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Candidate Date Party District
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Abbas, Amin 24/03/2007 - Rockdale
Abdulla, Zarif 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Bankstown
Abrahams, Barbara 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Swansea
Adair, Michele 24/03/2007 Independent Oatley
Allen, Darryl 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Castle Hill
Allen, Mick 24/03/2007 Independent Macquarie Fields
Amery, Richard (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Mount Druitt
Anderson, Kevin 24/03/2007 Nationals Tamworth
Andrews, Marie (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Gosford
Annesley, Graham 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Miranda
Aplin, Greg (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Albury
Aquilina, John (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Riverstone
Armstrong, Hilda 24/03/2007 Independent Newcastle
Arneman, Jim 24/03/2007 Labor Party Port Stephens
Ashton, Alan (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party East Hills
Atkins, Ronald 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Riverstone
Au, Jack 24/03/2007 Unity Auburn
Aussie-Stone, Marcus 24/03/2007 Independent Keira
Ayres, Anthony 24/03/2007 Unity Maroubra
Azel, Lesleyanne 24/03/2007 Save Our Suburbs Rockdale
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Baalbergen, Arie 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Lane Cove
Babakhan, Martin 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Newcastle
Bailey, John 24/03/2007 Greens Ballina
Baird, Mike (Elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Manly
Baissari, Sam 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Toongabbie
Baker, Martin 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Oatley
Barnes, Clinton 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Davidson
Barr, David (Defeated) 24/03/2007 Independent Manly
Bassett, Bart 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Londonderry
Baumann, Craig (Elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Port Stephens
Beamer, Diane (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Mulgoa
Beattie, Linda 24/03/2007 Labor Party Willoughby
Begg, David 24/03/2007 Outdoor Recreation Terrigal
Behn, Doug 24/03/2007 Independent Clarence
Belgrave, Leon 24/03/2007 Independent Camden
Bell, Peter 24/03/2007 Greens Ryde
Belleli, Robert 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Maroubra
Bennell, Kirsten 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Maroubra
Berejiklian, Gladys (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Willoughby
Bergman, Michael 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Epping
Best, Greg 24/03/2007 Independent Wyong
Bhatt, Neerav 24/03/2007 Greens Menai
Bible, Vanessa 24/03/2007 Greens Northern Tablelands
Bilic, George 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Mount Druitt
Black, Peter (Defeated) 24/03/2007 Country Labor Murray-Darling
Blackmore, Peter 24/03/2007 Independent Maitland
Bodell, Darren 24/03/2007 Greens Barwon
Bolt, Therese 24/03/2007 Greens Kogarah
Borger, David (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Granville
Botting, Kate 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Lane Cove
Bowen, Chris 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Camden
Boyd, Flora 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Ballina
Boyd, Julie 24/03/2007 Independent Tweed
Boydell, Pat 24/03/2007 Labor Party Pittwater
Brandreth, Kate 24/03/2007 Greens Keira
Brett, John 24/03/2007 Independent Miranda
Bridge, Garth 24/03/2007 Fishing Party Kiama
Briscoe-Hough, Greg 24/03/2007 Independent Oatley
Brock, David 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat North Shore
Brookes, Glenn 24/03/2007 Liberal Party East Hills
Brooks, Simon 24/03/2007 Greens Bankstown
Brown, Geoff 24/03/2007 Independent Penrith
Brown, Matt (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Kiama
Buchtmann, Chris 24/03/2007 Independent Camden
Buckingham, Jeremy 24/03/2007 Greens Orange
Buckley, Wess 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Bega
Bunt, Rob 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Miranda
Burnett, Jack 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Kiama
Burney, Linda (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Canterbury
Burton, Cherie (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Kogarah
Butler, Peter 24/03/2007 Greens Macquarie Fields
Byrne, Charles 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Pittwater
Byrne, Fiona 24/03/2007 Greens Marrickville
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Cai, Benjamin 24/03/2007 Unity Strathfield
Caine, Milton 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Wallsend
Campbell, David (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Keira
Campbell, Nicole 24/03/2007 Labor Party Epping
Cansdell, Steve (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Clarence
Carey, Norman 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Toongabbie
Carfield, George 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Keira
Carney, Bill 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Strathfield
Carruthers, Peter 24/03/2007 Greens Murrumbidgee
Cashman, Bill 24/03/2007 Greens Liverpool
Chavez, Patricio 24/03/2007 Labor Party Wakehurst
Chavura, Stephen 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat East Hills
Chedid, John 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Parramatta
Chehoff, Michael 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Wollongong
Chen, Grace 24/03/2007 Unity Marrickville
Chijoff, Karen 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Mulgoa
Chin, Kevin 24/03/2007 Unity Ryde
Chinnock, Wilma 24/03/2007 Labor Party Bega
Choyce, Imanuel 24/03/2007 Unity Sydney
Clancy, Lisa 24/03/2007 Labor Party Myall Lakes
Clyburn, Mark 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Menai
Cogan, James 24/03/2007 - Heffron
Coghlan, Laurie 24/03/2007 Independent Swansea
Collier, Barry (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Miranda
Collins, John 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Menai
Conna, James 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Fairfield
Conolly, Kevin 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Riverstone
Constance, Andrew (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Bega
Constance, Paul 24/03/2007 Labor Party Cronulla
Coombs, Robert (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Swansea
Copas, Stacey 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Campbelltown
Corrigan, Frank 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Macquarie Fields
Corrigan, Geoff (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Camden
Costa, Phil (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Wollondilly
Cronin, Alan 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Canterbury
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Dakin, Geoffrey 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Mulgoa
Dale, Francis 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration East Hills
Daley, Michael (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Maroubra
Dalrymple, Garry 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Lakemba
D'Amore, Angela (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Drummoyne
Darling, Alex 24/03/2007 Independent Shellharbour
Davies, Dallas 24/03/2007 Fishing Party Wallsend
Davis, Jan 24/03/2007 Greens Maitland
Davis, John 24/03/2007 Independent Orange
Day, Roy 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Willoughby
De Voogd, Jan 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat North Shore
Debnam, Peter (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Dedman, Ross 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Londonderry
Degens, Rodney 24/03/2007 Greens Coffs Harbour
Dillon, Meryl 24/03/2007 Country Labor Barwon
Dobson, Rex 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration South Coast
Donayre, Christine 24/03/2007 Greens Canterbury
Donnelly, Judy 24/03/2007 Greens Myall Lakes
Doriean, Melanie 24/03/2007 Labor Party Ballina
Dorman, Bill 24/03/2007 Greens Goulburn
Dowman, Peter 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Granville
Draper, Peter (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Independent Tamworth
Duffy, Kevin 24/03/2007 Country Labor Orange
Duncan, Malcolm 24/03/2007 Independent Sydney
Dwight, Robert 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Blue Mountains
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Eckersley, Charmian 24/03/2007 Greens Port Stephens
Edwards, Garry 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Swansea
El Khouri, Peter 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Kogarah
Elliott-Rudder, Glenn 24/03/2007 Country Labor Wagga Wagga
Ellis, Bryan 24/03/2007 Save Our Suburbs Gosford
Ellis, Mark 24/03/2007 Save Our Suburbs Terrigal
Evans, Lee 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Heathcote
Eve-Macleod, Martine 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Marrickville
Evic, Gerry 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Coffs Harbour
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F, Ivor 24/03/2007 Independent Blacktown
Fallon, Peter 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Hornsby
Fardell, Dawn (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Independent Dubbo
Fares, Lenny 24/03/2007 Independent Wollongong
Feinbier, Samantha 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Miranda
Feinbier, Warren 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Cronulla
Findley, Amanda 24/03/2007 Greens South Coast
Firth, Verity (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Balmain
Flanagan, Carol 24/03/2007 Greens Castle Hill
Flegg, Jonathon 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Coogee
Foley, Mervyn 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Castle Hill
Forde, Jessica 24/03/2007 Country Labor Burrinjuck
Forrest, Shauna 24/03/2007 Greens Lane Cove
Forrester, John 24/03/2007 Greens Blacktown
Fowler, Colin 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Wollongong
Fragiacomo, Frank 24/03/2007 Independent Monaro
Fraser, Andrew (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Coffs Harbour
Fraser, Nola 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Macquarie Fields
Fyfe, Iain 24/03/2007 Greens Burrinjuck
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Gadiel, Tanya (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Parramatta
Gage, Paul 24/03/2007 Greens Oatley
Gallagher, Mick 24/03/2007 Independent Hornsby
Gardiner, Anne 24/03/2007 Greens Maroubra
Gardyne, Brian 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Oxley
Garrard, Paul 24/03/2007 Independent Granville
Garson, Patrick 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Strathfield
Gaudry, Bryce (Defeated) 24/03/2007 - Newcastle
Gayed, Hany 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Macquarie Fields
Gebilagin, Lizza 24/03/2007 Greens Fairfield
Gelling, Ian 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Liverpool
Gemmell, Susie 24/03/2007 Greens Ku-ring-gai
Geoghegan, Bob 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Maitland
George, Thomas (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Lismore
Gesling, Bernie 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Blacktown
Gestakovska, Lili 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Rockdale
Gibson, Paul (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Blacktown
Giles, Patricia 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Pittwater
Goh, Godwin 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Baulkham Hills
Goldfinch, Peter 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Ryde
Goodlass, Ray 24/03/2007 Greens Wagga Wagga
Gough, Andy 24/03/2007 Greens Lismore
Goward, Pru (Elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Goulburn
Grant, George 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Gosford
Gray, Roger 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Oatley
Green, Andrew 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Penrith
Green, Paul 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat South Coast
Greene, Kevin (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Oatley
Gruener, Edeltraud 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Drummoyne
Gruener, Furgen 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Ryde
Gutierrez, Rodrigo 24/03/2007 Greens Cabramatta
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Habib, Mamdouh 24/03/2007 Independent Auburn
Hall, Elizabeth 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Liverpool
Hamilton, Neil 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Manly
Hancock, Shelley (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party South Coast
Harris, Chris 24/03/2007 Greens Sydney
Harris, Conny 24/03/2007 Greens Wakehurst
Harris, David (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Wyong
Hartcher, Chris (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Terrigal
Havyatt, David 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Epping
Hay, Noreen (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Wollongong
Hay, Tony 24/03/2007 Labor Party Baulkham Hills
Hayes, Kay 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Terrigal
Hayes, Monica 24/03/2007 Labor Party Port Macquarie
Hazzard, Brad (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Hede, David 24/03/2007 Independent Bega
Hendry, Tim 24/03/2007 Greens Parramatta
Heng, Esther 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Willoughby
Hennelly, Paul 24/03/2007 Fishing Party Port Stephens
Hennien, Ehab 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Canterbury
Herington, James 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Wallsend
Heuston, Stan 24/03/2007 - Tamworth
Hickey, Kerry (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Cessnock
Higgins, Margaret 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Port Stephens
Hilton, Sharryn 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Wollondilly
Hinman, Pip 24/03/2007 Socialist Alliance Marrickville
Hitchen, Tricia 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Penrith
Ho, Marcus 24/03/2007 Unity Kogarah
Ho, William 24/03/2007 Unity Lane Cove
Hodge, Leonard 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Lake Macquarie
Hodge, Philip 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Bega
Hodgkinson, Katrina (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Burrinjuck
Hollingshed, Trevor 24/03/2007 Nationals Cessnock
Holmes, Stuart 24/03/2007 Labor Party Oxley
Holstein, Chris 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Gosford
Holt, Noel 24/03/2007 - Newcastle
Hopwood, Judy (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Hornsby
Horan, Tim 24/03/2007 Independent Barwon
Hornery, Sonia (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Wallsend
Hough, Adrian 24/03/2007 Country Labor Dubbo
Howden, Jocelyn 24/03/2007 Greens Hawkesbury
Howe, Craig 24/03/2007 Independent Clarence
Hughes, David 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Goulburn
Humphries, Kevin (Elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Barwon
Hunt, Geraldine 24/03/2007 Greens Wollondilly
Hunter, Jeff (Defeated) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
Huseyin, Ozlem 24/03/2007 Unity Drummoyne
Hutabarat, Simon 24/03/2007 Independent Newcastle
Hyde, Jane 24/03/2007 Independent Balmain
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Iemma, Morris (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Lakemba
Ihram, Silma 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Auburn
J Top of Page
Jarecki, Sheryl 24/03/2007 Greens Riverstone
Jiang, Bill 24/03/2007 Unity Blacktown
Johanson, Georgina 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Wakehurst
Johnston, Ian 24/03/2007 Independent Hornsby
Jones, Terry 24/03/2007 Greens Terrigal
Jones, Trevor 24/03/2007 Greens Wollongong
Jongen, Theo 24/03/2007 Greens Clarence
Judge, Virginia (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Strathfield
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Kadwell, John 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Kiama
Kam, Cherie 24/03/2007 Unity Willoughby
Kelly, Mary 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Heathcote
Kelly, Phillip 24/03/2007 Nationals Northern Tablelands
Kendall, Jim 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Charlestown
Keneally, Kristina (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Heffron
Kennedy, David 24/03/2007 Labor Party Coffs Harbour
Kennedy, Tom 24/03/2007 Independent Murray-Darling
Kerr, Malcolm (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Cronulla
Khoshaba, Ninos (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Smithfield
Kidd, Michael 24/03/2007 Country Labor Murrumbidgee
King, Will 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Tweed
Kingsley, Mark 24/03/2007 Labor Party Clarence
Kingsmill, John 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Epping
Kitson, David 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Davidson
Koperberg, Phil (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Kuniansky, Joanne 24/03/2007 - Lakemba
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Lanyon, Peter 24/03/2007 Labor Party Lismore
Lawrence, Sebria 24/03/2007 Greens Bathurst
Lawrie, Gavin 24/03/2007 Independent Tweed
Lecky, Jennifer 24/03/2007 Country Labor Upper Hunter
Lee, John 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Newcastle
Lee, Peter 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Swansea
Lentern, Jo-Anne 24/03/2007 Greens Davidson
Levine, Martin 24/03/2007 Independent Epping
Li, Yan 24/03/2007 Unity Baulkham Hills
Lin, Sheng 24/03/2007 Unity Castle Hill
Lions, Deborah 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Coffs Harbour
Liu, Nancy 24/03/2007 Unity Oatley
Ljubicic, Liliana 24/03/2007 Independent Liverpool
Lloyd, Kirsty 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Toongabbie
Loel, Adrian 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Wyong
Loftus, Eddie 24/03/2007 Independent Myall Lakes
Long, Greg 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Lotfizadeh, Allan 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Auburn
Lynch, Paul (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Liverpool
M Top of Page
Macarthur-King, Adrian 24/03/2007 Labor Party Ku-ring-gai
Macrae, Joel 24/03/2007 Greens Londonderry
Madew, David 24/03/2007 Nationals Monaro
Maguire, Daryl (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Majewski, Mark 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Bankstown
Maloney, John 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Strathfield
Mammen, Neville 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Tamworth
Mandla, Edward 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Sydney
Mannoun, Ned 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Liverpool
Mansfield, John 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Parramatta
Mansour, Morris 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Lakemba
Mansour, Philip 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Canterbury
Mansour, Ramzy 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Marrickville
Marks, Kelly 24/03/2007 Greens Coogee
Marsh, Colin 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Campbelltown
Martin, Gerard (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Country Labor Bathurst
Matthews, Greg 24/03/2007 Nationals Dubbo
Mavin, Anthony 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Penrith
McAllan, Mark 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Terrigal
McBride, Grant (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party The Entrance
McCosker, Alicia 24/03/2007 Labor Party Hawkesbury
McDonald, Andrew (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Macquarie Fields
McDonald, Jan 24/03/2007 Greens Dubbo
McFarlane, Robert 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Parramatta
McGillicuddy, Liam 24/03/2007 Greens Rockdale
McGrath, John 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Oatley
McHugh, Denise 24/03/2007 Country Labor Tamworth
McInnes, Pippa 24/03/2007 Greens Blue Mountains
McIntosh, Janelle 24/03/2007 Labor Party Hornsby
McKay, Jodi (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Newcastle
McKay, Sonya 24/03/2007 Greens Shellharbour
McLachlan, Chris 24/03/2007 Independent Menai
McLeay, Paul (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Heathcote
McLeod, Doug 24/03/2007 Labor Party Davidson
McMahon, Lylea (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Shellharbour
McNaught, Donald 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Blacktown
McTaggart, Alex (Defeated) 24/03/2007 Independent Pittwater
McWhirter, Craige 24/03/2007 Greens Pittwater
Meagher, Reba (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Cabramatta
Megarrity, Alison (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Menai
Melland, Julia 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Lismore
Merrin, Jill 24/03/2007 Greens Heathcote
Merton, Wayne (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Baulkham Hills
Metlikovec, Christina 24/03/2007 Independent Epping
Michaels, Malikeh 24/03/2007 Greens Auburn
Miran, Michelle 24/03/2007 Labor Party South Coast
Moffat, John 24/03/2007 Independent Cronulla
Moody, Thomas 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Wakehurst
Moore, Catherine 24/03/2007 Greens Monaro
Moore, Clover (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Independent Sydney
Moore, Jess 24/03/2007 Socialist Alliance Wollongong
Morgan, Rex 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Lake Macquarie
Morris, Hillary 24/03/2007 Greens Gosford
Morris, Judy 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Camden
Morris, Matthew (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Charlestown
Morrison, Doug 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Parramatta
Morton, Ben 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Wyong
Moulds, David 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Keira
Moulds, Robert 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Gosford
Moussa, Omar 24/03/2007 Unity Lakemba
Mustafa, Alex 24/03/2007 Labor Party Castle Hill
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Nash, Scott 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Heffron
Nelmes, Maurice 24/03/2007 Independent Wollondilly
Newell, Neville (Defeated) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Tweed
Newton, John 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Mount Druitt
Nicotra, Mario 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Pittwater
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Oakeshott, Robert (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Independent Port Macquarie
O'Connor, Patrick 24/03/2007 - Marrickville
O'Dea, Jonathan (Elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Davidson
O'Donnell, Gabrielle 24/03/2007 Labor Party Lane Cove
O'Farrell, Barry (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Ku-ring-gai
Okulicz, Edward 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Balmain
O'Neill, Deborah 24/03/2007 Labor Party Terrigal
Osborne, Michael 24/03/2007 Greens Newcastle
Overend, Maria 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration The Entrance
P Top of Page
Paag, Michael 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Blue Mountains
Page, Don (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Ballina
Page, Ron 24/03/2007 Independent Murray-Darling
Paluzzano, Karyn (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Penrith
Parker, Rob 24/03/2007 Labor Party Goulburn
Parry-Jones, Kerryn 24/03/2007 Greens The Entrance
Parsons, Keith 24/03/2007 Greens Wallsend
Parsons, Norman 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Tamworth
Patakfalvy, Maria 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Keira
Patakfalvy, Tibor 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Shellharbour
Paterson, Lindsay 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Charlestown
Patterson, Chris 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Camden
Paul, Les 24/03/2007 Independent Barwon
Paxinos, Ken 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Pearce, Daniel 24/03/2007 Labor Party Manly
Pearce, Paul (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Coogee
Peebles, Robyn 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Ryde
Peet, Geoff 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Goulburn
Pender, Karen 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Granville
Pender, Liam 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Smithfield
Perger, Margaret 24/03/2007 Greens Bega
Perry, Barbara (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Auburn
Perry, Waldron 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Myall Lakes
Petch, Ivan 24/03/2007 Independent Ryde
Peters, Lindsay 24/03/2007 Greens Epping
Pettitt, Tony 24/03/2007 Independent Riverstone
Phillips, John 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Londonderry
Phu, Minh 24/03/2007 Unity Smithfield
Piccoli, Adrian (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Murrumbidgee
Pierides, George 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Auburn
Pini, Alexander 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Smithfield
Piol, Gregory 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Baulkham Hills
Piper, Greg (Elected) 24/03/2007 Independent Lake Macquarie
Pitman, Derek 24/03/2007 Independent Maroubra
Porteous, Rochelle 24/03/2007 Greens Balmain
Powell, Allen 24/03/2007 Greens Camden
Pratt, Clarrie 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Wollongong
Pringle, Gregg 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Hawkesbury
Pringle, Steven (Defeated) 24/03/2007 Independent Hawkesbury
Pritchard, Suzanne 24/03/2007 Greens Lake Macquarie
Provest, Geoff (Elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Tweed
R Top of Page
Rahill, Alison 24/03/2007 Labor Party Vaucluse
Rees, Nathan (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Toongabbie
Reid, Frank 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Port Macquarie
Reid, Jim 24/03/2007 Independent North Shore
Reilly, Pat 24/03/2007 Independent Willoughby
Ren, Chuan 24/03/2007 Unity Toongabbie
Ren, Jing 24/03/2007 Unity Canterbury
Renner, Judy 24/03/2007 Greens Murray-Darling
Rhoades, Keith 24/03/2007 Independent Coffs Harbour
Richardson, Michael (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Castle Hill
Rickard, Scott 24/03/2007 Greens Wyong
Roberts, Anthony (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Roberts, Madeleine 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Wollongong
Robertson, Debbie 24/03/2007 Greens Mount Druitt
Rodowicz, Mark 24/03/2007 Greens Baulkham Hills
Rogers, Lynette 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Bankstown
Rohan, Andrew 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Smithfield
Rooney, Bernard 24/03/2007 Greens Drummoyne
Russell, Susie 24/03/2007 Greens Port Macquarie
Ryan, Chris 24/03/2007 Country Labor Albury
Ryan, James 24/03/2007 Greens Cessnock
S Top of Page
Sacco, Michele 24/03/2007 Greens Strathfield
Salah, Shawky 24/03/2007 Unity Bankstown
Sammut, Josephine 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Lakemba
Sarkis, Eddy 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Granville
Sartor, Frank (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Rockdale
Saville, Lynne 24/03/2007 Greens North Shore
Sawalha, Bashir 24/03/2007 Greens Lakemba
Scarfe, Paul 24/03/2007 Independent Charlestown
Scott, Linda 24/03/2007 Labor Party Sydney
Sharah, Alex 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Fairfield
Shearan, Allan (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Londonderry
Shepherd, Lyndon 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Hornsby
Shmigel, Peter 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Balmain
Shoebridge, David 24/03/2007 Greens Vaucluse
Sichel, Michael 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Dubbo
Simpson, Julie 24/03/2007 Greens Miranda
Simpson, Steve 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Menai
Skinner, Jillian (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party North Shore
Smiles, Bev 24/03/2007 Greens Upper Hunter
Smith, Ben 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Ballina
Smith, Beth 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Cronulla
Smith, Greg (Elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Epping
Smith, Jane 24/03/2007 Greens Charlestown
Smith, Victor 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Cabramatta
Smith, Wade 24/03/2007 Greens Mulgoa
Sobey, Chris 24/03/2007 Greens Albury
Souris, George (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Upper Hunter
Spark, Richard 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Wyong
Spencer, Mark 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Blacktown
Spies-Butcher, Ben 24/03/2007 Greens Heffron
Steel, Mike 24/03/2007 Greens Willoughby
Stephens, John 24/03/2007 Independent Myall Lakes
Stephenson, Paul 24/03/2007 Independent Goulburn
Stewart, Danny 24/03/2007 Independent Wollondilly
Stewart, Tony (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Bankstown
Stitt, Peter 24/03/2007 Outdoor Recreation Drummoyne
Stock, Robert 24/03/2007 Independent Blue Mountains
Stokes, Rob (Elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Pittwater
Stoner, Andrew (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Oxley
Strutt, Isabel 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Northern Tablelands
Stumm, Sherry 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Oxley
Su, Andrew 24/03/2007 Unity Cabramatta
Su, Lily 24/03/2007 Unity Granville
Sudmalis, Ann 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Kiama
Sun, Michael 24/03/2007 Unity Ku-ring-gai
Svolos, Chris 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Kogarah
T Top of Page
Tabart, Tom 24/03/2007 Greens Tweed
Tagg, Vic 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Ryde
Tai, Kek 24/03/2007 Unity Liverpool
Tam, Simon 24/03/2007 Unity Epping
Tate, John 24/03/2007 Independent Newcastle
Taylor, Bruce 24/03/2007 Greens Tamworth
Tebbutt, Carmel (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Marrickville
Terenzini, Frank (Elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Maitland
Thew, Leighton 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Hornsby
Thirup, Katryna 24/03/2007 Independent Camden
Thompson, Ray 24/03/2007 Independent Bathurst
Tierney, Michael 24/03/2007 Greens East Hills
Tillotson, Nicole 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Coogee
Tindall, Gabrielle 24/03/2007 Greens Oxley
Torbay, Richard (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Independent Northern Tablelands
Tranter, Kellie 24/03/2007 Independent Maitland
Tripodi, Joe (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Fairfield
Truong, Andy 24/03/2007 Unity East Hills
Tsoulos, Jeannette 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Ku-ring-gai
Tuiletufuga, Joseph 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Marrickville
Turner, Catherine 24/03/2007 Greens Hornsby
Turner, John (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Myall Lakes
Turner, Russell (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Orange
Tyrrell, Pauline 24/03/2007 Greens Granville
U Top of Page
Usher, Phil 24/03/2007 Country Labor Northern Tablelands
v Top of Page
van der Wijngaart, Ben 24/03/2007 Greens Kiama
Vanderjagt, John 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Heathcote
Vanderpoll, Wally 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Manly
Vanderwel, John 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Fairfield
Vega, Vlaudin 24/03/2007 Greens Smithfield
Vescio, Michael 24/03/2007 Independent Drummoyne
Vincent, Dave 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Mount Druitt
Vinnicombe, Bob 24/03/2007 - Auburn
W Top of Page
Waizer, Naomi 24/03/2007 Greens Cronulla
Waldron Hahn, Victoria 24/03/2007 Greens Campbelltown
Wales, Debra 24/03/2007 Independent Gosford
Walker, Phil 24/03/2007 Liberal Party The Entrance
Walsh, Brian 24/03/2007 Independent Rockdale
Wang, Gang 24/03/2007 Unity Rockdale
Ward, Jane 24/03/2007 Independent Balmain
Waters, Geraldine 24/03/2007 Australian Democrat Penrith
Watkins, John (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Ryde
Weate, Sarah 24/03/2007 Greens Manly
West, Graham (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Labor Party Campbelltown
Whan, Steve (Re-elected) 24/03/2007 Country Labor Monaro
Wilcox, Bob 24/03/2007 Outdoor Recreation Blue Mountains
Williams, John (Elected) 24/03/2007 Nationals Murray-Darling
Williams, Leslie 24/03/2007 Nationals Port Macquarie
Williams, Ray (Elected) 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Williams, Susan 24/03/2007 Nationals Bathurst
Williamson, Doug 24/03/2007 Greens Toongabbie
Wilson, Heath 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Barwon
Winton, Tabitha 24/03/2007 Labor Party North Shore
Wiszniewski, Witold 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Ku-ring-gai
Wong, Ada 24/03/2007 Unity Parramatta
Wood, Angus 24/03/2007 Independent Marrickville
Wood, Jill 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Swansea
Wood, Lawrence 24/03/2007 Australians Against Further Immigration Port Stephens
Wright, David 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Campbelltown
Wright, Stuart 24/03/2007 Liberal Party Shellharbour
Wright, Suzie 24/03/2007 Greens Penrith
Wu, Yuan 24/03/2007 Unity Coogee
Wynn, Sue 24/03/2007 Greens Swansea
Wynne, Penelope 24/03/2007 Independent Manly
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York, Bruce 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Davidson
Young, Albert 24/03/2007 Christian Democrat Miranda
Yuen, John 24/03/2007 Unity Fairfield
Z Top of Page
Zhou, Fei 24/03/2007 Unity Hornsby