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University of Sydney - By-election (Roll: 111)
Nominations: Thursday, 7 September 1876, Polling: Friday, 8 September 1876
Candidate Votes Votes %
Barton, Edmund 43 46.74
Windeyer, William Charles (Elected) 49 53.26
Formal Votes 92
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Turnout 92 82.88
Cause Category: Other
Notes: Under the 1858 Electoral Act, the University of Sydney was entitled to a seat in the Legislative Assembly, elected by graduates, once there was a body of 100 graduates. The University petitioned the governor in 1876 for the creation of a seat (NSW LA Votes and Proceedings 1876-77, Vol 27/1, p 855-6), listing the names of 10 Doctors of Law, 9 Doctors of Medicine and 92 Masters of Arts who were living in the colony. The Chancellor and Returning Officer Edward Deas-Thomson published a notice for the election, SMH 8 September 1876, p.1, with polling taking place in the ante-room adjoining the Great Hall. Underneath, Registrar Hugh Kennedy published the following note. ' As it appears that there is no legal necessity for members of the University who take part in the Election of a Representative to appear in academic costume, they will not be required to do so; but they are requested, if they conveniently can, to comply with the customary practice on such occassions.' Oddly, the next day the notice had been amended to say academic costume was 'required'.
Source: SMH report of nominations, 8 September 1876, p.2 col.2-5, results September, p.5 col.5. The enrolment used is the 111 voters from the petition to create the seat, which may not be the number on the roll used.