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Candidate Date District
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Abbott, Robert Palmer (Re-elected) 29/12/1874 Tenterfield
Allen, George Wigram (Re-elected) 11/12/1874 The Glebe
Ardill, John Roche 04/01/1875 The Bogan
Ardill, John Roche 30/08/1877 (by) Orange
Arnold, William Munnings (Re-elected) 18/12/1874 The Paterson
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Baker, Ezekiel Alexander (Re-elected) 11/01/1875 Gold Fields South
Baker, Ezekiel Alexander (Re-elected) 21/02/1877 (by) Gold Fields South
Baker, Ezekiel Alexander (Re-elected) 29/08/1877 (by) Gold Fields South
Barbour, Robert 07/01/1875 The Murray
Bardwell, Charles Darby 02/01/1875 The Murrumbidgee
Barton, Edmund 08/09/1876 (by) University of Sydney
Bawden, Thomas (Re-elected) 22/12/1874 The Clarence
Bellamy, William 17/12/1874 Morpeth
Bennett, Hanley (Re-elected) 06/01/1875 Liverpool Plains
Bennett, Hanley (Re-elected) 05/06/1876 (by) Liverpool Plains
Booth, John (Defeated) 11/12/1874 The Glebe
Booth, John (Elected 2) 05/01/1875 East Macquarie
Bourke, W D 29/12/1874 Tenterfield
Bowman, Alexander 16/12/1874 Patrick's Plains
Brooks, William 21/12/1874 West Maitland
Brown, Herbert Harrington 18/12/1874 The Paterson
Brown, Herbert Harrington (Elected) 18/03/1875 (by) The Paterson
Brown, Stephen Campbell (Re-elected) 11/12/1874 Newtown
Brown, Thomas (Re-elected) 16/12/1874 Hartley
Browne, Thomas Frederick De Courcy 11/01/1875 Gold Fields North
Browne, William Charles (Re-elected) 16/12/1874 Patrick's Plains
Brunker, James Nixon 18/03/1875 (by) The Paterson
Buchanan, David (Re-elected) 11/01/1875 Gold Fields West
Burdekin, Marshall 18/03/1875 (by) The Paterson
Burdekin, Sydney 05/06/1876 (by) Liverpool Plains
Burne, Arthur S 04/01/1875 The Bogan
Burns, John Fitzgerald (Re-elected) 02/01/1875 The Hunter
Burns, John Fitzgerald (Re-elected) 16/02/1875 (by) The Hunter
Butler, Edward (Re-elected) 28/12/1874 Argyle
Byrnes, Charles Joseph (Elected 2) 10/12/1874 Parramatta
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Cameron, Angus 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Cameron, Angus (Elected 4) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Charles, Samuel (Elected) 18/12/1874 Kiama
Clarke, Henry (Re-elected) 28/12/1874 Eden
Clements, William John 28/12/1874 Eden
Cobcroft, Abel 16/12/1874 East Maitland
Cohen, Henry Emanuel (Elected) 21/12/1874 West Maitland
Combes, Edward (Elected) 19/02/1877 (by) Orange
Combes, Edward (Re-elected) 30/08/1877 (by) Orange
Cooper, Walter Hampson (Defeated) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Cooper, Walter Hampson 04/01/1875 The Lower Hunter
Copeland, Henry 11/01/1875 Gold Fields South
Cummings, William (Defeated) 05/01/1875 East Macquarie
Cunneen, James Augustine (Re-elected) 14/12/1874 Wollombi
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Daley, James 05/01/1875 East Macquarie
Dangar, Henry Carey (Elected 3) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Dangar, Thomas Gordon Gibbons (Re-elected) 26/12/1874 The Gwydir
Davies, George 28/12/1874 The Hawkesbury
Davies, George 07/04/1877 (by) The Hawkesbury
Davies, John (Elected 4) 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Davies, John (Re-elected) 28/08/1877 (by) East Sydney
Day, George (Elected) 29/12/1874 The Hume
Dibbs, George Richard (Elected 2) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Dodds, Alexander 16/12/1874 East Maitland
Douglass, J B 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Driver, Richard Jnr (Re-elected) 16/12/1874 Windsor
Driver, Richard Jnr (Re-elected) 03/04/1877 (by) Windsor
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Eckford, Joseph 14/12/1874 Wollombi
Eckford, Joseph 21/12/1874 West Maitland
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Farnell, James Squire (Defeated) 10/12/1874 Parramatta
Farnell, James Squire (Elected) 21/12/1874 St Leonards
Farthing, William 21/12/1874 West Maitland
Fawcett, Charles Hugh 22/12/1874 The Clarence
Fitzpatrick, Michael (Re-elected) 18/12/1874 Yass Plains
Flood, Edward 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Forster, Robert Henry Mariner (Elected) 11/01/1875 Gold Fields North
Forster, William (Defeated) 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Forster, William 23/12/1874 Queanbeyan
Forster, William (Elected) 02/01/1875 The Murrumbidgee
Forster, William (Re-elected) 22/02/1875 (by) The Murrumbidgee
Fraser, Colin Alexander 29/12/1874 Tenterfield
French, James Harris 21/12/1874 St Leonards
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Garrett, Thomas (Re-elected 1) 04/01/1875 Camden
Garrett, Thomas (Re-elected) 17/02/1875 (by) Camden
Garrett, Thomas (Re-elected) 27/08/1877 (by) Camden
Goold, Stephen Stiles (Elected) 23/12/1874 Mudgee
Gordon, William Henry 28/12/1874 The Upper Hunter
Gordon, William Henry 07/06/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
Gordon, William Henry 05/06/1876 (by) Liverpool Plains
Graham, R D 31/08/1877 (by) Central Cumberland
Gray, Samuel William (Elected) 28/12/1874 Illawarra
Greville, Edward (Re-elected) 22/12/1874 Braidwood
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Hamilton, Archibald Sellars 21/12/1874 West Maitland
Hamilton, Archibald Sellars 04/01/1875 The Lower Hunter
Hamilton, Archibald Sellars 07/06/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
Hannell, James (Defeated) 17/12/1874 Northumberland
Hay, William (Re-elected) 07/01/1875 The Murray
Hill, Richard (Re-elected 1) 28/12/1874 Canterbury
Holtermann, Bernard Otto 21/12/1874 St Leonards
Hoskins, James (Re-elected) 02/01/1875 The Tumut
Hoskins, James (Re-elected) 05/04/1877 (by) The Tumut
Hungerford, Thomas 28/12/1874 The Upper Hunter
Hungerford, Thomas (Elected) 07/06/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
Hungerford, Thomas (Defeated) 05/08/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
Hungerford, Thomas 20/07/1877 (by) Northumberland
Hurley, John (Re-elected) 15/12/1874 Narellan
Hurley, John (Defeated) 07/01/1875 Wellington
Hurley, John (Elected) 21/04/1876 (by) Hartley
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Icely, T R 28/12/1874 Carcoar
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Jacob, Archibald Hamilton (Re-elected) 04/01/1875 The Lower Hunter
Jeanneret, Charles Edward 08/01/1875 Central Cumberland
Jennings, Patrick Alfred 23/12/1874 Mudgee
Jennings, Patrick Alfred 07/06/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
Johns, James 17/12/1874 Orange
Johnston, William (Elected) 12/02/1877 (by) The Williams
Joseph, H M 05/01/1875 Monara
Jurley, John 18/03/1875 (by) The Paterson
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Kelly, John Edward 04/01/1875 The Bogan
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Lackey, John (Re-elected 1) 08/01/1875 Central Cumberland
Lackey, John (Re-elected) 18/02/1875 (by) Central Cumberland
Lackey, John (Re-elected 1) 31/08/1877 (by) Central Cumberland
Leary, Joseph 02/01/1875 The Murrumbidgee
Leary, Joseph (Elected) 21/02/1876 (by) The Murrumbidgee
Lloyd, George Alfred (Re-elected) 08/12/1874 Newcastle
Lloyd, George Alfred (Re-elected) 29/03/1877 (by) Newcastle
Long, William Alexander (Elected) 28/06/1875 (by) Central Cumberland
Long, William Alexander (Re-elected 2) 31/08/1877 (by) Central Cumberland
Lord, Edward 21/12/1874 St Leonards
Lord, George William (Re-elected) 04/01/1875 The Bogan
Lucas, John (Re-elected 2) 28/12/1874 Canterbury
Lucas, John (Re-elected) 17/02/1875 (by) Canterbury
Lynch, Andrew (Elected) 14/06/1876 (by) Carcoar
Lysaght, Andrew 28/12/1874 Illawarra
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Macintosh, John (Re-elected 2) 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Macquarie, Daniel 06/01/1875 Liverpool Plains
Madgwick, Edward Charlton 22/12/1874 The Clarence
Mate, Thomas Hodges 02/01/1875 The Murrumbidgee
McCulloch, Andrew Hardie Jnr 08/01/1875 Central Cumberland
McCulloch, Andrew Hardie Jnr 28/06/1875 (by) Central Cumberland
McElhone, John 07/06/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
McElhone, John (Elected) 05/08/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
McLean, George Robertson 05/06/1876 (by) Liverpool Plains
McRae, Myles 17/12/1874 Morpeth
Melville, Ninian Jnr 28/08/1877 (by) East Sydney
Meyer, Solomon (Elected) 28/12/1874 Carcoar
Miles, William 16/12/1874 East Maitland
Montague, Alexander (Elected) 05/01/1875 Monara
Moore, Charles (Defeated) 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Mosely, Captain W H 26/12/1874 The Gwydir
Moses, Henry (Re-elected 1) 28/12/1874 The Hawkesbury
Mossman, Charles 11/12/1874 The Glebe
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Neale, James Henry 21/04/1876 (by) Hartley
Nelson, Harris Levi (Re-elected) 17/12/1874 Orange
Nichols, James L 04/01/1875 Camden
Nowlan, John 18/03/1875 (by) The Paterson
Nowlan, John 12/02/1877 (by) The Williams
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O'Connell, Daniel 09/12/1874 East Sydney
O'Connell, Daniel 05/01/1875 Monara
O'Connell, Jeremiah Michael 31/08/1877 (by) Central Cumberland
O'Connor, Joseph Graham (Defeated) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
O'Connor, Joseph Graham 08/01/1875 Central Cumberland
O'Keeffe, Pierce 17/12/1874 Morpeth
O'Mara, Thomas Chrysostom 02/01/1875 The Tumut
O'Neill, William Gregg 23/12/1874 Queanbeyan
Onslow, Arthur Alexander Walton (Re-elected 2) 04/01/1875 Camden
O'Sullivan, James 02/01/1875 The Hunter
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Park, Robert 18/03/1875 (by) The Paterson
Parkes, Henry (Re-elected 1) 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Parkes, Henry (Re-elected) 28/03/1877 (by) East Sydney
Pawsey, Nathaniel 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Pemell, James 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Phelps, Joseph James (Re-elected) 22/12/1874 Balranald
Piddington, William Richman (Re-elected 2) 28/12/1874 The Hawkesbury
Piddington, William Richman (Re-elected) 07/04/1877 (by) The Hawkesbury
Pigott, William Hilson 28/12/1874 Canterbury
Pigott, William Hilson 05/10/1876 (by) Mudgee
Pilcher, Charles Edward (Elected) 04/01/1875 West Macquarie
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Raphael, Joseph George (Defeated) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Raven, Nicholas Walpole 08/01/1875 Central Cumberland
Remmington, Arthur Frederick 18/12/1874 Yass Plains
Reynolds, Maurice 08/01/1875 Central Cumberland
Robertson, John (Re-elected 1) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Robertson, John (Re-elected) 16/02/1875 (by) West Sydney
Robertson, John (Re-elected) 27/08/1877 (by) West Sydney
Robertson, Thomas (Defeated) 29/12/1874 The Hume
Rotton, Henry 04/01/1875 West Macquarie
Rouse, Richard (Elected) 05/10/1876 (by) Mudgee
Ryan, James Tobias 23/12/1874 The Nepean
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Saunders, Oliver 07/06/1875 (by) The Upper Hunter
Scholey, Stephen (Re-elected) 16/12/1874 East Maitland
Shepherd, Patrick Lindesay Crawford (Elected) 23/12/1874 The Nepean
Sheridan, Richard 17/12/1874 Orange
Smart, John Walter 28/12/1874 The Upper Hunter
Smith, John Samuel (Re-elected) 07/01/1875 Wellington
Smith, Robert Burdett (Re-elected) 14/12/1874 The Hastings
Stephen, George Milner 31/12/1874 The Williams
Stevens, Charles James 08/12/1874 Newcastle
Stevens, Charles James (Elected) 17/12/1874 Northumberland
Stewart, John (Defeated) 18/12/1874 Kiama
Stuart, Alexander (Elected 3) 09/12/1874 East Sydney
Stuart, Alexander (Re-elected) 15/02/1876 (by) East Sydney
Sutherland, John (Re-elected) 08/12/1874 Paddington
Suttor, Francis Bathurst (Elected) 02/01/1875 Bathurst
Suttor, Francis Bathurst (Re-elected) 03/04/1877 (by) Bathurst
Suttor, William Henry Jnr (Elected 1) 05/01/1875 East Macquarie
Sweeney, J P 11/01/1875 Gold Fields West
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Taylor, Hugh (Re-elected 1) 10/12/1874 Parramatta
Taylor, Hugh (Re-elected) 20/04/1876 (by) Parramatta
Teece, William Jnr (Re-elected) 21/12/1874 Goulburn
Terry, Samuel Henry (Re-elected) 30/12/1874 New England
Thornton, George 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Turner, William (Elected) 20/07/1877 (by) Northumberland
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Walker, William 16/12/1874 Windsor
Wallace, George 20/07/1877 (by) Northumberland
Warden, James (Re-elected) 14/12/1874 Shoalhaven
Watson, James (Re-elected) 04/01/1875 The Lachlan
Watson, William (Elected) 31/12/1874 The Williams
Wearne, Joseph (Defeated) 16/12/1874 West Sydney
Wearne, Joseph (Elected 2) 08/01/1875 Central Cumberland
Webb, Edmund (Defeated) 02/01/1875 Bathurst
Wheeler, Aaron 28/12/1874 Canterbury
White, Francis (Elected) 28/12/1874 The Upper Hunter
White, Thomas 27/08/1877 (by) West Sydney
Windeyer, William Charles (Elected) 08/09/1876 (by) University of Sydney
Windeyer, William Charles (Re-elected) 28/03/1877 (by) University of Sydney
Wisdom, Robert (Elected) 17/12/1874 Morpeth
Wright, John James (Elected) 23/12/1874 Queanbeyan
Wythes, Thomas 07/01/1875 Wellington
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Young, George E 20/04/1876 (by) Parramatta
Young, John 09/12/1874 East Sydney