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Candidate Date Party District
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Abou-Ghaida, Hussein 27/03/1999 One Nation Lakemba
Aiken, Bob 27/03/1999 Independent Fairfield
Akhurst, Alan 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Keira
Allan, Pam (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Wentworthville
Allen, Mick 27/03/1999 Independent Macquarie Fields
Alterator, Rachel 27/03/1999 The Greens The Entrance
Amery, Richard (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Mount Druitt
Andersen, Jane 27/03/1999 The Greens Illawarra
Anderson, Jim (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Londonderry
Anderson, Margaret 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Blue Mountains
Andersons, Lorraine 27/03/1999 The Greens Port Macquarie
Andrews, Cameron 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Drummoyne
Andrews, Marie (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Peats
Angel, Chris 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Strathfield
Ansted, Frederick 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Coffs Harbour
Appleby, Kim 08/09/2001 (by) Independent Auburn
Aquilina, John (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Riverstone
Argent, Jacquie 27/03/1999 Labor Party Oxley
Armstrong, Ian (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Lachlan
Arnold, Sue 27/03/1999 Timbarra Clean Water Ballina
Ash, Geoff 27/03/1999 The Greens Auburn
Ashe, Barry 27/03/1999 One Nation Bankstown
Ashton, Alan (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party East Hills
Ashton, Millman 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Bathurst
Aukim, Jennifer 27/03/1999 Earthsave Willoughby
Ayres, Matthew 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Ku-ring-gai
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Backman, Chris 27/03/1999 Earthsave Coffs Harbour
Bailey, Dion 27/03/1999 Independent Londonderry
Bailey, Gary 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Gosford
Baini, Natalie 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Canterbury
Baird, Neil 27/03/1999 One Nation Kogarah
Baker, Errol 27/03/1999 One Nation Gosford
Baker, Shaar 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration The Hills
Balendra, Bala 08/09/2001 (by) Unaffiliated Auburn
Ball, Harry 27/03/1999 One Nation Epping
Bange, Jane 27/03/1999 The Greens South Coast
Barker, Caleb 08/09/2001 (by) Independent Auburn
Barker, David 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Liverpool
Barker, David 03/02/2001 (by) Unaffiliated Campbelltown
Barker, David 08/09/2001 (by) Christian Democrats Auburn
Barr, David (Elected) 27/03/1999 Independent Manly
Barrett, Paul 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Bankstown
Barry, Siobhan 27/03/1999 Labor Party Tamworth
Bartholomew, Penny 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Illawarra
Bartlett, John (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Port Stephens
Bastable, Jules 27/03/1999 The Greens Maroubra
Bastin, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Bankstown
Bawden, Bob 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Blacktown
Beamer, Diane (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Mulgoa
Beck, Don (Defeated) 27/03/1999 National Party Tweed
Bedwell, Deidrei 27/03/1999 Independent Georges River
Behn, Doug 27/03/1999 Independent Clarence
Bell, Catherine 27/03/1999 Earthsave Blue Mountains
Bell, David 27/03/1999 The Greens North Shore
Bell, Kevin 27/03/1999 Labor Party Lismore
Bell, Peter 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Epping
Belling, David 27/03/1999 Independent Hawkesbury
Bentley, Shane 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Auburn
Berry, David 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Bathurst
Bhattacharyya, Tuntuni 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Marrickville
Bisgrove, Stephen 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Newcastle
Black, Les 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Coogee
Black, Peter (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Murray-Darling
Blackmore, Peter (Defeated) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Maitland
Blanch, Glenda 03/02/2001 (by) Australian Democrats Campbelltown
Blayney, Stephen 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Illawarra
Blyth, David 27/03/1999 The Greens Lake Macquarie
Boland, John 27/03/1999 Labor Party Bega
Booth, Jim 27/03/1999 National Party Wagga Wagga
Borluk, Bulent 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Auburn
Boswell, Jenny 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Charlestown
Botting, Kate 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Bankstown
Boulton, Bob 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Lake Macquarie
Bounds, Kay 27/03/1999 One Nation East Hills
Bourne, Christine 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Mulgoa
Bowen, Chris 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration South Coast
Bowen, Jim 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Heathcote
Boyd, Alan 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Murray-Darling
Boyd, Felicity 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Port Stephens
Boydell, Pat 27/03/1999 Labor Party Pittwater
Bradley, Jim 27/03/1999 The Greens Kiama
Brasch, Luke 27/03/1999 Labor Party Willoughby
Bray, Michael 27/03/1999 Independent Bathurst
Brazenall, Max 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Camden
Bristow, Rick 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Pittwater
Broderick, Wendy 27/03/1999 Independent Penrith
Brogden, John (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Pittwater
Brookman, Chris 27/03/1999 Unity Newcastle
Brooks, Sharyn 27/03/1999 One Nation Newcastle
Brown, Bronwyn 27/03/1999 The Greens Willoughby
Brown, Jill 27/03/1999 One Nation Marrickville
Brown, Matt (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Kiama
Brown, Noeline 27/03/1999 Labor Party Southern Highlands
Browning, Sarah 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats The Entrance
Bruggemann, Ian 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Hawkesbury
Buckley, Wayne 27/03/1999 One Nation Blue Mountains
Burke, Andrew 27/03/1999 The Greens Ku-ring-gai
Burke, Stephen 27/03/1999 One Nation Londonderry
Burston, Graham 27/03/1999 One Nation Cessnock
Burton, Cherie (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Kogarah
Burton, Dave 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Murray-Darling
Burvill, Josh 27/03/1999 Natural Law Party Port Jackson
Butland, Jan 27/03/1999 Labor Party Ku-ring-gai
Butler, Greg 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Southern Highlands
Butler, Lindsay 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Parramatta
Byrne, Peter 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Parramatta
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Cairns, Chris 27/03/1999 The Greens Coffs Harbour
Campbell, David (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Keira
Campbell, Leigh 27/03/1999 Independent Wagga Wagga
Canales, Judy 27/03/1999 Independent Lismore
Canessa, Jackie 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Heffron
Cansdell, Steve 27/03/1999 National Party Clarence
Cantwell, John 27/03/1999 One Nation The Entrance
Cardamatis, Scott 27/03/1999 Labor Party Hornsby
Cardillo, Pino 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Rockdale
Carey, James 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Mulgoa
Carey, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Fairfield
Carman, Marina 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Port Jackson
Carr, Bob (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Maroubra
Carver, Dean 27/03/1999 Independent East Hills
Cassidy, Jim 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Londonderry
Cavanagh, Sally 27/03/1999 The Greens Oxley
Celik, Paul 27/03/1999 Unity Georges River
Chan, Polly 27/03/1999 Independent Kogarah
Chan, Stephanie 27/03/1999 Unity The Hills
Chapman, Ken 27/03/1999 Independent Cabramatta
Chappell, Ray (Defeated) 27/03/1999 National Party Northern Tablelands
Charlton, Colin 27/03/1999 The Greens East Hills
Chaston, Dennis 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Newcastle
Chehoff, Mick 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Ku-ring-gai
Cheung, Kwai 27/03/1999 Voice Of The People Strathfield
Chikarovski, Kerry (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Chin, See-Yung 27/03/1999 Unity Wentworthville
Chung, Claudine 27/03/1999 The Greens The Hills
Chung, Craig 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Rockdale
Churchill, Jeffrey 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Campbelltown
Citton, Michael 27/03/1999 One Nation Rockdale
Clark, Jim 27/03/1999 The Greens Southern Highlands
Clarke, Trevor 27/03/1999 One Nation Southern Highlands
Cogger, John 27/03/1999 Natural Law Party Parramatta
Cogger, Linda 27/03/1999 Natural Law Party Fairfield
Cohen, Barry 27/03/1999 Labor Party Gosford
Coleman, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Liverpool
Collier, Barry (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Miranda
Collier, Henry 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Kiama
Collings, Margaret 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Vaucluse
Collins, Peter (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Willoughby
Connor, Chris 27/03/1999 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Conolly, Kevin 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Londonderry
Conway, Mark 27/03/1999 One Nation Port Stephens
Cook, Terry 27/03/1999 Socialist Equality Party Newcastle
Cooke, Albert 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Barwon
Cooksley, Terry 27/03/1999 One Nation Parramatta
Cooper, Merran 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Northern Tablelands
Coorey, Barbara 27/03/1999 Independent Lakemba
Copping, Moira 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Parramatta
Coppolaro, Marie 27/03/1999 Earthsave East Hills
Corben, Paul 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Maroubra
Corkill, John 27/03/1999 The Greens Lismore
Cornish, Peter 27/03/1999 One Nation Cabramatta
Cosgrove, Lindsay 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Burrinjuck
Costa, Ricky 27/03/1999 Unity Liverpool
Coulter, Garth 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party The Entrance
Coure, Mark 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Cessnock
Cowling, Marie 08/12/2001 (by) Australian Democrats Tamworth
Cox, Dave 27/03/1999 Independent Orange
Cox, John 27/03/1999 National Party Tamworth
Craig, Peter 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Charlestown
Criticos, Harry 27/03/1999 Independent Newcastle
Crittenden, Paul (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Wyong
Crompton, Les 27/03/1999 Independent Kogarah
Crow, Harry 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Coogee
Cull, John (Elected) 08/12/2001 (by) National Party Tamworth
Curtis, John 27/03/1999 One Nation Keira
Cuthbertson, Peter 27/03/1999 One Nation Pittwater
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Dachs, Norm 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Port Macquarie
Dakin, Geoffrey 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Hawkesbury
Dakin, Sue 27/03/1999 Labor Party Ballina
Dale, Peter 27/03/1999 Independent Wagga Wagga
Dalrymple, Garry 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Canterbury
Davis, Jan 27/03/1999 The Greens Maitland
Dawson, Christine 27/03/1999 One Nation Campbelltown
Day, Bill 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Clarence
Day, Roy 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Cronulla
de Montfort, David 27/03/1999 Labor Party Manly
Debnam, Peter (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Debus, Bob (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Dedman, Lindon 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration North Shore
Deeney, Jason 27/03/1999 One Nation Myall Lakes
Dhu, Ray 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Lismore
Dickenson, Garth 27/03/1999 The Greens Wollongong
Dillon, Meryl 27/03/1999 Labor Party Barwon
Dimond, Vicki 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Pittwater
Divola, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Strathfield
Dobson, Rex 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Heffron
Docherty, Scott 27/03/1999 Labor Party Cronulla
Doherty, Denis 27/03/1999 Communist Port Jackson
Douglas, Claire 27/03/1999 Independent Albury
Douglas, Steve 27/03/1999 The Greens Hornsby
Doust, Adele 27/03/1999 The Greens Blue Mountains
Dover, Sally 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Port Stephens
Doyle, Therese 27/03/1999 The Greens Drummoyne
Druery, Ken 27/03/1999 People First Port Jackson
Dudley, Dean 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Campbelltown
Duncan, Malcolm 27/03/1999 Independent Bligh
Dunkerley, Chris 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Dubbo
Durrant, Mike 27/03/1999 The Greens Lachlan
Durst, John 27/03/1999 Labor Party Monaro
Dutton, Warren 27/03/1999 One Nation Smithfield
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Easey, George 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Upper Hunter
Eastwood, Keith 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Miranda
Ecroyd, Peter 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Manly
Edwards, Lesley 27/03/1999 The Greens Penrith
Ellis, Eric (Defeated) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party South Coast
Erglis, Evalds 27/03/1999 Independent Coffs Harbour
Eykamp, Jean 27/03/1999 One Nation Penrith
F Top of Page
Face, Richard (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Charlestown
Faulkner, Tio 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Maroubra
Feinbier, Warren 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Cronulla
Ferguson, Christine 27/03/1999 One Nation Manly
Ferguson, John 27/03/1999 One Nation Drummoyne
Ferrara, Margaret 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Baulkham Hills
Ficarra, Marie (Defeated) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Georges River
Field, Jane 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Macquarie Fields
Filipczyk, Rebecca 27/03/1999 The Greens Wentworthville
Fitzpatrick, Anthony 27/03/1999 One Nation The Hills
Flower, Chris 27/03/1999 The Greens Ballina
Ford, Waverney 27/03/1999 One Nation Vaucluse
Fowler, Ross 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Penrith
Fragiacomo, Frank 27/03/1999 Independent Monaro
Franks, Ron 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Campbelltown
Fraser, Andrew (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Coffs Harbour
Fraser, Peter 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Burrinjuck
Frawley, Greg 27/03/1999 Independent Camden
Freeman, Sharynne 27/03/1999 Independent Campbelltown
Freihaut, Kathy 27/03/1999 The Greens Bega
Fritze, Andre 08/12/2001 (by) Independent Tamworth
Furness, Peter 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Port Jackson
Fussell, Peter 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Bligh
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Gallagher, Mick 27/03/1999 Independent Hornsby
Gallagher, Mick 23/02/2002 (by) Independent Hornsby
Gao, Ning 27/03/1999 Unity Ryde
Gardiner, George 27/03/1999 One Nation Coffs Harbour
Gardnir, Ronald 27/03/1999 One Nation Swansea
Garrett, Anna 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Strathfield
Gaudry, Bryce (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Newcastle
Gelling, Ian 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Rockdale
Gelling, Isabel 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Gosford
Gelling, Lachlan 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Londonderry
George, Thomas (Elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Lismore
Gibson, Paul (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Blacktown
Gill, Linda 27/03/1999 The Greens Myall Lakes
Gillbank, Melanie 27/03/1999 The Greens Granville
Ginges, Kieran 27/03/1999 Unity Davidson
Girvan, Robert 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Mount Druitt
Glachan, Ian (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Albury
Golden, Aubrey 27/03/1999 One Nation Davidson
Gorgievski, Deb 27/03/1999 The Greens Swansea
Gosper, Phillip 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Ballina
Gourlay, Ros 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Lake Macquarie
Gozzard, Louise 27/03/1999 Earthsave Keira
Graham, Bob 27/03/1999 National Party The Entrance
Graham, Ken 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Barwon
Graham, Rex 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Wagga Wagga
Grant, Lee 27/03/1999 The Greens Cabramatta
Grant, Peter 27/03/1999 The Greens Mulgoa
Green, Allan 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Mount Druitt
Green, Betty 27/03/1999 Independent Oxley
Green, Francis 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Illawarra
Green, Jan 27/03/1999 The Greens Burrinjuck
Green, Jim 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Heffron
Greene, Kevin (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Georges River
Gregory, Ken 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats The Hills
Grigg, Brian 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Penrith
Grigg, Shirley 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Blue Mountains
Grim-Reaper, Steve 27/03/1999 Independent Penrith
Grivas, Cecil 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Bathurst
Grusovin, Deirdre (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Heffron
Guo, Xiong 27/03/1999 Unity Peats
Gurney, Rod 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Bathurst
Gurney, Steve 27/03/1999 Labor Party Epping
Gutierrez, Rodrigo 27/03/1999 The Greens Fairfield
H Top of Page
Hallett, Christopher 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Marrickville
Halliday, Neil 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Ku-ring-gai
Hamilton, William 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Keira
Hampel, Alexander 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wakehurst
Harcourt-Norton, David 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Lane Cove
Haroon, George 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Fairfield
Haroon, Lewis 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Smithfield
Harper, Phillip 27/03/1999 One Nation Maitland
Harris, Chris 27/03/1999 The Greens Baulkham Hills
Harris-Ball, Victoria 27/03/1999 Independent Penrith
Harrison, Gabrielle (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Parramatta
Hartcher, Chris (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Gosford
Hassan, Nagaty 27/03/1999 Unity Maroubra
Hastie, Carolyn 27/03/1999 Earthsave Wyong
Hatfield, Bronia 27/03/1999 Natural Law Party Bligh
Hatten, Barbara 27/03/1999 The Greens Wakehurst
Hawatt, Michael 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Lakemba
Hawker, Paul 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Campbelltown
Hawkins, Cedric 27/03/1999 The Greens Riverstone
Hay, Tony 27/03/1999 Labor Party Baulkham Hills
Hazzard, Brad (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Hedges, Simon 27/03/1999 Republic 2001 Party Mulgoa
Henderson, Scott 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Davidson
Henderson, Tom 27/03/1999 Independent Oxley
Henderson, Troy 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Tweed
Henshaw, Steve 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Liverpool
Hickey, Kerry (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Cessnock
Hickman, Syd 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Miranda
Hodgkinson, Katrina (Elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Burrinjuck
Holdaway, Emelia 27/03/1999 The Greens Bligh
Holder, Rick 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Blacktown
Hollis, Tony 27/03/1999 Earthsave Tweed
Holloway, David 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Heathcote
Holmes, Allan 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Londonderry
Holten, Ron 27/03/1999 One Nation Wyong
Hooper, Norman 27/03/1999 Independent Penrith
Hopkins, Bev 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Wyong
Hopwood, Judy (Elected) 23/02/2002 (by) Liberal Party Hornsby
Horton, Stuart 27/03/1999 One Nation Macquarie Fields
Horton, Val 27/03/1999 Gun Owners and Sporting Hunters Rights Mulgoa
Houssos, George 27/03/1999 Labor Party The Hills
Howard, John 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Lismore
Howden, Jocelyn 27/03/1999 The Greens Hawkesbury
Howe, Russell 27/03/1999 Independent Hornsby
Howells, Antony 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Manly
Hua, David 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Fairfield
Hua, Matthew 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Cabramatta
Hughes, Brian 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Illawarra
Hughes, Zero 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Heathcote
Humpherson, Andrew (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Davidson
Hunt, James 27/03/1999 Independent Charlestown
Hunter, Jeff (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
Hutchinson, John 27/03/1999 One Nation Wentworthville
Hutton, Dorothy 27/03/1999 One Nation Menai
Huxley, Keri 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Port Jackson
I Top of Page
Iemma, Morris (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Lakemba
Innes, Robin 27/03/1999 One Nation Bega
Irvine, Judy 08/09/2001 (by) Liberal Party Auburn
Ison, Mark 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Kogarah
Issa, Tony 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Granville
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Jacobi, Lynden 27/03/1999 The Greens Charlestown
Jacobs, Rachael 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Epping
James, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wollongong
Jansson, Peter 27/03/1999 One Nation Hornsby
Jerrick, Greg 27/03/1999 One Nation Wagga Wagga
Johns, Bob 27/03/1999 One Nation Barwon
Johnson, Chris 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Auburn
Johnson, Peter 27/03/1999 Independent Rockdale
Johnson, Robert 27/03/1999 One Nation Lake Macquarie
Jones, Darren 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Manly
Jones, Joanne 27/03/1999 Independent Rockdale
Jones, Nathan 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Kogarah
Jonsson, Dee 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Wentworthville
Jordan, Kosta 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Illawarra
Junee, Kevin 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Coogee
K Top of Page
Kadwell, John 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Kiama
Kaloudis, Phillip 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Rockdale
Kanak, Dominic 27/03/1999 The Greens Kogarah
Kaye, John 27/03/1999 The Greens Georges River
Kearney, Vicki 27/03/1999 The Greens Campbelltown
Keegel, Earle 27/03/1999 Independent Monaro
Kelly, Clint 08/12/2001 (by) Independent Tamworth
Kelly, David 27/03/1999 One Nation North Shore
Kenyon, Peter 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Marrickville
Keogh, Noel 27/03/1999 Independent Northern Tablelands
Keough, Peter 27/03/1999 Independent Dubbo
Kernohan, Liz (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Camden
Kerr, Malcolm (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Cronulla
Kerslake, Paul 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Maitland
Kersten, Mark 27/03/1999 National Party Murray-Darling
Keyte, Jonathan 27/03/1999 The Greens Heffron
King, David 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Blacktown
King, Gordon 27/03/1999 One Nation Ryde
King, Ian 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Peats
King, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Riverstone
King, Margaret 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Baulkham Hills
King, Tony 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Port Stephens
Kingsley, Ross 27/03/1999 The Greens Londonderry
Knight, Iris 27/03/1999 Independent Ryde
Knight, Michael (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Campbelltown
Knowles, Craig (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Macquarie Fields
Konnecke, Andy 27/03/1999 One Nation Georges River
Korovin, Nick 27/03/1999 Liberal Party East Hills
Koutsouras, John 27/03/1999 Independent Canterbury
Kremec, Michael 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Cabramatta
L Top of Page
Lacey, Stephen 27/03/1999 The Greens Peats
Lam, Le 08/09/2001 (by) Unity Auburn
Lamb, Doug 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Wyong
Lambert, Judy 27/03/1999 The Greens Manly
Lambert, Markus 27/03/1999 Independent Cabramatta
Lang, Emanuela 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Macquarie Fields
Lantry, James 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Maitland
Latz, Phil 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Wollongong
Laurence, Kylie 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Bankstown
Lavis, Philip 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Southern Highlands
Lawler, Ann 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Maitland
Lawn, Barrie 27/03/1999 One Nation Upper Hunter
Lawrence, Martin 27/03/1999 Labor Party Northern Tablelands
Lawson, Brent 27/03/1999 People First Mulgoa
Lawson, Meagan 27/03/1999 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Lawson, Peter 27/03/1999 Labor Party Davidson
Lear, Stephen 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Blue Mountains
Lennane, Jean 27/03/1999 Independent Port Jackson
Lentern, Jo-Anne 27/03/1999 The Greens Heathcote
Lesslie, Stephen 27/03/1999 Independent Drummoyne
Lo Po, Faye (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Penrith
Lord, Tony 27/03/1999 Labor Party Lachlan
Loschiavo, Robert 27/03/1999 Gun Owners and Sporting Hunters Rights Port Jackson
Lowder, Reg 27/03/1999 One Nation Heathcote
Luke, Jodi 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Cabramatta
Luvera, Angela 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Wollongong
Lynch, Paul (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Liverpool
M Top of Page
MacCarthy, Bruce (Defeated) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Strathfield
MacGregor, John 27/03/1999 Independent Ballina
Mackenzie, Samuel 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Fairfield
Maguire, Daryl (Elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Malliate, Jean-Marcel 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Port Jackson
Manasserian, Jack 27/03/1999 One Nation Cronulla
Mandel-Hayes, Daphney 27/03/1999 One Nation Tamworth
Marguin, Ariel 27/03/1999 Unity Bligh
Marjason, Ian 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Monaro
Markham, Colin (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Wollongong
Markuse, Heinz 27/03/1999 One Nation Willoughby
Marshall, David 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Baulkham Hills
Martin, Dave 27/03/1999 Independent Keira
Martin, Gerard (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Bathurst
Mason, Roger 27/03/1999 Independent Illawarra
Mathew, Marie 27/03/1999 One Nation Clarence
Mathews, Jennifer 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Ryde
Mathews, Leah 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Mulgoa
Matson, Murray 27/03/1999 The Greens Coogee
Mavin, Tony 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Drummoyne
Maxwell, Steve 08/09/2001 (by) The Greens Auburn
May, Bob 27/03/1999 Independent Menai
May, Joanne 27/03/1999 One Nation Lane Cove
Mayne, Anthony 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Menai
McAuliffe, Helen 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats The Hills
McBride, Grant (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party The Entrance
McCallum, Douglas 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Willoughby
McCann, Maxina 27/03/1999 Independent Port Stephens
McCarthy, Rodney 27/03/1999 Unity Parramatta
McDermott, Colin 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Auburn
McDermott, Colin 08/09/2001 (by) Australian Democrats Auburn
McDonald, Janet 27/03/1999 Labor Party North Shore
McEwen, Jack 27/03/1999 One Nation Maroubra
McFarlane, Brian 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Georges River
McGinnes, Joe 27/03/1999 Independent Bathurst
McGoldrick, Jim 27/03/1999 The Greens Menai
McGrane, Tony (Elected) 27/03/1999 Independent Dubbo
McGuire, Bryan 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Willoughby
Mcinerney, Wade 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Wollongong
McIntyre, Joan 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Riverstone
McKenna, Tom 27/03/1999 Independent Gosford
McKenzie, Andrew 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Orange
McKenzie, Ian 27/03/1999 The Greens Newcastle
McKenzie, Ken 08/12/2001 (by) Independent Tamworth
McKinnon, Don 27/03/1999 One Nation Murray-Darling
McLennan, Michael 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Orange
Mcleod, Phillip 27/03/1999 Independent Kiama
McLoughlin, Brett 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Heathcote
McMahon, Michael 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Parramatta
McManus, Ian (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Heathcote
McManus, Michael 27/03/1999 Labor Party Burrinjuck
McMurtrie, Mark 27/03/1999 Independent Clarence
McPherson, Col 27/03/1999 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Meagher, Reba (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Cabramatta
Meany, Chris 27/03/1999 Independent Hornsby
Megarrity, Alison (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Menai
Meguid, Erick 27/03/1999 Unity Bankstown
Meikle, Jeff 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats East Hills
Mendelssohn, David 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Heffron
Merton, Rachel 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Wentworthville
Merton, Wayne (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Baulkham Hills
Mewett, Al 27/03/1999 No Badgerys Creek Airport Mulgoa
Mifsud, Charlie 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Kiama
Mills, John (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Wallsend
Milner, Jeff 27/03/1999 Earthsave Clarence
Moffat, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration East Hills
Mohr, Tony 23/02/2002 (by) The Greens Hornsby
Moody, Tom 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Lakemba
Moon, Kylie 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Parramatta
Moore, Catherine 27/03/1999 The Greens Monaro
Moore, Clover (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Independent Bligh
Moroney, Rebecca 27/03/1999 The Greens Wallsend
Morris, David 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Penrith
Morris, Jonathan 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Marrickville
Moss, Kevin (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Canterbury
Mott, David 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Wyong
Mudgee, David 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Hornsby
Muirhead, John 23/02/2002 (by) Independent Hornsby
Muldoon, Graeme 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Port Macquarie
Mulligan, Peter 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Lachlan
Mullins, Darrel 27/03/1999 One Nation Coogee
Mulloy, Les 27/03/1999 One Nation Murrumbidgee
Mundine, Warren 27/03/1999 Labor Party Dubbo
Murray, David 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Wallsend
Murray, John (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Drummoyne
Murray, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Kiama
Mutton, Richard 27/03/1999 National Party Dubbo
N Top of Page
Nagle, Peter (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Auburn
Nam, Joshua 27/03/1999 Independent Canterbury
Nannelli, Owen 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Epping
Nannelli, Owen 03/02/2001 (by) Christian Democrats Campbelltown
Nannelli, Owen 23/02/2002 (by) Christian Democrats Hornsby
Nederkoorn, Richard 27/03/1999 Independent Keira
Nelson, Earnest 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Smithfield
Nelson, Ian 27/03/1999 One Nation Wakehurst
Nelson, Maud 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wyong
Nettle, Kerry 27/03/1999 The Greens Miranda
Neville, John 27/03/1999 One Nation Dubbo
Newborne, Zophia 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Burrinjuck
Newell, Neville (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Tweed
Newman, Richard 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Lakemba
Ngo, Thang 27/03/1999 Unity Fairfield
Nixon, Bill 27/03/1999 One Nation Blacktown
Nixon, Terry 27/03/1999 One Nation Orange
Nolan, Bob 27/03/1999 The Greens Mount Druitt
Nori, Sandra (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Port Jackson
O Top of Page
Oakeshott, Rob (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Port Macquarie
Oates, Garry 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration The Entrance
Ockenden, Trevor 27/03/1999 The Greens Pittwater
O'Connor, Kane 27/03/1999 One Nation Auburn
O'Connor, Shane 27/03/1999 One Nation Granville
O'Doherty, Stephen (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Hornsby
O'Donnell, Mike 27/03/1999 Labor Party Albury
O'Farrell, Barry (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Ku-ring-gai
O'Leary, Ken 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wentworthville
Olsen, Ian 27/03/1999 Independent Cessnock
O'Neill, Robert 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Keira
Orkopoulos, Milton (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Swansea
Orme, Suzy 27/03/1999 The Greens Lane Cove
Orr, Dan 27/03/1999 One Nation Kiama
Overend, Ann 27/03/1999 Euthanasia Referendum Party Marrickville
Owen, Andrew 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Mulgoa
Owens, Ian 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Mulgoa
P Top of Page
Padgett, Brenda 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats North Shore
Page, Don (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Ballina
Page, Ernie (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Coogee
Pangallo, Frank 27/03/1999 Independent Monaro
Paris, Robert 27/03/1999 Independent Bega
Parker, Anna 27/03/1999 Earthsave Gosford
Parker, Jamie 27/03/1999 The Greens Epping
Parker, Max 27/03/1999 Independent East Hills
Parkinson, Paul 27/03/1999 Independent Oxley
Patch, David 27/03/1999 Labor Party Vaucluse
Paton, Cecilia 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Maroubra
Paton, Fiona 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Ryde
Paull, Jennifer 27/03/1999 Independent Drummoyne
Paxton, Derrick 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Upper Hunter
Payne, Don 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Payne, Geoff 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Newcastle
Peacock, Thomas 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Riverstone
Penfold, Andrew 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Gosford
Penhaligon, John 27/03/1999 Independent Tweed
Peniazev, Alexander 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Kogarah
Perrott, Margaret 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Illawarra
Perry, Barbara (Elected) 08/09/2001 (by) Labor Party Auburn
Petch, Ivan 27/03/1999 Ivan Petch Ryde
Peterson, Janne 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Strathfield
Pettitt, Tony 27/03/1999 One Nation Riverstone
Phelps, Peter 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Phillips, Cara 27/03/1999 The Greens Dubbo
Phillips, John 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Londonderry
Phillips, Richard 27/03/1999 Socialist Equality Party Bankstown
Phillips, Ron (Defeated) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Miranda
Photios, Michael (Defeated) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Ryde
Piccoli, Adrian (Elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Murrumbidgee
Piddington, Yvonne 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Wallsend
Pittavino, Patrick 27/03/1999 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Plumb, Noel 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Ryde
Poularas, Manny 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Smithfield
Poulos, Patricia 27/03/1999 Independent Cronulla
Powe, Brad 27/03/1999 Labor Party Lane Cove
Powell, Allen 27/03/1999 The Greens Camden
Power, Cathy 27/03/1999 The Greens Cronulla
Preece, Geoff 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Peats
Prest, Jeffrey 27/03/1999 One Nation Peats
Price, John (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Maitland
Prsa, Ivan 27/03/1999 One Nation Illawarra
Purcival, Norm 27/03/1999 Earthsave Peats
Putra, Rick 27/03/1999 One Nation Mulgoa
R Top of Page
Ramsay, Sylvia 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Murrumbidgee
Ratcliffe, Margaret 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Davidson
Reddy, Peter 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Mount Druitt
Redmond, Denise 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Bega
Refshauge, Andrew (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Marrickville
Reid, Wilf 27/03/1999 One Nation Lachlan
Remy, Max 27/03/1999 One Nation Miranda
Richardson, Michael (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party The Hills
Rindermann, Bernd 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Lane Cove
Riordan, Maureen 27/03/1999 Labor Party Port Macquarie
Roberts, Sean 27/03/1999 The Greens Marrickville
Robertson, Bob 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Smithfield
Robertson, Lorraine 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Ballina
Robinson, Geoff 27/03/1999 National Party Port Stephens
Robinson, Michael 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Canterbury
Rogers, Maureen 27/03/1999 Earthsave Penrith
Rohan, Andrew 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Fairfield
Rooke, Karen 27/03/1999 The Greens Clarence
Roper, Stephanie 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Strathfield
Rosso, Oscar 27/03/1999 One Nation Camden
Rosso, Oscar 03/02/2001 (by) Unaffiliated Campbelltown
Rowe, Warren 27/03/1999 One Nation Bathurst
Rowell, Jai 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Macquarie Fields
Rozzoli, Kevin (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Russell, Gabrielle 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Wakehurst
Russell, Karen 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats The Entrance
Russell, Ken 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Wollongong
Rutledge, Geoffrey 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Wentworthville
Rutter, Arthur 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Hawkesbury
Ryan, James 27/03/1999 The Greens Cessnock
Ryan, Steve 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats South Coast
Ryan, Wiliam 27/03/1999 Independent Rockdale
Ryde, Jenny 27/03/1999 The Greens Port Jackson
Ryder, John 27/03/1999 Natural Law Party Ku-ring-gai
S Top of Page
Saddick, Mohamed 08/09/2001 (by) Independent Auburn
Saliba, Marianne (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Illawarra
Salmon, Rod 27/03/1999 People First Ryde
Sanchez, Alex 27/03/1999 Labor Party Camden
Sanders, Eric 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Liverpool
Sara, Kim 27/03/1999 One Nation Port Macquarie
Saxiones, Noeline 27/03/1999 One Nation Hawkesbury
Schroeder, Mel 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Wallsend
Schultejohann, Lothar 27/03/1999 One Nation Baulkham Hills
Schultz, Gloria 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Burrinjuck
Schultz, Pat 27/03/1999 The Greens Northern Tablelands
Scott, Jennifer 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Blue Mountains
Scully, Carl (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Smithfield
Seaton, Peta (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Southern Highlands
Shakir, Khiloud 27/03/1999 One Nation Canterbury
Shaw, Jimmy 27/03/1999 The Greens Ryde
Sheather, Les 27/03/1999 Independent Hawkesbury
Sherwood, Ed 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Blacktown
Simpson, David 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Bathurst
Sinclair, Malcolm 27/03/1999 One Nation Charlestown
Singh, Chandra 27/03/1999 Unity Campbelltown
Skinner, Jillian (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party North Shore
Slack-Smith, Ian (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Barwon
Smith, Malcolm 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Cronulla
Smith, Michael 27/03/1999 One Nation Albury
Smith, Rod 27/03/1999 One Nation Liverpool
Smith, Russell (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Bega
Smith, Vic 27/03/1999 Labor Party Bligh
Smith, Wayne (Elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party South Coast
Smith, William 27/03/1999 The Greens Canterbury
Sommer, Horst 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Coffs Harbour
Sonza, Adrian 27/03/1999 Earthsave Pittwater
Soulos, Mersina 27/03/1999 The Greens Strathfield
Souris, George (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Upper Hunter
Spencer, Mark 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Coffs Harbour
Spencer, Sue 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Peats
Spragg, Ken 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Myall Lakes
Stanmore, John 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Clarence
Stevenson, Glen 27/03/1999 The Greens Port Stephens
Stewart, Tony (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Bankstown
Stitt, Peter 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Manly
Stokes, Cherie 27/03/1999 Labor Party Wakehurst
Stone, Lorna (Defeated) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Heathcote
Stoner, Andrew (Elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Oxley
Strachan, Neil 27/03/1999 The Greens Upper Hunter
Stroobants, Lee 27/03/1999 Citizens Electoral Council Murrumbidgee
Styles, Lynette 27/03/1999 Independent Southern Highlands
Su, Andrew 27/03/1999 Unity Cabramatta
Swallow, Alicia 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Hornsby
Swift, Matthew 27/03/1999 One Nation Monaro
T Top of Page
Tabart, Tom 27/03/1999 The Greens Tweed
Tadros, Morris 27/03/1999 Independent Marrickville
Tait, Ray 08/12/2001 (by) Labor Party Tamworth
Tang, Annie 27/03/1999 Independent Georges River
Tarlinton, Don 27/03/1999 One Nation Burrinjuck
Taylor, Bob 27/03/1999 Outdoor Recreation Party Maitland
Taylor, David 27/03/1999 One Nation Heffron
Taylor, Glenn 27/03/1999 Labor Party Orange
Taylor, Louise 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Southern Highlands
Taylor, Nola 27/03/1999 The Greens Rockdale
The, Gordon 27/03/1999 Unity Marrickville
Thomas, Brett 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Menai
Thompson, Colin 27/03/1999 One Nation Wallsend
Thompson, George (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Rockdale
Thompson, Jason 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Camden
Thompson, Judith 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Penrith
Thompson, Robert 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Bathurst
Thompson, Scott 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Macquarie Fields
Thorpe, Ray 27/03/1999 Earthsave Lismore
Tiffen, Rebecca 27/03/1999 Timbarra Clean Water Clarence
Tink, Andrew (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Epping
Toal, Leila 27/03/1999 Unity Mount Druitt
Torbay, Richard (Elected) 27/03/1999 Independent Northern Tablelands
Treloar, James 08/12/2001 (by) Independent Tamworth
Tripodi, Joe (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Fairfield
Trubridge, Julia 27/03/1999 Euthanasia Referendum Party Bligh
Tsui, Wai 27/03/1999 Unity Heathcote
Tuffy, Mike 27/03/1999 Labor Party Myall Lakes
Tuor, Peter 27/03/1999 The Greens Davidson
Turner, John (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Myall Lakes
Turner, Russell (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Orange
Tzavellas, Phillip 27/03/1999 Independent Canterbury
U Top of Page
Upton, Change 27/03/1999 Timbarra Clean Water Bligh
Uzunoski, Ilia 27/03/1999 Unity Kogarah
V Top of Page
Vanderwel, Gerard 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Canterbury
Vega, Vlaudin 27/03/1999 The Greens Smithfield
Vescio, Michael 27/03/1999 One Nation Port Jackson
Villa, Richard 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Penrith
Vinnicombe, Bob 27/03/1999 One Nation Fairfield
Vinnicombe, Bob 08/09/2001 (by) Unaffiliated Auburn
Vlug, Peter 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Pittwater
W Top of Page
Wadsworth, David 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Granville
Wales, Debra 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Peats
Walker, Philip 27/03/1999 Liberal Party The Entrance
Walls, Michelle 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Swansea
Walsh, Kate 27/03/1999 The Greens Bankstown
Walsh, Matthew 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Lismore
Wan, Guang-Hua 27/03/1999 Unity Canterbury
Ward, Elise 27/03/1999 Earthsave Ballina
Ward, Mathew 27/03/1999 Timbarra Clean Water Lismore
Wardle, Robert 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Menai
Warn, Melinda 27/03/1999 One Nation South Coast
Watkins, John (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Ryde
Watson, Glenn 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Cabramatta
Watts, Ian 27/03/1999 The Greens Orange
Weatherlake, Ian 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Davidson
Webb, Peter (Elected) 27/03/1999 National Party Monaro
Webeck, John 27/03/1999 One Nation Northern Tablelands
Webeck, Robert 27/03/1999 One Nation Ku-ring-gai
Weckert, Joanna 27/03/1999 The Greens Gosford
Weiner, Haete 27/03/1999 The Greens Vaucluse
West, Graham (Elected) 03/02/2001 (by) Labor Party Campbelltown
Whalen, John 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Kogarah
Whelan, Paul (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Strathfield
White, John 27/03/1999 Non-Custodial Parents Party Murray-Darling
Whitmore, Paul 27/03/1999 Aust. Against Further Immigration Pittwater
Willey, John 27/03/1999 One Nation Oxley
Williams, Alph 27/03/1999 Labor Party Coffs Harbour
Williams, Brigitte 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Oxley
Williams, David 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Newcastle
Williams, Leonie 27/03/1999 The Greens Bathurst
Williams, Nev 27/03/1999 One Nation Mount Druitt
Wilson, Stan 27/03/1999 National Party Bathurst
Wiltshire, Jane 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Swansea
Windsor, Tony (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Independent Tamworth
Witheridge, Sam 27/03/1999 Liberal Party Kogarah
Wong, Cheryl 27/03/1999 Unity Willoughby
Wong, Chris 27/03/1999 Unity Manly
Wong, Joanna 23/02/2002 (by) Australian Democrats Hornsby
Wong, Matthew 27/03/1999 Unity Baulkham Hills
Wood, Guy 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Swansea
Woodger, Janey 03/02/2001 (by) Aust. Against Further Immigration Campbelltown
Woodley, Warren 08/12/2001 (by) Independent Tamworth
Woods, Harry (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Clarence
Wright, Peter 27/03/1999 The Greens Parramatta
Wu, Omega 27/03/1999 Unity Strathfield
Wunsch, Bernie 27/03/1999 Democratic Socialists Lismore
Wyness, Joseph 27/03/1999 Christian Democrats Mount Druitt
Y Top of Page
Yakup, Fatia 27/03/1999 Unity Auburn
Yeadon, Kim (Re-elected) 27/03/1999 Labor Party Granville
Yoo, Sung 27/03/1999 Unity Epping
York, Alec 27/03/1999 Australian Democrats Clarence
Yue, Kit 27/03/1999 Unity Wollongong
Z Top of Page
Zeitoun, Anthony 27/03/1999 One Nation Strathfield
Zhang, Xiaogang 27/03/1999 Unity Hornsby
Zylber, Gregor 27/03/1999 Euthanasia Referendum Party Vaucluse