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Candidate Date Party District
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Abadee, Phillip Leon 22/10/1983 (by) Liberal Party Maroubra
Aitken, John James 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Peats
Akister, John Edward (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Monaro
Allen, Robert John 19/09/1981 Labor Party Murray
Amery, Richard (Elected) 22/10/1983 (by) Labor Party Riverstone
Anderson, Peter Thomas (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Penrith
Aquilina, John Joseph (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Blacktown
Arblaster, David Amos (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Mosman
Arkell, Francis Neville 19/09/1981 Independent Wollongong
Armstrong, Ian Morton (Elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Lachlan
Armstrong, John Kimberley 19/09/1981 National Country Party Murrumbidgee
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Baker, Paul 19/09/1981 Independent Gosford
Ball, Judith 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Bannerman, David Sutherland 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Blacktown
Bannon, Brian Joseph (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Rockdale
Barraclough, Lindley John Forbes (Defeated) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Bligh
Barton, David 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Monaro
Beaver, Aileen Winifred 19/09/1981 Communist Elizabeth
Beckroge, William Harmon (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Broken Hill
Bedford, Eric Lance (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Cabramatta
Bell, Robert Andrew Renison 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Gosford
Bevan, Alex 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Newcastle
Blond, Carol Ann 19/09/1981 Independent Corrimal
Booth, John D 17/04/1982 (by) Liberal Party Drummoyne
Booth, Kenneth George (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Wallsend
Bowman, Donald John (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Swansea
Boyd, John Charles (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Byron
Brading, Ralph Charles (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Camden
Bransdon, David Arthur 19/09/1981 Independent Liverpool
Brass, Winston John 22/10/1983 (by) Independent Riverstone
Brazier, Paul Andrew John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party East Hills
Brereton, Laurence John (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Heffron
Brewer, Ronald Alfred St Clair (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Goulburn
Britt, Edwin Alfred (Defeated) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Willoughby
Brooks, Ronald Walker 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Wollongong
Brown, James Hill (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Oxley
Brumpton, Ronald William 19/09/1981 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Bruton, Colin Edward 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Corrimal
Buhagiar, Anthony Roland 19/09/1981 Independent Parramatta
Burak, Wallace 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Georges River
Butler, Gregory William Froggatt 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Murray
Byers, Alan Edward 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Merrylands
C Top of Page
Cable, Peggy May 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Seven Hills
Cahill, Thomas James (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Marrickville
Calvert, Barry John 19/09/1981 Labor Party The Hills
Cameron, Ian Donald 19/09/1981 Labor Party Ku-ring-gai
Cameron, James Alexander (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Northcott
Carr, Robert John (Elected) 22/10/1983 (by) Labor Party Maroubra
Carter, Raymond Leslie 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Peats
Cassel, Noel Richard 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Tamworth
Caterson, Frederick Douglas Claude (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party The Hills
Cavalier, Rodney Mark (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Gladesville
Cavenett, John Robert 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Riverstone
Chambers, Peter Richard 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Eastwood
Chikarovski, Kerry Anne 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Cabramatta
Chittick, James Garth 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Kiama
Christie, Robert William John (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Seven Hills
Cleary, Michael Arthur (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Coogee
Clough, James Arthur (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Eastwood
Clough, Ralph James (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Bathurst
Colbron, Mervyn Laurence 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Maroubra
Collins, Herbert John 19/09/1981 Independent Maitland
Collins, Peter Edward James (Elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Willoughby
Cowley, Robert Alexander 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Charlestown
Cox, Peter Francis (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Auburn
Crabtree, William Frederick (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Kogarah
Crosio, Janice Ann (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Fairfield
Curran, James Lawrence (Defeated) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Castlereagh
D Top of Page
Daly, Timothy John 19/09/1981 Independent Hornsby
Davison, John Leslie 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Elizabeth
Day, Donald (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Clarence
Debus, Robert John (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Degen, Roger Charles (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Balmain
Dodds, Christopher Phillip 19/09/1981 Communist Waratah
Dolan, Denis William 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Swansea
Dominish, Rodney Frank 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Wagga Wagga
Dominish, Rodney Frank 22/10/1983 (by) Australian Democrats Marrickville
Donovan, James 19/09/1981 Socialist Party Balmain
Doumanis, George Anthony 19/09/1981 Labor Party Gordon
Dowd, John Robert Arthur (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Downy, Christopher John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Woronora
Dowsett, William Edward 19/09/1981 Independent Campbelltown
Dryden, George Bruce 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Ashfield
Duncan, Robert Bruce (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Lismore
Dunkerley, Christopher Max 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Ryde
Durick, Vincent Patrick (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Lakemba
E Top of Page
Eastman, John Charles 19/09/1981 Labor Party Gloucester
Edwards, Colin John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Wentworthville
Egan, Michael Rueben (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Cronulla
Emerson, Richard Barry 19/09/1981 Labor Party Barwon
Evans, Warren Stewart 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Heathcote
F Top of Page
Face, Jack Richard (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Charlestown
Fennell, Andrew Walter Roy 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Gosford
Ferguson, Laurie John (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Merrylands
Fetterplace, Gordon Karl 19/09/1981 Independent Campbelltown
Field, Rodney Maurice 19/09/1981 Liberal Party St Marys
Fienberg, Bennett Jacob 19/09/1981 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Finn, Kenneth Patrick 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Coogee
Fischer, Timothy Andrew (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Murray
Fisher, Colin Murray (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Upper Hunter
Flaherty, James Patrick (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Granville
Foot, Rosemary Irene (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Freney, Denis William Francis 19/09/1981 Communist Balmain
G Top of Page
Gabb, Kenneth George (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Earlwood
Galloway, Bruce William 19/09/1981 Independent Georges River
Gartrell, Harold Borrodell 19/09/1981 Labor Party Orange
Gerlach, Phillip Maxwell 19/09/1981 Independent Georges River
Gibson, David Charles 22/10/1983 (by) Socialist Party Marrickville
Gill, Questa Lisabeth 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Corrimal
Gillard, Reginald 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Blue Mountains
Gleeson, George 19/09/1981 National Country Party Broken Hill
Gluyas, Michael Edward 19/09/1981 Independent Coogee
Godfrey, Lyn 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Swansea
Goninon, Robert Geoffrey 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Fairfield
Gordon, Alan Robert Lindsay (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Gorrick, Christopher Charles 19/09/1981 Labor Party Hornsby
Gow, Heather Oxley 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Seven Hills
Graham, Pauline Anne 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Waratah
Greiner, Nicholas Frank (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Ku-ring-gai
Griffiths, John D 17/04/1982 (by) Call to Australia Drummoyne
Guy, Raymond 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Camden
H Top of Page
Haigh, William Henry (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Maroubra
Harvey, John Thomas 19/09/1981 National Country Party Burrinjuck
Harvison, Frederick Gibson 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Hurstville
Hatton, John Edward (Re-elected) 03/09/1981 Independent South Coast
Haydon, John 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Hornsby
Hewson, Sarah Alexandra 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Hillman, Brian 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Vaucluse
Hills, Patrick Darcy (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Elizabeth
Hoban, Donna Stephanie 19/09/1981 Independent Bankstown
Hogan, Thomas Edward Paul 19/09/1981 Labor Party Byron
Hopkins, Richard Ashley 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Miranda
Hunter, Mervyn Leslie (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
I Top of Page
Irwin, Ian Wallace 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Northcott
J Top of Page
Jackson, Rex Frederick (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Heathcote
Jacques, Barry 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Parramatta
Jamieson, Maree Ann 19/09/1981 Independent Heathcote
Jarman, Albert Lloyd 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Ashfield
Jessup, Kenneth 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Riverstone
Jessup, Kenneth 22/10/1983 (by) Liberal Party Riverstone
Johnson, Anthony Valentine Patrick (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Riverstone
Jones, Nick E 17/04/1982 (by) Independent Drummoyne
Jones, Paul 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Bass Hill
Jones, Samuel Barry (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Waratah
K Top of Page
Kay, James Lunn 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Illawarra
Keane, Maurice Francis (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Woronora
Kekis, John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Marrickville
Kekis, John 22/10/1983 (by) Liberal Party Marrickville
Kelly, Lawrence Borthwick (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Corrimal
Kirkham, Stephen Raymond 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Burwood
Kleiss, Christopher Antonius 19/09/1981 Independent Monaro
Knight, Michael Steven (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Campbelltown
Knott, William Edwin (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Kiama
Knowles, Stanley Alfred James (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Ingleburn
L Top of Page
Lancaster, Richard Lonsdale 19/09/1981 Labor Party Mosman
Langton, Brian Joseph (Elected) 22/10/1983 (by) Labor Party Kogarah
Langworthy, Patricia Ellen 19/09/1981 Independent Manly
Larkings, Anthony John 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Marrickville
Levitch, Genady 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Lake Macquarie
Leyman, Patrick John 19/09/1981 Independent Liverpool
Loney, Jacqueline Nance 19/09/1981 Labor Party Vaucluse
Love, Ellen Daphne 19/09/1981 Independent Wollongong
Low, Frank 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Hurstville
Lucas, Gary John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Ingleburn
Lucke, Mervyn James 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Illawarra
Lynam, David Beaumont 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Auburn
M Top of Page
MacCarthy, Bruce Edward 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Burwood
Mack, Edward Carrington (Elected) 19/09/1981 Independent North Shore
Maher, Michael John (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Drummoyne
Maio, Florence Yvonne 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Granville
Mair, Harold David (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Albury
Marriott, Thomas Owen 19/09/1981 Independent Murrumbidgee
Marsh, Harry Horatio 19/09/1981 Independent Blue Mountains
Marsh, Raymond Gordon 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Liverpool
May, Maurice 19/09/1981 Labor Party North Shore
McCarthy, William John Patrick (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Northern Tablelands
McDonald, Bruce John (Defeated) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party North Shore
McDonald, James Terence 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Bankstown
McGee, Therese Mary 19/09/1981 Labor Party Northcott
McGowan, Brian Hamilton (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Gosford
McIlwaine, Garry David (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Ryde
Meers, Nelson John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Manly
Metherell, Terry Alan (Elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Davidson
Miller, Frederick Joseph (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Bligh
Milne, Scott Mitchel 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Burrinjuck
Mitchell, Susan Katherine 19/09/1981 National Country Party Monaro
Mochalski, Richard Charles (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Bankstown
Moore, Harry Frank (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Tuggerah
Moore, Timothy John (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Gordon
Moran, Joseph Francis 19/09/1981 Labor Party Coffs Harbour
Morgan, Peter Francis 19/09/1981 Labor Party Dubbo
Morgan, Terence Paul 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Georges River
Moriarty, Brian Charles 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Albury
Mulock, Ronald Joseph (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party St Marys
Murray, John (Elected) 17/04/1982 (by) Labor Party Drummoyne
Murray, Wallace Telford John (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Barwon
Mutch, Stephen Bruce 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Cronulla
Mutton, Gregory Wayne 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Cessnock
N Top of Page
Neilly, Stanley Thomas (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Cessnock
Nelson, Peter John 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Drummoyne
Nicholson, Kenneth 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Byron
Noonan, Richard John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Wallsend
O Top of Page
O'Brien, Patrick David 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Kogarah
O'Connell, Keith (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Peats
O'Connor, Carolyn Ann 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Heffron
O'Donnell, William Francis 19/09/1981 Independent Campbelltown
O'Neill, Phillip Joseph (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Burwood
Osborne, Clive Geoffrey (Defeated) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Bathurst
Ost, Albert Henry 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Kogarah
P Top of Page
Paciullo, George (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Liverpool
Page, Ernest Thomas (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Waverley
Paisio, Franco 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Balmain
Park, Ernest Noel (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Tamworth
Peacocke, Gerald Beresford Ponsonby (Elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Dubbo
Petch, Ivan John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Gladesville
Petersen, Wilfred George (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Illawarra
Phillips, Barry Owen 19/09/1981 Independent Gosford
Phillips, Ronald Anthony Thomas 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Heathcote
Pickard, Neil Edward William (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Hornsby
Ponnuswamy, Nadar 22/10/1983 (by) Independent Marrickville
Power, Lawrence William 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Miranda
Punch, Leon Ashton (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Gloucester
Q Top of Page
Quinn, Ernest Neville (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Wentworthville
R Top of Page
Ralston, William Henry Jnr 19/09/1981 National Country Party Clarence
Ramsay, Eric Daniel (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Wollongong
Rathgeber, Henri Daniel 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Wakehurst
Refshauge, Andrew John (Elected) 22/10/1983 (by) Labor Party Marrickville
Reynolds, Peter 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Camden
Robb, William Edward (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Miranda
Roberts, James William 19/09/1981 Independent Maitland
Robey, Ilse 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Gordon
Rogan, Patrick Allan (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party East Hills
Rogers, Alick Gordon 19/09/1981 Labor Party Oxley
Ross, Albert 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Waverley
Rozzoli, Kevin Richard (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Ryan, Garrett Ernest 19/09/1981 Labor Party Tamworth
Ryan, Kevin James (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Hurstville
S Top of Page
Salama, Vivian 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Lakemba
Sallans, Susan Lorraine 19/09/1981 Independent Illawarra
Sampson, Megan Anne 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Wollongong
Samuels, Rona 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats The Hills
Sawyer, Lynn Leslie 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Tuggerah
Schipp, Joseph John (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Sewell, Patrick Kevin 19/09/1981 Labor Party Pittwater
Shapira, Miron 19/09/1981 Labor Party Lane Cove
Shaw, Jeffrey William 19/09/1981 Labor Party Eastwood
Sheahan, Terence William (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Burrinjuck
Shuttleworth, Ross Neil 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Penrith
Singleton, Matthew (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Coffs Harbour
Skaife, Joan Cicely 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Tuggerah
Smith, Gary John 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Lane Cove
Smith, Richard Max (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Pittwater
Spedding, Douglas 19/09/1981 Independent Balmain
Springett, Robert Charles 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Gladesville
Stavely-Alexander, Eric Arthur 19/09/1981 Independent Georges River
Stephens, Robert Charles 19/09/1981 Labor Party Goulburn
Stewart, Alan Gibson (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Manly
Stewart, Kevin James (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Canterbury
Street, Dianne 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Balmain
Sutton, Julie 19/09/1981 Labor Party Davidson
T Top of Page
Taylor, Christopher James 19/09/1981 Socialist Party Marrickville
Terrett, Paul Francis 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Earlwood
Thew, Colin Bernard 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Canterbury
Thomas, Kenneth William 19/09/1981 Independent Willoughby
Thomas, Rhody 19/09/1981 Independent Lane Cove
Toms, Peter Macquarie (Defeated) 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Maitland
Tonkin, John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Rockdale
Tregurtha, John Stuart 19/09/1981 National Country Party Northern Tablelands
Tuckwell, Pamela Robyn 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Ku-ring-gai
U Top of Page
Ure, Mark Francis 19/09/1981 Independent Vaucluse
V Top of Page
Veacock, Alan James 19/09/1981 Labor Party Lismore
Vitlin, Margaret Louise 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats East Hills
W Top of Page
Wade, William Arthur (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Newcastle
Walker, Francis John (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Georges River
Walsh, Allan Peter (Elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Maitland
Ward, Norman Aynsley 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats North Shore
Warnecke, George Albert 19/09/1981 Independent Bligh
Watson, Shirley Ann 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Earlwood
Watson, Thomas 19/09/1981 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Wearne, Phillip Bruce 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Webster, Thomas Stephen (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Wakehurst
West, Garry Bruce (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Orange
West, Timothy Henry 19/09/1981 Labor Party Lachlan
Whelan, Paul Francis (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Ashfield
White, James Leslie 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Cessnock
Whittington, John William 19/09/1981 Independent Hawkesbury
Wicks, Kay Lesley 19/09/1981 Communist Newcastle
Wilde, Barry Charles (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Parramatta
Wilkinson, Donald Graeme Seton 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Ryde
Woods, Eric Hodgson 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Dubbo
Wotton, Roger Corfield Anson (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 National Country Party Castlereagh
Wran, Neville Kenneth (Re-elected) 19/09/1981 Labor Party Bass Hill
Y Top of Page
Young, Robert Arthur 22/10/1983 (by) Liberal Party Kogarah
Z Top of Page
Zammit, Paul John 19/09/1981 Liberal Party Parramatta
Zingarelli, Joseph Albert 19/09/1981 Australian Democrats Bligh