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Candidate Date Party District
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Abadee, Phillip Leon 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Maroubra
Adam, Jane Louise 19/03/1988 Independent Drummoyne
Akister, John Edward (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Monaro
Allan, Pamela Diane (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Wentworthville
Allen, Rodney Elkington 19/03/1988 Independent Maitland
Allen, Terence Joseph 19/03/1988 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Almalah, Saleh Sabih 19/03/1988 Independent Lakemba
Amery, Richard Sanderson (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Riverstone
Anderson, John Michael 19/03/1988 Call to Australia Gosford
Anderson, Keith 01/09/1990 (by) Independent The Hills
Anderson, Peter (Elected) 29/04/1989 (by) Labor Party Liverpool
Anderson, Peter Thomas (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Penrith
Andrews, Allan (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Heathcote
Antrum, Michael 01/09/1990 (by) Australian Democrats The Hills
Aquilina, Anthony Saviour (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Mulgoa
Aquilina, John Joseph (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Blacktown
Archer, Ernest 19/03/1988 Independent Bass Hill
Arja, Mohamad Ahmad 19/03/1988 Independent Lakemba
Arkell, Francis Neville (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Independent Wollongong
Armstrong, Ian Morton (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Lachlan
Aston, Raymond William (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Atkins, David 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Broken Hill
Aubrey, Ross 19/03/1988 Labor Party Bligh
Axford, Norm 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Bass Hill
Axtens, Jon Mackay 19/03/1988 Independent Lismore
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Bach, Michael Francis 19/03/1988 Liberal Party McKell
Baird, Bruce George (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Northcott
Baker, Andrew Meredith 19/03/1988 Labor Party Myall Lakes
Baker, Kevin James 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Kiama
Barakat, Ray 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Marrickville
Baric, Dianne 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Barron, Keith 23/06/1990 (by) Call to Australia Granville
Barron, Keith Thomas 19/03/1988 Call to Australia Granville
Barry, Christopher 19/03/1988 Independent McKell
Bateson, Catherine 23/06/1990 (by) Australian Democrats Smithfield
Batton, Robert William 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Lakemba
Beck, Donald Frederick (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Murwillumbah
Beckroge, William Harmon (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Broken Hill
Berriman, Mark 23/06/1990 (by) The Greens Heffron
Berry, David John (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Bathurst
Betts, Sally Lyn 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Waverley
Bielefeld, Ivan John 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Tamworth
Blakey, Peter Stephen 19/03/1988 Labor Party North Shore
Bolgoff, Michel 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Granville
Books, John Cameron (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Parramatta
Booth, Anna Christina 19/03/1988 Labor Party Ku-Ring-Gai
Booth, John David (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Booth, Kenneth George (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Wallsend
Bowman, Donald John (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Swansea
Bradley, Lindsay 17/12/1988 (by) Independent Wallsend
Brereton, Laurie (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Heffron
Britt, Anthony Thomas 19/03/1988 Labor Party Pittwater
Brock, Margaret Elizabeth 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Liverpool
Brown, Ian Metcalfe 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Keira
Brown, Ivor William 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Ballina
Brown, Ronald Mackintosh 19/03/1988 Independent Camden
Brownlow, Thomas Anthony 19/03/1988 Labor Party Cronulla
Bryant, Joseph Richard 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Minchinbury
Buchanan, John Evans 19/03/1988 Independent Coogee
Burch, Geoffrey Owen 19/03/1988 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Burge, Peter Alan 19/03/1988 Call to Australia South Coast
Burnum, Burnum 05/11/1988 (by) Australian Democrats North Shore
Butler, Gregory William 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Southern Highlands
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Caine, Milton Clive 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Waratah
Calabro, Francesco 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Macquarie Fields
Carling, Brian 19/03/1988 Independent Charlestown
Carr, Robert John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Maroubra
Carver, Peter George 19/03/1988 Liberal Party East Hills
Cassimatis, Jack 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Marrickville
Caterson, Frederick Douglas Claude (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party The Hills
Causley, Ian Raymond (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Clarence
Cavalier, Rodney (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Gladesville
Chappell, Raymond Francis (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Northern Tablelands
Chestnut, Gary John 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Gosford
Christie, Robert William (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Seven Hills
Clarke, Bruce 03/11/1990 (by) Labor Party Coffs Harbour
Cleary, Michael Arthur (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Coogee
Clough, Ralph James (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Bathurst
Cochran, Peter (Elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Monaro
Cohen, Anne Margaret (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Minchinbury
Cole, William 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Balmain
Coleman, Bruce 01/09/1990 (by) Call to Australia The Hills
Collier, David Shelton 19/03/1988 Independent Mulgoa
Collins, Peter Edward (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Middle Harbour
Connelly, Julian 03/11/1990 (by) Australian Democrats Macquarie Fields
Conway, Casey 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Costa, Dorothy 19/03/1988 Socialist Party Canterbury
Courtney, Geoffrey Owen 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Balmain
Cousins, Kevin Leslie 19/03/1988 Independent Maitland
Crane, Beverley Anne 19/03/1988 Labor Party Vaucluse
Craven, Lenore 01/09/1990 (by) Labor Party The Hills
Craven, Lenore Christine 19/03/1988 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Crawford, Peter Thomson (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Balmain
Creighton, Innes 05/11/1988 (by) Independent Port Stephens
Cridland, Kathleen May 19/03/1988 Independent Seven Hills
Crook, Ian 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Wyong
Crosio, Janice (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Smithfield
Cruickshank, Adrian John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Murrumbidgee
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Dalton, Arthur George 19/03/1988 Independent Port Stephens
Dalton, Arthur George 05/11/1988 (by) Independent Port Stephens
Dalton, Lynne 03/11/1990 (by) Independent Coffs Harbour
Davoren, Westby James (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Lakemba
Dawes, Max 03/11/1990 (by) Independent Coffs Harbour
Day, Mary 19/03/1988 Independent North Shore
Day, William David 19/03/1988 Labor Party Clarence
Deane, Susan Margaret 19/03/1988 Labor Party The Hills
Debus, Robert John (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Devine, Barry Clive 19/03/1988 Independent Heffron
Dickens, Russell Keith 19/03/1988 Independent Seven Hills
Dodd, Michael 19/03/1988 Independent Camden
Dodkin, Marilyn 19/03/1988 Labor Party Middle Harbour
Donovan, James 19/03/1988 Socialist Party Marrickville
Donovan, Linda 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Swansea
Dowd, John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Down, Pam 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Burragorang
Downy, Chris (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Sutherland
Doyle, Anthony Kenneth (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Peats
Drew, John Francis 19/03/1988 Labor Party Northcott
Drysdale, Robyn Anne 19/03/1988 Labor Party South Coast
Duffus, Scott 19/03/1988 Independent Penrith
Dunkerley, Christopher 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Eastwood
Dunkley, Graham Clive 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Maitland
E Top of Page
Edwards, Di 19/03/1988 Independent Ballina
Edwards, Walt 19/03/1988 Independent Lake Macquarie
El Sadik, Mohamad 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Lakemba
Ezzy, Allan Gordon 19/03/1988 Independent Wentworthville
F Top of Page
Face, Jack Richard (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Charlestown
Fahey, John Joseph (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Southern Highlands
Farrell, James Anthony 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Drummoyne
Faulks, Ian John 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats McKell
Fennell, Ron 19/03/1988 Independent Lake Macquarie
Ferguson, Laurie Donald (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Granville
Ferguson, Ronald John 19/03/1988 National Party Bega
Fetterplace, Gordon Karl 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Camden
Field, Anne Elizabeth 19/03/1988 Independent Kogarah
Finch, Jeremy 19/03/1988 Independent Campbelltown
Forbes, Bruce Whitfield 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Blue Mountains
Ford, Glenn John 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Smithfield
Franks, Patricia Margaret 19/03/1988 Independent Keira
Fraser, Andrew (Elected) 03/11/1990 (by) National Party Coffs Harbour
Fraser, Dawn (Elected) 19/03/1988 Independent Balmain
G Top of Page
Gabb, Ken (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Earlwood
Gair, Thomas Duncan 19/03/1988 Independent Southern Highlands
Galea, Paul 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Gallen, Kenneth Roy 19/03/1988 Labor Party Lismore
Gemmell, Bob 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Rockdale
Gibbs, Stanley Frank 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Lismore
Gibson, Paul Bernard (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Londonderry
Giegerl, Beverley 19/03/1988 Independent Georges River
Glachan, Ian (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Albury
Gore, Allan George 19/03/1988 Independent Fairfield
Graham, Ray 19/03/1988 Labor Party Davidson
Graham, Robert Leslie (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party The Entrance
Gration, Laurence 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Coogee
Green, Allan Victor 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Blacktown
Green, Colleen Mary 19/03/1988 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Green, Eric 19/03/1988 Independent Pittwater
Greenaway, Knox Warwick 19/03/1988 Independent Myall Lakes
Greiner, Nicholas Frank (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Ku-Ring-Gai
Griffiths, Terence Allan (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Georges River
Grigg, Brian 19/03/1988 Call to Australia Penrith
Grigg, Brian 23/06/1990 (by) Call to Australia Smithfield
Gronow, Peter Letson 19/03/1988 Independent Drummoyne
Grusovin, Deirdre (Elected) 23/06/1990 (by) Labor Party Heffron
H Top of Page
Hadchiti, John 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Auburn
Hamilton, Bernadette Margaret 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Heffron
Hancock, Terrence 19/03/1988 Labor Party Coffs Harbour
Hand, Larry 19/03/1988 Community Independents Balmain
Handbury, Chris 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Monaro
Harrison, Patricia Lesley 19/03/1988 Independent Peats
Harrison, Robert Joseph (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Kiama
Hartcher, Christopher Peter (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Gosford
Hatton, John Edward (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Independent South Coast
Hay, David Aberdeen (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Manly
Hayne, Douglas Leslie 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Mulgoa
Heggie, Maria 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Cabramatta
Hendley, Sheena Maree 19/03/1988 Independent Ashfield
Hennessy, Peter Gerard 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Ashfield
Henry, Helen Margaret 19/03/1988 Independent Newcastle
Hooper, Gregory Philip 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Wentworthville
Hunter, Mervyn Leslie (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
Hurst, Graeme 19/03/1988 Liberal Party South Coast
I Top of Page
Iffland, Anthony Francis 19/03/1988 Labor Party Miranda
Irwin, Geoffrey Stewart (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Fairfield
Issa, Tony 23/06/1990 (by) Independent Granville
J Top of Page
Jaeger, Trevor 19/03/1988 Labor Party Orange
Jamieson, Ronald James 19/03/1988 Independent Pittwater
Jarvis, Christine 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Fairfield
Jeans, Simon Charles 19/03/1988 Labor Party Gordon
Jeffery, Bruce Leslie (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Port Macquarie
Jessup, Kenneth 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Riverstone
Jobson, Barry 29/04/1989 (by) Socialist Labour League Liverpool
Jones, Bill 19/03/1988 Independent Lake Macquarie
K Top of Page
Kazan, Tony 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Keane, Maurice Francis (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Sutherland
Keegan, Ernest George (Elected) 19/03/1988 Independent Newcastle
Keegan, Terrence Herbert 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Auburn
Kelly, Bernard Vincent 19/03/1988 Labor Party Murray
Kelly, Lawrence Borthwick (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Wollongong
Kerr, Malcolm John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Cronulla
Kleinig, Janis Evan 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Klugman, Jenifer Gay 19/03/1988 Labor Party Carlingford
Knight, Michael Steven (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Campbelltown
Knowles, Craig (Elected) 03/11/1990 (by) Labor Party Macquarie Fields
Knowles, Stanley Alfred (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Macquarie Fields
Knowles, Violet Maud 19/03/1988 Call to Australia Illawarra
L Top of Page
Langdon, Irene Mary 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Bathurst
Langton, Brian Joseph (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Kogarah
Lardelli, Mick 19/03/1988 Independent Gladesville
Laver, Philip 17/12/1988 (by) Independent Wallsend
Lawarik, Anthony 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Northern Tablelands
Leembruggen, Anne Elizabeth 19/03/1988 Independent Ashfield
Leigh-Jones, Matthew 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Manly
Lennon, Mark Roy 19/03/1988 Labor Party Strathfield
Levett, Rodney Allan 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Parramatta
Lewis, Richard John 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Campbelltown
Lloyd, Judith Ann 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Charlestown
Loew, Joan Kathleen 19/03/1988 Independent Hurstville
Logan, Colleen 19/03/1988 Labor Party Eastwood
Longley, James Alan (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Pittwater
Lovelee, William Thomas (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Bass Hill
Lucas, Gary 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Lucas, Gregory William 19/03/1988 Labor Party Minchinbury
Lucas, Roger 19/03/1988 Labor Party Goulburn
Lyons, Peter Anthony 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Castlereagh
M Top of Page
Macdonald, Lisa 23/06/1990 (by) The Greens Granville
Machin, Wendy Susan (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Manning
Mack, Edward Carrington (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Independent North Shore
MacLennan, Graeme 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Pittwater
Maddox, Jack Albert 19/03/1988 Independent Kogarah
Mair, Harold (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Albury
Mantova, Graham Arthur 19/03/1988 Labor Party Dubbo
Manuel, Jean Maree 19/03/1988 Independent Sutherland
Markham, Colin William (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Keira
Martin, Bob (Re-elected) 05/11/1988 (by) Labor Party Port Stephens
Martin, Margaret 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Coogee
Martin, Robert Douglas (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Port Stephens
Masters, John Lucca 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Wollongong
Matheson, Guy Kevin (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Penrith
McCabe, Derek James 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Maitland
McCaughey, James Keith 19/03/1988 Labor Party Murwillumbah
McClelland, Robert Bruce 19/03/1988 Labor Party Hurstville
McClenaghan, Kenneth Bruce 19/03/1988 Labor Party Northern Tablelands
McGowan, Brian Hamilton (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party The Entrance
McIlwaine, Garry David (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Ryde
McIntosh, Mervyn 19/03/1988 National Party Albury
McKenzie, Kirk 05/11/1988 (by) Labor Party North Shore
McManus, Ian (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Burragorang
Meers, Heather Marjorie 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Waverley
Merton, Wayne Ashley (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Carlingford
Metherell, Terry Alan (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Davidson
Meyer, Brian Stuart 19/03/1988 Independent Georges River
Milgate, Stephen Alwyn 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Kogarah
Mills, John (Elected) 17/12/1988 (by) Labor Party Wallsend
Mooney, Thomas Hilton 19/03/1988 Labor Party Ballina
Moore, Clover (Elected) 19/03/1988 Independent Bligh
Moore, Harry Frank (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Wyong
Moore, Timothy John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Gordon
Morizzi, Joe 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Fairfield
Morris, Barry John (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Blue Mountains
Moss, Kevin (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Canterbury
Muller, Stephen 19/03/1988 Independent Coogee
Murphy, John Peter 19/03/1988 Labor Party Port Macquarie
Murray, John Henry (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Drummoyne
Murray, Wallace Telford John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Barwon
N Top of Page
Nagle, Peter Richard (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Auburn
Neilly, Stanley Thomas (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Cessnock
Newman, Amelia 23/06/1990 (by) Australian Democrats Heffron
Newman, Amelia Josephine 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Myall Lakes
Newman, John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Cabramatta
Nguyen-Quang, Duy 19/03/1988 Independent Cabramatta
Nichols, Denis 19/03/1988 Labor Party Newcastle
Nicholson, John Theodore 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Bega
Nori, Sandra Christine (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party McKell
O Top of Page
Oldfield, Ted 19/03/1988 Independent Cabramatta
Oldfield, Ted 23/06/1990 (by) Independent Smithfield
Olson, Mark Andrew 19/03/1988 National Party Broken Hill
O'Reilly, Kevin Denis 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Ashfield
Owen, Dennis John 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Illawarra
Owen, Michael Joseph (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Bass Hill
P Top of Page
Paciullo, George (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Liverpool
Packard, Tony (Elected) 01/09/1990 (by) Liberal Party The Hills
Page, Donald Loftus (Elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Ballina
Page, Ernest Thomas (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Waverley
Papadakis, Victoria 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Canterbury
Park, Ernest Noel (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Tamworth
Pascale, Tony 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Patterson, Leslie John 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Campbelltown
Pawley, Michael Bernard 19/03/1988 Independent Wakehurst
Peacocke, Gerald Beresford (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Dubbo
Pearson, Angus Alexander 19/03/1988 Independent Murwillumbah
Pederson, Norma 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Coffs Harbour
Pendlebury, Jack Wallace 19/03/1988 Independent Heathcote
Perkins, Peter 19/03/1988 Independent Macquarie Fields
Perkins, Peter 29/04/1989 (by) Socialist Alliance Liverpool
Perrin, George 19/03/1988 Independent Port Stephens
Perry, Ian 19/03/1988 Independent Penrith
Petch, Ivan (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Gladesville
Petersen, George (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Illawarra Workers Party Illawarra
Peterson, Murray 19/03/1988 Call to Australia Lakemba
Phillips, John 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Phillips, Mathew Jon 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Maroubra
Phillips, Ronald Anthony Thomas (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Miranda
Photios, Michael Stephen (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Ryde
Pickard, Neil Edward William (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Hornsby
Pickering, William Francis 19/03/1988 Independent Georges River
Pickford, Giles 19/03/1988 Independent Keira
Pike, Trevor 03/11/1990 (by) Australian Democrats Coffs Harbour
Pitty, Hugh 19/03/1988 Nuclear Disarmament Party Gladesville
Ponting, Margaret 19/03/1988 Independent McKell
Potter, Roy 01/09/1990 (by) Independent The Hills
Poularas, Emmanuel Michael 19/03/1988 Independent Wentworthville
Presdee, Peter Kevin 19/03/1988 Labor Party Heathcote
Price, John Charles (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Waratah
Primrose, Peter Thomas (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Camden
Provan, Carol Ann 19/03/1988 Independent Cronulla
Provis, Ross Vincent 19/03/1988 Independent Barwon
R Top of Page
Read, Robyn (Elected) 05/11/1988 (by) Independent North Shore
Rees, David 03/11/1990 (by) Independent Coffs Harbour
Refshauge, Andrew (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Marrickville
Richardson, Fiona 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Gordon
Ridding, Ernest Francis 19/03/1988 Independent McKell
Ritchie, Paul Douglas 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Canterbury
Rixon, Barry William (Elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Lismore
Roberts, Graham Henry 19/03/1988 Illawarra Workers Party Wollongong
Roberts, Richard Copeland 19/03/1988 Independent Bega
Roberts, Robert Gordon (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Cessnock
Robertson, Christine Mary 19/03/1988 Labor Party Tamworth
Robinson, Leonard 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Seven Hills
Rogan, Patrick Allan (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party East Hills
Routledge, Robert 19/03/1988 Independent Rockdale
Routley, Cheryl Gaye 19/03/1988 Independent Campbelltown
Rozzoli, Kevin Richard (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Rumble, Terrence John (Elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Illawarra
Ryan, John Francis 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Camden
Ryan, Kevin James 19/03/1988 Independent Bankstown
S Top of Page
Samuels, Val 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Sansom, Anthony Neil 19/03/1988 Labor Party Gosford
Sartor, Frank 19/03/1988 Independent McKell
Saunders, Ashley 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Newcastle
Saunders, Geoffrey Lewis 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Londonderry
Saunders, Leslie John 19/03/1988 Labor Party Lachlan
Schipp, Joseph John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Schrader, Virginia 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Auburn
Schultz, Albert John (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Burrinjuck
Scott, Walter Robert 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Port Stephens
Scott, Walter Robert 05/11/1988 (by) Liberal Party Port Stephens
Scully, Carl (Elected) 23/06/1990 (by) Labor Party Smithfield
Shanahan, John Joseph 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Ashfield
Sheahan, Terence William (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Burrinjuck
Shedden, Douglas James (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Bankstown
Sheerin, Clive Arthur 19/03/1988 Independent Camden
Short, Leslie Noel 19/03/1988 Independent Macquarie Fields
Short, Noel 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
Short, Noel 03/11/1990 (by) Independent Macquarie Fields
Simpson, Shane Terrence 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Swansea
Singleton, Matthew (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Coffs Harbour
Skinner, Jillian 05/11/1988 (by) Liberal Party North Shore
Skinner, Jillian Gell 19/03/1988 Liberal Party North Shore
Sloman, John Stephen 19/03/1988 Independent McKell
Small, James Richard (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Murray
Smiles, Phillip Murray (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Mosman
Smith, Gregory Reynolds 19/03/1988 Labor Party Manly
Smith, Russell Harold (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Bega
Snelgrove, Desmond James 19/03/1988 National Party Cessnock
Snow, Arthur John 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Heathcote
Souris, George (Elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Upper Hunter
Springett, Robert Charles 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Ryde
Stainton, Gary William 19/03/1988 Labor Party Lane Cove
Stanhope, Catherine Ruth 19/03/1988 Labor Party Mosman
Stephens, Peter Buckingham 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Macquarie Fields
Stocker, Paul 17/12/1988 (by) Independent Wallsend
Stubbins, Edward Keith 19/03/1988 Labor Party Barwon
Sutton, Julie 19/03/1988 Independent Davidson
Swadling, Dennis Daniel 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Peats
Syme, Don 29/04/1989 (by) Independent Liverpool
T Top of Page
Thompson, Bruce Duncan 19/03/1988 Call to Australia Bligh
Tink, Andrew (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Eastwood
Torzsok, Sandor 23/06/1990 (by) Independent Smithfield
Tracey, Robert Lance 19/03/1988 Independent Maroubra
Tuite, John William 19/03/1988 Labor Party Manning
Turner, John Harcourt (Elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Myall Lakes
U Top of Page
Unsworth, Barrie (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Rockdale
Utterson, William George 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Wentworthville
V Top of Page
Varidel, Beville 23/06/1990 (by) Call to Australia Heffron
Varidel, Beville Reginald 19/03/1988 Call to Australia Camden
Voorbij, Michael Frans 19/03/1988 Independent Hornsby
W Top of Page
Walker, Francis John (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Georges River
Walsh, Allan Peter (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Maitland
Walsh, Michael 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Marrickville
Ward, Jane Elizabeth 19/03/1988 Independent Balmain
Ware, Robert Albert 19/03/1988 Labor Party Bega
Watkin, Nigel Vaughan 19/03/1988 Labor Party Southern Highlands
Webster, Patricia Isabel 19/03/1988 Independent Balmain
Webster, Robert (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Goulburn
Webster, Thomas Stephen 19/03/1988 Labor Party Wakehurst
Wells, Alan Graeme 19/03/1988 Labor Party Hornsby
Welsh, Ivan Joseph (Elected) 19/03/1988 Independent Swansea
West, Garry Bruce (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Orange
Whelan, Paul Francis (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Ashfield
White, Philip John (Elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Earlwood
Wilde, Barry (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Labor Party Parramatta
Williams, Jeff 03/11/1990 (by) Call to Australia Coffs Harbour
Williams, Michael Francis 19/03/1988 Labor Party Castlereagh
Wilson, Claud Stanley 19/03/1988 National Party Bathurst
Wilson, Desmond John 19/03/1988 Independent Londonderry
Wilson, Peter Edward 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Wallsend
Wilson, Simon 19/03/1988 Independent Camden
Wood, Richard Boyne 19/03/1988 National Party Burrinjuck
Wood, Robert 05/11/1988 (by) Nuclear Disarmament Party North Shore
Woodman, Marjorie Jane 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Strathfield
Woods, Peter Robert 19/03/1988 Independent Drummoyne
Wotton, Roger Corfield Anson (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 National Party Castlereagh
Y Top of Page
Yabsley, Michael Robert (Defeated) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Bligh
Yabsley, Michael Robert (Elected) 06/06/1988 (by) Liberal Party Vaucluse
Yates, Ian 19/03/1988 Independent EFF Rockdale
Yeadon, Kim (Elected) 23/06/1990 (by) Labor Party Granville
Yeomans, Guy Andrew (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Hurstville
Young, Bob 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Bankstown
Z Top of Page
Zammit, Paul John (Re-elected) 19/03/1988 Liberal Party Strathfield
Zingarelli, Joseph Albert 19/03/1988 Australian Democrats Bligh