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The Upper Hunter - By-election (Roll: 3,021)
Nominations: Monday, 31 May 1875, Polling: Monday, 7 June 1875
Candidate Votes Votes %
Hamilton, Archibald Sellars 22 1.27
McElhone, John 726 41.84
Saunders, Oliver 97 5.59
Hungerford, Thomas (Elected) 771 44.44
Gordon, William Henry 31 1.79
Jennings, Patrick Alfred 88 5.07
Formal Votes 1,735
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Turnout 1,735 57.43
Cause Category: Death
Notes: Death of Francis White. See Elections and Qualifications Committee report that eventually overturned this election. (LAVP 1875 Vol A2 p.275)
Source: Totals taken from Maitland Mercury. First report was 15 June, p.3 col.2, with another report 24 June p.2 col.3, adding the four polling booths that had not been conducted until 21 June. These two reports have been added together to give the totals used here. Report on 26 June reports Hungerford majority of 17, but again no final result is reported. Similar totals are produced by adding reports in Singleton Argus, 16 June p.2 col.4 and 23 July p.2 co.2. Totals were not printed in the Elections and Qualifications Committee report.
Corrections: Parliamentary Record and Legislative Council Consolidated Index incorrectly list the date of this by-election as 21 June, which was the date for the return of the writ.