/05/1941 Labor Party Temora
Primrose, Hubert Leslie (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia North Sydney
Q Top of Page
Quirk, Mary Lily May (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Balmain
R Top of Page
Reid, Albert David (Defeated) 10/05/1941 Country Party Young
Reid, Alfred Albert Edward Ernest Vassa (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Manly
Reid, John Thomas (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Casino
Renshaw, John Brophy (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Castlereagh
Richardson, Athol Railton (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Ashfield
Roberts, Joseph Allan Gordon 10/05/1941 State Labor Orange
Robertson, Clarence Gordon 10/05/1941 Labor Party Dubbo
Robertson, Clarence Gordon (Elected) 06/06/1942 (by) Labor Party Dubbo
Robson, Ewan Murray (Re-elected) 22/04/1941 United Australia Vaucluse
Rose, D'Arcy (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Upper Hunter
Ross, James Clyde (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Kogarah
Ross, William Forrest Maxwell (Defeated) 10/05/1941 Country Party Yass
Rowe, Albert Edward 10/05/1941 Labor Party Parramatta
Russell, Arthur Cyrus 10/05/1941 Independent Lane Cove
S Top of Page
Sanders, Edward Lloyd (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Willoughby
Satterthwaite, Favel Thomas 10/05/1941 Country Party Barwon
Scott, James 10/05/1941 Country Party Liverpool Plains
Seiffert, John Wesley (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Monaro
Shanahan, John Joseph 10/05/1941 Labor Party Armidale
Shand, James Barclay (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Ind UAP Ryde
Shannon, Thomas John (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Phillip
Sheahan, William Francis (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Yass
Shiels, Leslie James 10/05/1941 Independent Balmain
Simpson, John 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Cook's River
Sloss, Albert Ross 10/05/1941 State Labor King
Smith, James Matthew 10/05/1941 Country Party Corowa
Smithers, John Norman 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Castlereagh
Solomon, Eric Saxby (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Ryde
Somers, John Robert 25/09/1943 (by) Country Party Lachlan
Spensley, Edward Hector 02/10/1943 (by) Independent Auburn
Stanley, Fred (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Lakemba
Staples, Charles Jefferis 10/05/1941 Ind UAP Hawkesbury
Starling, James Frederick 10/05/1941 State Labor Hartley
Storey, Sydney Albert Dawson (Elected) 10/05/1941 Ind UAP Hornsby
Stuart, Frederick William 10/05/1941 Independent Byron
Sweeney, John Thomas (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Bulli
T Top of Page
Thomas, Norman (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Bondi
Thompson, Albert William 10/05/1941 Labor Party Burwood
Thorby, Harold Victor Campbell 06/06/1942 (by) Independent Dubbo
Thorncroft, Edward Walter Brook 10/05/1941 Independent Lismore
Thorne, John Clifford 10/05/1941 Country Party Murrumbidgee
Tonge, Arthur (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Canterbury
Tonking, Alwyn Uren (Defeated) 10/05/1941 United Australia Orange
Treatt, Vernon Haddon (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 United Australia Woollahra
Treble, Arthur Thomas 10/05/1941 Labor Party Lane Cove
Tully, John Moran (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Goulburn
Turner, Henry Basil (Re-elected) 22/04/1941 United Australia Gordon
V Top of Page
Vincent, Roy Stanley (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Raleigh
W Top of Page
Weaver, Reginald Walter Darcy (Re-elected) 22/04/1941 United Australia Neutral Bay
Weir, George (Elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Dulwich Hill
Wight, David Stanley 10/05/1941 State Labor Cobar
Wilkins, Frank 10/05/1941 Ind Labor Dubbo
Williams, Arthur John Leonard (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Labor Party Georges River
Williams, Reginald Joseph 10/05/1941 State Labor Rockdale
Wilson, George Alan Lachlan (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Dubbo
Wilson, William Henry 10/05/1941 State Labor North Sydney
Wingfield, Cecil Gordon (Re-elected) 10/05/1941 Country Party Clarence
Wood, William Arnold Whitfield 10/05/1941 State Labor Drummoyne
Wood, William Arnold Whitfield 25/09/1943 (by) State Labor Willoughby
Wright, Jack 10/05/1941 Labor Party Woollahra
Y Top of Page
Yeo, Alfred William (Defeated) 10/05/1941 Country Party Liverpool Plains
Yeo, Alfred William 06/06/1942 (by) Country Party Dubbo