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1874-5 Election - Sequence of Election
Date Districts
Monday, 7 December 1874 Noms Newcastle; East Sydney
Tuesday, 8 December 1874 Noms Paddington (Unc)
Tuesday, 8 December 1874 Poll Newcastle
Wednesday, 9 December 1874 Noms The Glebe; Parramatta
Wednesday, 9 December 1874 Poll East Sydney
Thursday, 10 December 1874 Noms Wollombi
Thursday, 10 December 1874 Poll Paddington (No Poll); Parramatta
Friday, 11 December 1874 Noms Newtown (Unc)
Friday, 11 December 1874 Poll The Glebe
Monday, 14 December 1874 Noms The Clarence; The Hastings (Unc); Northumberland; Patrick's Plains; Shoalhaven (Unc); West Sydney
Monday, 14 December 1874 Poll Newtown (No Poll); Wollombi
Tuesday, 15 December 1874 Noms Kiama; East Maitland; Narellan (Unc); Orange; St Leonards; Windsor; Yass Plains
Wednesday, 16 December 1874 Noms Hartley (Unc); Morpeth; The Paterson
Wednesday, 16 December 1874 Poll East Maitland; Patrick's Plains; West Sydney; Windsor
Thursday, 17 December 1874 Poll Morpeth; Narellan (No Poll); Northumberland; Orange
Friday, 18 December 1874 Noms West Maitland
Friday, 18 December 1874 Poll Kiama; The Paterson; Shoalhaven (No Poll); Yass Plains
Saturday, 19 December 1874 Noms Mudgee; The Nepean
Monday, 21 December 1874 Noms Goulburn (Unc); Queanbeyan
Monday, 21 December 1874 Poll Hartley (No Poll); West Maitland; St Leonards
Tuesday, 22 December 1874 Noms Balranald (Unc); Braidwood (Unc); Carcoar; The Hume; Illawarra; The Murrumbidgee; Tenterfield; Gold Fields South; Gold Fields West; Gold Fields North
Tuesday, 22 December 1874 Poll The Clarence; Goulburn (No Poll)
Wednesday, 23 December 1874 Noms The Bogan; Canterbury; Eden; The Gwydir; The Hawkesbury; The Upper Hunter; Liverpool Plains; The Murray
Wednesday, 23 December 1874 Poll Mudgee; The Nepean; Queanbeyan
Thursday, 24 December 1874 Poll The Hastings (No Poll)
Saturday, 26 December 1874 Poll The Gwydir
Monday, 28 December 1874 Noms Argyle (Unc); The Hunter; Monara
Monday, 28 December 1874 Poll Braidwood (No Poll); Canterbury; Carcoar; Eden; The Hawkesbury; The Upper Hunter; Illawarra
Tuesday, 29 December 1874 Noms The Lower Hunter; The Williams
Tuesday, 29 December 1874 Poll The Hume; Tenterfield
Wednesday, 30 December 1874 Noms Bathurst; New England (Unc)
Thursday, 31 December 1874 Noms Camden; East Macquarie; West Macquarie; The Tumut; Wellington
Thursday, 31 December 1874 Poll The Williams
Saturday, 2 January 1875 Poll Argyle (No Poll); Bathurst; The Hunter; The Murrumbidgee; The Tumut
Monday, 4 January 1875 Noms Central Cumberland; The Lachlan (Unc)
Monday, 4 January 1875 Poll The Bogan; Camden; The Lower Hunter; West Macquarie
Tuesday, 5 January 1875 Poll East Macquarie; Monara
Wednesday, 6 January 1875 Poll Liverpool Plains
Thursday, 7 January 1875 Poll The Murray; New England (No Poll); Wellington
Friday, 8 January 1875 Poll Central Cumberland
Monday, 11 January 1875 Poll Balranald (No Poll); Gold Fields South; Gold Fields West; Gold Fields North
Tuesday, 12 January 1875 Poll The Lachlan (No Poll)