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Candidate Date Party District
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Abel, Graham 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Rockdale
Ackland, Bert 25/03/1995 Independent Blue Mountains
Adam, Sylvia 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Wakehurst
Adams, James 25/03/1995 Independent Gosford
Aiken, Bob 25/03/1995 Unaffiliated Cabramatta
Aitken, Jim 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Penrith
Allan, Pam (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Blacktown
Allen, Michael 25/03/1995 Independent Moorebank
Allen, Steve 25/03/1995 The Greens Bulli
Allport, Carolyn 25/03/1995 Independent Camden
Amery, Richard (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Mount Druitt
Ananin, John 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Granville
Anastasiadis, Bill 25/03/1995 Liberal Party St Marys
Anderson, Jim (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party St Marys
Anderson, Troy 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Strathfield
Andrews, Marie (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Peats
Aquilina, John (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Riverstone
Armitage, Barbara 25/03/1995 Labor Party Vaucluse
Armstrong, Ian (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Lachlan
Armstrong, Patricia 25/03/1995 Labor Party Wakehurst
Astridge, Peter 25/03/1995 No Aircraft Noise Lane Cove
Avila, Eduardo 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Parramatta
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Baczynskyj, Adam 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Hawkesbury
Baggs, David 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats The Hills
Bailey, David 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Campbelltown
Baird, Matthew 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Lane Cove
Baker, Peter 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Pittwater
Baks, Pat 25/03/1995 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Barber, Shane 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Maroubra
Barrett, John 30/11/1996 (by) Independent Port Macquarie
Barrett, Paul 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Bankstown
Barry, Ann 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Gordon
Bates, Trevor 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Charlestown
Bawden, Bob 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Blacktown
Baxter, Cheryl 25/03/1995 Independent Lismore
Beamer, Diane (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Badgerys Creek
Beck, Damon 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Parramatta
Beck, Don (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Murwillumbah
Beckroge, Bill (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Broken Hill
Bellamy, Mike 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Maitland
Berriman, Mark 25/03/1995 The Greens Heffron
Bilyana, Yabu 25/03/1995 Socialist Labour League Heffron
Black, Veronica 25/03/1995 Labor Party Ballina
Blackmore, Peter (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Maitland
Blecher, Mark 25/03/1995 The Greens Bega
Boardman, Peter 25/03/1995 Independent Albury
Bojanic, Thomas 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Peats
Boland, John 25/03/1995 Labor Party Bega
Boland, Patricia 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Vaucluse
Booth, Mark 25/03/1995 Independent Swansea
Bourne, Christine 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Port Jackson
Bowden, Robert 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Riverstone
Brewster, Laurie 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Bridge, John 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Myall Lakes
Bristow, Rick 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Pittwater
Bristow, Rick 25/05/1996 (by) Call to Australia Pittwater
Brogden, John (Elected) 25/05/1996 (by) Liberal Party Pittwater
Brooks, David 25/03/1995 Labor Party The Hills
Brown, Marie 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Coogee
Burgess, Cathy 25/03/1995 The Greens Port Stephens
Bush, Valerie 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Cronulla
Butland, Jan 25/03/1995 Labor Party Gordon
Butler, Greg 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Southern Highlands
Butler, Greg 25/05/1996 (by) Australian Democrats Southern Highlands
Butler, Kevin 25/03/1995 No Aircraft Noise Marrickville
C Top of Page
Cairns, Chris 25/03/1995 The Greens Pittwater
Cairns, Chris 25/05/1996 (by) The Greens Pittwater
Calvert, Barry 25/03/1995 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Calvert, Michelle 25/03/1995 No Aircraft Noise Ashfield
Cameron, Darren 25/03/1995 Labor Party Albury
Cameron, Ron 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Fairfield
Carney, Tim 25/03/1995 Labor Party Lachlan
Carr, Bob (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Maroubra
Carr, Tim 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Eastwood
Catanzariti, Tony 25/03/1995 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Catts, Peter 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Auburn
Caughey, Tony 25/03/1995 Citizen Opinion Law Order Badgerys Creek
Causley, Ian (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Clarence
Chambers, Stephanie 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Blue Mountains
Chant, Ruth 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Northern Tablelands
Chappell, Charles 25/05/1996 (by) Call to Australia Southern Highlands
Chappell, Ray (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Northern Tablelands
Chikarovski, Kerry (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Chung, Craig 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Kogarah
Cianfrano, Robert 25/03/1995 Independent Orange
Cianfrano, Robert 25/05/1996 (by) Independent Orange
Clancy, Bill 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Riverstone
Clarke, Bernie 25/03/1995 Independent Sutherland
Clarke, Bruce 25/03/1995 Labor Party Coffs Harbour
Clough, Ralph (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Bathurst
Cochran, Peter (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Monaro
Cogger, John 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Parramatta
Cogger, Linda 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Fairfield
Coghlan, Laurie 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Swansea
Cohen, Anne (Defeated) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Badgerys Creek
Cole, Adam 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Keira
Collins, Jason 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Kiama
Collins, John 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Ashfield
Collins, Peter (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Willoughby
Conroy, Paul 25/03/1995 Environment Coalition Port Macquarie
Cook, Terry 25/03/1995 Socialist Labour League Cessnock
Copeland, David 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Kogarah
Copeland, David 20/12/1997 (by) Christian Democrats Sutherland
Copeland, Warwick 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Miranda
Cox, Dave 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Lachlan
Crittenden, Paul (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Wyong
Cruickshank, Adrian (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Murrumbidgee
Curphey, Rory 25/03/1995 The Greens Maroubra
Cutlack, Gregory 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Barwon
D Top of Page
Dalrymple, Garry 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Canterbury
Dansie, Gordon 25/03/1995 Independent Broken Hill
Davis, Jan 25/03/1995 The Greens Maitland
de Merindol, Mary 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Vaucluse
Debnam, Peter (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Debus, Bob (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Dee, Peter 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Manly
Dethridge, Sue 25/03/1995 Independent Coffs Harbour
Diamond, John 25/03/1995 Independent Murwillumbah
Dimond, Vicki 25/05/1996 (by) Australian Democrats Pittwater
Doherty, Denis 25/03/1995 Independent Port Jackson
Dombkins, Margaret 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Kogarah
Doosey, Barry 25/03/1995 Independent Coogee
Doric, Stephen 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Strathfield
Douglas, Will 25/03/1995 The Greens Wollongong
Dover, Sally 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Port Stephens
Downy, Chris (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Sutherland
Druery, Glenn 20/12/1997 (by) Outdoor Recreation Sutherland
Duncan, Malcolm 25/05/1996 (by) Independent Southern Highlands
Dunkerley, Chris 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Eastwood
Dunphy, Milo 25/03/1995 Independent Georges River
E Top of Page
Eaton, Doug 25/03/1995 Liberal Party The Entrance
Eder, Dale 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Baulkham Hills
Eldershaw, Barbara 25/03/1995 Environment Coalition Orange
Ellis, Bryan 25/03/1995 Independent Peats
Ellis, Eric (Elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party South Coast
Emanuel, Kamala 25/03/1995 Democratic Socialists Newcastle
End, Prohibition 25/03/1995 Unaffiliated Lismore
Endean, Betty 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Ermington
Erglis, Evalds 25/03/1995 Independent Coffs Harbour
Evans, Ron 25/03/1995 Independent Murwillumbah
F Top of Page
F, Ivor 25/03/1995 Independent Mount Druitt
Face, Richard (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Charlestown
Fahey, John (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Southern Highlands
Farrugia, Peter 30/11/1996 (by) Independent Port Macquarie
Faulkner, Nic 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Ballina
Ferguson, John 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Monaro
Ficarra, Marie (Elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Georges River
Field, Ken 25/03/1995 The Country Party Coffs Harbour
Fisher, James 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Bligh
Fitzgerald, Paul 25/03/1995 The Greens Ashfield
Fleming, Suzanne 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Newcastle
Fletcher, Karen 25/03/1995 Democratic Socialists Marrickville
Franklin, Ben 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Heffron
Fraser, Andrew (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Coffs Harbour
Fraser, Peter 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Bega
Fraser, Peter 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Willoughby
Frawley, Mick 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Hurstville
Freemantle, Graham 25/03/1995 Call to Australia The Entrance
Funnell, Steve 25/03/1995 Labor Party Northern Tablelands
G Top of Page
Galea, Albert 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Liverpool
Gallagher, Mick 25/03/1995 Independent Ku-ring-gai
Gattellari, Rocky 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Cabramatta
Gaudry, Bryce (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Newcastle
Gaul, Carol 25/03/1995 Independent Blue Mountains
Gibson, Paul (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Londonderry
Gill, Linda 25/03/1995 The Greens Myall Lakes
Glachan, Ian (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Albury
Godfrey, Jacqueline 25/03/1995 The Country Party Clarence
Godfrey, Lyn 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Lake Macquarie
Gorrie, John 25/03/1995 Unaffiliated Lakemba
Graham, Garry 25/03/1995 The Greens Oxley
Green, Bob 25/03/1995 Labor Party Dubbo
Green, Brian 25/03/1995 Labor Party Manly
Greenland, Hall 25/03/1995 No Aircraft Noise Port Jackson
Griffiths, Glenice 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats The Entrance
Grigg, Brian 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Penrith
Grigg, Jonathan 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Badgerys Creek
Grijak, Dragan 25/03/1995 Socialist Labour League Wollongong
Grusovin, Deirdre (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Heffron
Guinness, Stuart 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Illawarra
Gurney, Steve 25/03/1995 Labor Party Eastwood
H Top of Page
Haig, Sally 25/03/1995 Independent Clarence
Hall, Jill (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Swansea
Hando, Jason 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Campbelltown
Harb, Camille 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Auburn
Harben, Susan 25/03/1995 Labor Party Bligh
Harcourt-Norton, David 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Davidson
Hargreaves, Louise 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Davidson
Hargreaves, Peter 25/03/1995 Labor Party Murray
Harradine, Ken 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Murwillumbah
Harris, David 20/12/1997 (by) Independent Sutherland
Harrison, Bob (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Kiama
Harrison, Gabrielle (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Parramatta
Harrold, Joe 25/03/1995 Independent Northern Tablelands
Hartcher, Chris (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Gosford
Hatton, John 25/03/1995 Independent South Coast
Hawatt, Michael 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Lakemba
Hawkins, Christine 20/12/1997 (by) Labor Party Sutherland
Hay, Leone 25/03/1995 Citizens Electoral Council Gordon
Hay, Tony 25/03/1995 Labor Party Baulkham Hills
Hazzard, Brad (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Head, Mike 25/03/1995 Socialist Labour League Campbelltown
Hellyer, Ronald 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Port Stephens
Henderson, Ken 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Marrickville
Hill, Richard 25/03/1995 Independent Charlestown
Hill, Richard 25/05/1996 (by) Independent Strathfield
Hird, Lew 25/03/1995 No Aircraft Noise Drummoyne
Hodgkinson, Katrina 25/05/1996 (by) National Party Southern Highlands
Holliday, Simon 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Cessnock
Horgan, Mick 25/03/1995 Citizen Opinion Law Order Cabramatta
Howes, David 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Bega
Hughes, Ann 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party East Hills
Hughes, Brian 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Illawarra
Humpherson, Andrew (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Davidson
Hunt, David 20/12/1997 (by) Independent Sutherland
Hunter, Jeff (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
Hurley, Jade 25/03/1995 Independent Murwillumbah
Hurst, Byron 25/03/1995 Independent Cronulla
Husted, Veronica 25/03/1995 Labor Party South Coast
Hutchinson, John 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Ermington
Hutchinson, John 30/11/1996 (by) Aust. Against Further Immigration Port Macquarie
Hutton, Margaret 25/03/1995 Independent South Coast
I Top of Page
Iemma, Morris (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Hurstville
J Top of Page
Jackson, Pat 25/03/1995 Environment Coalition Barwon
Jacobi, Carrie 25/03/1995 The Greens Newcastle
Jeffery, Bruce (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Oxley
Johnstone, Bruce 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Dubbo
Jones, Michelle 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Moorebank
Jonsson, Dee 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Parramatta
Justice, John 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Georges River
K Top of Page
Karadjis, Mike 25/03/1995 Democratic Socialists Fairfield
Kassas, Tony 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Baulkham Hills
Kearney, Vicki 25/03/1995 The Greens Camden
Keating, Tony 25/03/1995 Labor Party Maitland
Kemp, Bob 25/03/1995 Labor Party Monaro
Kendall, Jim 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Charlestown
Kernohan, Liz (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Camden
Kerr, Malcolm (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Cronulla
Kersten, Mark 25/03/1995 National Party Broken Hill
Kinny, Warren 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Blue Mountains
Kinross, Jeremy (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Gordon
Kitson, David 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wakehurst
Knight, Geoff 25/05/1996 (by) National Party Clarence
Knight, Iris 25/03/1995 Independent Gladesville
Knight, Michael (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Campbelltown
Knowles, Craig (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Moorebank
Knowles, Ross 25/03/1995 The Greens Gordon
Kooy, Berdinus 30/11/1996 (by) Independent Port Macquarie
Kraus, Heather 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Hawkesbury
Kurfurst, Meira 25/03/1995 Independent Marrickville
L Top of Page
Langton, Brian (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Kogarah
Larcos, Andrew 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Maroubra
Lawrence-Rowe, Cheryl 25/03/1995 Labor Party Lane Cove
Leatch, May 25/03/1995 The Greens South Coast
Leigh, Andrew 25/03/1995 Labor Party Northcott
Lentern, Jo-Anne 20/12/1997 (by) The Greens Sutherland
Leonard, Samuelle 25/03/1995 The Greens Murwillumbah
Lepelaar, Alex 25/03/1995 The Greens Eastwood
Lester, John 25/03/1995 Labor Party Clarence
Levett, John 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Miranda
Lewis, Leellen 25/03/1995 Labor Party Myall Lakes
Light, Ann 25/03/1995 Citizen Opinion Law Order Camden
Lippmann, Michael 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Bligh
Little, Cameron 25/03/1995 The Greens Lane Cove
Lo Po, Faye (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Penrith
Lockwood, Carl 25/03/1995 Independent Port Macquarie
Longbottom, Ian 25/03/1995 Independent Lane Cove
Longley, Jim (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Pittwater
Lynch, Jacinta 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Coogee
Lynch, Paul (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Liverpool
M Top of Page
MacCarthy, Bruce (Elected) 25/05/1996 (by) Liberal Party Strathfield
Macdonald, Peter (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Independent Manly
Machin, Wendy (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Port Macquarie
Mackenzie, Jennifer 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Mount Druitt
Mafi-Williams, Lorraine 25/03/1995 Environment Coalition Ballina
Maher, Lesley 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Wakehurst
Malone, Ken 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Gladesville
Mansour, Morris 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Ashfield
Markham, Colin (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Keira
Marotta, Robert 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Drummoyne
Martin, Bob (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Port Stephens
Martin, Margaret 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Coogee
Matson, Murray 25/03/1995 The Greens Coogee
Maxwell, John 25/03/1995 Labor Party Lismore
Mcbride, Grant (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party The Entrance
Mccormack, Tony 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Port Stephens
Mckenzie, Ian 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Albury
Mckenzie, Jim 25/03/1995 Independent Camden
Mckenzie, Vern 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Londonderry
Mclean, Bruce 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Orange
Mclean, Chris 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Georges River
Mcloughlin, Tom 25/03/1995 The Greens Vaucluse
McManus, Ian (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Bulli
Mcmanus, Michael 25/03/1995 Labor Party Burrinjuck
McPherson, Col 25/03/1995 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Meagher, Damian 25/05/1996 (by) The Greens Strathfield
Meagher, Reba (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Cabramatta
Megna, Michael 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Meikle, Jeffrey 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Bankstown
Merton, Wayne (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Baulkham Hills
Mills, John (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Wallsend
Milson, Virginia 25/03/1995 The Greens Bligh
Moffat, John 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration East Hills
Moore, Catherine 25/03/1995 The Greens Monaro
Moore, Clover (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Independent Bligh
Moore, Geoff 20/12/1997 (by) Independent Sutherland
Morris, Barry (Defeated) 25/03/1995 Independent Blue Mountains
Morris, Ray 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Riverstone
Morrison, Douglas 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Auburn
Morrison, John 25/03/1995 The Country Party Murwillumbah
Morthorpe, Lee 25/03/1995 Labor Party Davidson
Moss, Kevin (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Canterbury
Mulcahy, William 25/03/1995 Independent Blue Mountains
Mullin, Sharon 25/03/1995 The Greens Bathurst
Murchie, Mervyn 25/03/1995 The Greens North Shore
Murphy, John 25/03/1995 Labor Party Port Macquarie
Murphy, Reagan 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Rockdale
Murray, John (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Drummoyne
Murtagh, Mary 25/03/1995 Labor Party Oxley
N Top of Page
Nagle, Peter (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Auburn
Neilly, Stan (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Cessnock
Nesbitt, Christine 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Wallsend
Newman, Amelia 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Lakemba
Newman, Amelia 25/05/1996 (by) Australian Democrats Strathfield
Nicholls, Shane 25/03/1995 Independent Canterbury
Nori, Sandra (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Port Jackson
O Top of Page
Oakeshott, Robert (Elected) 30/11/1996 (by) National Party Port Macquarie
O'Callaghan, Carolyn 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Bathurst
O'Doherty, Stephen (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Ku-ring-gai
O'Farrell, Barry (Elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Northcott
Oldfield, David 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Manly
Oliveri, Frank 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Fairfield
O'Neill, Robert 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Keira
O'Regan, Bevan 25/03/1995 Independent Barwon
Orr, Steve 25/03/1995 The Country Party Port Macquarie
Osmond, Les 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Granville
Owen, Ray 25/03/1995 Citizen Opinion Law Order Blacktown
P Top of Page
Page, Don (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Ballina
Page, Ernie (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Coogee
Parker, Max 25/03/1995 Independent East Hills
Pascale, Tony 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Moorebank
Pash, Ian 25/03/1995 Independent Pittwater
Passmore, Keiran 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Marrickville
Patrech, Bob 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Illawarra
Pattinson, Jill 25/03/1995 The Greens Albury
Peacocke, Gerry (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Dubbo
Penfold, Andrew 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Gosford
Percival, Geoffrey 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Sutherland
Perrett, Jim 25/03/1995 Independent Barwon
Perry, Beryl 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Miranda
Petch, Ivan (Defeated) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Gladesville
Peterson, Janne 25/05/1996 (by) Call to Australia Strathfield
Pettitt, Tony 25/03/1995 Independent The Hills
Philbey, Robin 25/03/1995 Confederate Action Party Hawkesbury
Phillips, Ron (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Miranda
Photios, Michael (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Ermington
Pickering, Chris 25/03/1995 Democratic Socialists Wollongong
Piscioneri, Matthew 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Port Jackson
Plumb, Noel 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Gladesville
Poularas, Manny 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Smithfield
Price, John (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Waratah
Priestley, Elizabeth 25/03/1995 Labor Party Ku-ring-gai
Primrose, Peter 25/03/1995 Labor Party Camden
Q Top of Page
Quartly, Allan 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Lismore
Quinn, Paul 25/03/1995 Independent Penrith
R Top of Page
Rains, Ian 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Londonderry
Rankin, Genevieve 25/03/1995 Labor Party Sutherland
Ratcliffe, Margaret 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Gordon
Reddy, Suzanne 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Northcott
Redmond, Denise 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Bega
Rees, Jim 25/03/1995 Independent Wagga Wagga
Refshauge, Andrew (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Marrickville
Reiss, Daniel 25/03/1995 Labor Party Willoughby
Rene, Liz 25/03/1995 The Greens Waratah
Reverberi, Daniela 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Cabramatta
Richardson, Michael (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party The Hills
Richardson, Peter 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Wyong
Rickard, Jon 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Blue Mountains
Rigby, Byron 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Coffs Harbour
Rixon, Bill (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Lismore
Roberts, Anthony 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Campbelltown
Roberts, Ros 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Blacktown
Robertson, Bob 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Smithfield
Robertson, Christine 25/03/1995 Labor Party Tamworth
Rogan, Pat (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party East Hills
Rogers, Grant 30/11/1996 (by) Unaffiliated Port Macquarie
Rozzoli, Kevin (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Rumble, Terry (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Illawarra
Russell, Susie 25/03/1995 The Greens Port Macquarie
Russell, Susie 30/11/1996 (by) The Greens Port Macquarie
Ryan, Glen 25/03/1995 Call to Australia South Coast
Ryde, Jenny 25/03/1995 The Greens Drummoyne
S Top of Page
Sanders, James 25/03/1995 Environment Coalition Oxley
Sansom, Philip 25/03/1995 Labor Party Georges River
Sansom, Tony 25/03/1995 Labor Party Gosford
Sargent, Gary 25/03/1995 Labor Party Pittwater
Sargent, Gary 25/05/1996 (by) Labor Party Pittwater
Saunders, Suzanne 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats St Marys
Scevity, Shane 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Coogee
Schipp, Joseph John (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Schultz, Alby (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Burrinjuck
Scott, Jennifer 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Blue Mountains
Scully, Carl (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Smithfield
Seacy, Terry 25/03/1995 Independent Moorebank
Seaton, Peta (Elected) 25/05/1996 (by) Liberal Party Southern Highlands
Sharah, Alex 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Ku-ring-gai
Sharman, Christina 25/05/1996 (by) The Greens Clarence
Shedden, Doug (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Bankstown
Shoobridge, Wayne 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Waratah
Simos, Peter 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Southern Highlands
Skinner, Jillian (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party North Shore
Slack-Smith, Ian (Elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Barwon
Small, Jim (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Murray
Smidlers, Valdis 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Wollongong
Smith, Chris 30/11/1996 (by) Shooters Party Port Macquarie
Smith, Gerard 25/05/1996 (by) Independent Pittwater
Smith, Malcolm 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Cronulla
Smith, Mike 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Bankstown
Smith, Paul 25/03/1995 Labor Party Miranda
Smith, Peter 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Cronulla
Smith, Phillip 25/03/1995 Citizen Opinion Law Order Londonderry
Smith, Rodney 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Eastwood
Smith, Russell (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Bega
Solomon, Noreen 25/03/1995 Labor Party Cronulla
Souris, George (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Upper Hunter
Sparkes, David 25/03/1995 Liberal Party East Hills
Spence, John 25/03/1995 The Country Party Lismore
Spencer, Mark 25/03/1995 The Greens Coffs Harbour
Sperling, Karla 25/03/1995 The Greens Kiama
Stafford, Daryl 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Port Macquarie
Stanton, Roy 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Bulli
Staples, Richard 25/03/1995 The Greens Ballina
Steel, Warren 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Wollongong
Stewart, Tony (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Lakemba
Stone, Lorna (Elected) 20/12/1997 (by) Liberal Party Sutherland
Strelec, Amanda 25/03/1995 Independent Albury
Stubbins, Ted 25/03/1995 Labor Party Barwon
Sullivan, Gerry (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Wollongong
Sullivan, Ken 25/03/1995 Labor Party Southern Highlands
Sullivan, Tim 25/05/1996 (by) Labor Party Orange
Swan, John 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Manly
Symon, Robert 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Cessnock
T Top of Page
Talbot, Richard 25/03/1995 Labor Party Ermington
Tallis, Col 25/03/1995 Save Our Shire Miranda
Taylor, Glenn 25/03/1995 Labor Party Orange
Taylor, Nola 25/03/1995 Transport Action Group Rockdale
Terrett, Paul Francis 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Canterbury
Thompson, Daryl 25/03/1995 The Greens Clarence
Thompson, George (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Rockdale
Thomson, John 25/03/1995 Independent Badgerys Creek
Timbrell, Jane 25/03/1995 Labor Party Strathfield
Timbrell, Jane 25/05/1996 (by) Labor Party Strathfield
Tink, Andrew (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Eastwood
Toole, Trevor 25/03/1995 National Party Bathurst
Tracy, John 25/03/1995 The Country Party Tamworth
Tripodi, Joe (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Fairfield
Tulau, Mitch 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Monaro
Tuor, Peter 25/03/1995 The Greens Davidson
Turk, Saad 25/03/1995 Independent Hurstville
Turner, John (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Myall Lakes
Turner, Russell (Elected) 25/05/1996 (by) National Party Orange
Tyler, Warwick 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Blacktown
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van Oostveen, Lucia 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Granville
Van Wyk, Steve 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Northcott
Voltz, Lynda 25/03/1995 Labor Party North Shore
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Waddell, Jane 25/03/1995 No Aircraft Noise Gladesville
Wade, Linda 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats North Shore
Ward, Colin 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Ku-ring-gai
Warner, Jeff 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Keira
Warrington, John 25/03/1995 Transport Action Group Canterbury
Watchirs, Kevin 25/03/1995 The Greens Southern Highlands
Watkins, John (Elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Gladesville
Watson, Brooke 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Penrith
Weatherlake, Ian 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Davidson
Webster, Catherine 25/03/1995 Natural Law Party Wakehurst
Welch, Bruce 25/03/1995 The Greens Marrickville
Welsh, Ivan 25/03/1995 Independent Charlestown
West, Garry Bruce (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 National Party Orange
Whaite, Roy 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration The Entrance
Whelan, Paul (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Ashfield
White, Nicole 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Bulli
Whitehall, James 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Camden
Wilson, Clay 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Ashfield
Wilson, Trevor 25/03/1995 Labor Party Murwillumbah
Windsor, Tony (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Independent Tamworth
Wiseham, Michael 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Willoughby
Wood, Katherine 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Port Jackson
Wood, Tanya 25/03/1995 Stop Dual Occupancy Gordon
Woodbridge, John 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Moorebank
Woodger, Janey 25/03/1995 Aust. Against Further Immigration Campbelltown
Woodger, Janey 25/05/1996 (by) Aust. Against Further Immigration Pittwater
Woodger, Janey 20/12/1997 (by) Aust. Against Further Immigration Sutherland
Woods, Harry (Elected) 25/05/1996 (by) Labor Party Clarence
Wrightson, Peter 25/03/1995 Australian Democrats Clarence
Wrightson, Peter 25/05/1996 (by) Australian Democrats Clarence
Wyness, Joe 25/03/1995 Call to Australia Mount Druitt
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Yeadon, Kim (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Labor Party Granville
Yeo, Philip 25/05/1996 (by) Labor Party Southern Highlands
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Zammit, Paul (Re-elected) 25/03/1995 Liberal Party Strathfield