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Candidate Date District
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Andrews, Joseph 10/04/1856 Gloucester and Macquarie
Arkins, John 04/04/1856 Cook and Westmoreland
Arnold, William Munnings (Elected 3) 07/04/1856 Durham
B Top of Page
Barker, Thomas (Elected) 10/04/1856 Gloucester and Macquarie
Bligh, James William 31/03/1856 Bathurst County
Bowman, George 17/04/1856 Northumberland and Hunter
Bowman, William (Elected) 08/04/1856 Cumberland Boroughs
Brenan, John Ryan 09/04/1856 Cumberland (South Riding)
Brenan, John Ryan (Elected) 21/08/1856 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Brenan, John Ryan 12/06/1857 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Buchanan, William Frederick 16/04/1856 Wellington and Bligh
Buckley, Henry (Elected) 09/04/1856 Stanley County
Byrnes, James 29/03/1856 Parramatta
Byrnes, James 29/03/1856 Western Boroughs
Byrnes, James 11/10/1856 (by) Parramatta
Byrnes, James 16/10/1856 (by) Cumberland (North Riding)
Byrnes, James (Elected) 12/06/1857 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
C Top of Page
Campbell, John 17/06/1856 (by) Sydney Hamlets
Campbell, John (Elected) 10/10/1856 (by) Sydney Hamlets
Campbell, Robert (Elected 3) 13/03/1856 Sydney City
Campbell, Robert (Re-elected 2) 04/09/1856 (by) Sydney City
Chisholm, John William 31/03/1856 Argyle
Cooper, Daniel (Elected 1) 11/03/1856 Sydney Hamlets
Cowper, Charles (Elected 1) 13/03/1856 Sydney City
Cowper, Charles (Re-elected 1) 04/09/1856 (by) Sydney City
Cowper, Charles (Re-elected) 22/09/1857 (by) Sydney City
Cox, George Henry (Elected) 10/04/1856 Wellington County
Cummings, William 08/04/1856 Roxburgh
D Top of Page
Dalley, William Bede (Elected) 30/12/1856 (by) Sydney City
Darvall, John Bayley (Elected 1) 04/04/1856 Cumberland (North Riding)
Darvall, John Bayley (Re-elected) 19/06/1856 (by) Cumberland (North Riding)
Darvall, John Bayley (Re-elected) 16/10/1856 (by) Cumberland (North Riding)
Deniehy, Daniel Henry (Elected) 13/02/1857 (by) Argyle
Dickson, James (Elected) 06/11/1857 (by) Northumberland Boroughs
Dickson, John 17/04/1856 New England and McLeay
Docker, Joseph 11/04/1856 Phillip, Brisbane and Bligh
Donaldson, Stuart Alexander (Elected 2) 11/03/1856 Sydney Hamlets
Donaldson, Stuart Alexander (Re-elected) 17/06/1856 (by) Sydney Hamlets
Donaldson, Stuart Alexander (Defeated) 10/10/1856 (by) Sydney Hamlets
Donaldson, Stuart Alexander (Elected) 04/11/1856 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Dorsey, William McTaggart 09/04/1856 Stanley County
Douglass, Henry Grattan 17/04/1856 Northumberland and Hunter
Driver, Richard Jnr 11/03/1856 Sydney Hamlets
Duigan, Thomas Russell 13/03/1856 Sydney City
Duigan, Thomas Russell 04/09/1856 (by) Sydney City
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Egan, Daniel (Elected) 02/04/1856 Maneroo
F Top of Page
Fairfax, John 30/12/1856 (by) Sydney City
Faucett, Peter (Elected) 07/04/1856 King and Georgiana
Fitzgerald, Robert 04/04/1856 Cumberland (North Riding)
Fitzpatrick, Columbus 31/03/1856 Argyle
Flood, Edward (Elected) 29/03/1856 North-Eastern Boroughs
Forbes, Frederick Augustus 07/04/1856 Stanley Boroughs
Forster, William (Elected) 28/03/1856 Murray
G Top of Page
Garland, James (Elected 1) 19/04/1856 Lachlan and Lower Darling
Gordon, Samuel Deane (Elected 2) 07/04/1856 Durham
H Top of Page
Hardy, J R 19/04/1856 Lachlan and Lower Darling
Hargrave, Richard (Elected 2) 17/04/1856 New England and McLeay
Hay, John (Elected 1) 02/04/1856 Murrumbidgee
Hay, John (Re-elected) 14/10/1856 (by) Murrumbidgee
Hely, Hovenden (Elected 3) 17/04/1856 Northumberland and Hunter
Hogan, Patrick 04/04/1856 Cumberland (North Riding)
Hogan, Patrick 19/06/1856 (by) Cumberland (North Riding)
Holroyd, Arthur Todd (Elected) 29/03/1856 Western Boroughs
Holt, Thomas (Elected 1) 07/04/1856 Stanley Boroughs
Holt, Thomas (Re-elected) 23/06/1856 (by) Stanley Boroughs
I Top of Page
Irving, Clark (Elected) 15/04/1856 Clarence and Darling Downs
J Top of Page
Jamison, Robert Thomas (Elected 2) 04/04/1856 Cook and Westmoreland
Jenkins, Charles 31/03/1856 East Camden
Jones, Richard (Elected 1) 07/04/1856 Durham
Jones, Richard (Re-elected) 25/09/1857 (by) Durham
L Top of Page
Lang, Andrew 07/04/1856 Durham
Lang, Gideon Scott (Elected 1) 16/04/1856 Liverpool Plains and Gwydir
Lee, William (Elected) 08/04/1856 Roxburgh
Leslie, Patrick (Elected) 19/11/1857 (by) Moreton, Wide Bay, Burnett and Maranoa
Lord, George William (Elected) 16/04/1856 Wellington and Bligh
M Top of Page
Macalister, Arthur 07/04/1856 Stanley Boroughs
Macarthur, James (Elected 1) 26/03/1856 West Camden
Macarthur, James (Re-elected) 16/06/1856 (by) West Camden
Macleay, George (Elected 2) 02/04/1856 Murrumbidgee
Macleay, William Jnr (Elected 2) 19/04/1856 Lachlan and Lower Darling
Manning, William Montagu (Elected 1) 09/04/1856 Cumberland (South Riding)
Manning, William Montagu (Re-elected) 17/10/1856 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Marks, John (Elected 2) 31/03/1856 East Camden
Martin, James (Elected 1) 04/04/1856 Cook and Westmoreland
Martin, James (Re-elected) 05/09/1856 (by) Cook and Westmoreland
Martin, James (Re-elected) 19/09/1857 (by) Cook and Westmoreland
McKenzie, Colin John 15/04/1856 Clarence and Darling Downs
Moriarty, Merion Marshall 11/03/1856 Sydney Hamlets
Morris, Augustus 16/04/1856 Liverpool Plains and Gwydir
Morris, Augustus 21/08/1856 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Mort, Thomas 19/06/1856 (by) Bathurst County
Murray, Andrew 29/03/1856 Parramatta
Murray, Terence Aubrey (Elected) 29/03/1856 Southern Boroughs
Murray, Terence Aubrey (Re-elected) 05/09/1856 (by) Southern Boroughs
Murray, Terence Aubrey (Re-elected) 24/09/1857 (by) Southern Boroughs
N Top of Page
Nichols, George Robert (Elected 1) 28/03/1856 Northumberland Boroughs
Nichols, George Robert (Re-elected) 16/06/1856 (by) Northumberland Boroughs
O Top of Page
Oakes, George (Elected 2) 29/03/1856 Parramatta
Osborne, Henry (Elected 1) 31/03/1856 East Camden
Oxley, John Norton (Elected 2) 26/03/1856 West Camden
P Top of Page
Park, Alexander 07/04/1856 Durham
Parker, Henry Watson (Elected 1) 29/03/1856 Parramatta
Parker, Henry Watson (Re-elected) 11/10/1856 (by) Parramatta
Parkes, Henry (Elected 2) 13/03/1856 Sydney City
Parkes, Henry 11/12/1857 (by) Cumberland (North Riding)
Pickering, George Ferrers 31/03/1856 East Camden
Piddington, William Richman (Elected 2) 17/04/1856 Northumberland and Hunter
Plunkett, John Hubert 13/03/1856 Sydney City
Plunkett, John Hubert 29/03/1856 North-Eastern Boroughs
Plunkett, John Hubert (Elected) 31/03/1856 Argyle
Plunkett, John Hubert (Elected) 31/03/1856 Bathurst County
Pye, James (Elected 2) 04/04/1856 Cumberland (North Riding)
R Top of Page
Redman, William 08/04/1856 Cumberland Boroughs
Redman, William 17/10/1856 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Richardson, John (Elected 2) 07/04/1856 Stanley Boroughs
Roberts, William 10/04/1856 St Vincent
Robertson, John (Elected) 11/04/1856 Phillip, Brisbane and Bligh
Robey, Ralph Meyer 08/04/1856 Cumberland Boroughs
Ross, Robert Scott 08/04/1856 Cumberland Boroughs
Rotton, Walter 17/04/1856 Northumberland and Hunter
Rusden, Francis Townsend (Elected 2) 16/04/1856 Liverpool Plains and Gwydir
Rusden, Thomas George (Elected 1) 17/04/1856 New England and McLeay
Russell, Bourn (Elected 2) 28/03/1856 Northumberland Boroughs
Russell, Bourn 06/11/1857 (by) Northumberland Boroughs
Russell, William 09/04/1856 Cumberland (South Riding)
S Top of Page
Sadlier, Richard 10/04/1856 St Vincent
Samuel, Saul 10/04/1856 Wellington County
Sandeman, Gordon (Elected) 29/03/1856 Moreton, Wide Bay, Burnett and Maranoa
Scott, Alexander Walker (Elected 1) 17/04/1856 Northumberland and Hunter
Shepherd, Isaac 07/04/1856 King and Georgiana
Shepherd, Thomas W 21/08/1856 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Sherwin, William 04/04/1856 Cumberland (North Riding)
Sherwin, William 21/08/1856 (by) Cumberland (South Riding)
Shoobert, James 31/03/1856 East Camden
Smith, Thomas Whistler (Elected) 11/12/1857 (by) Cumberland (North Riding)
Suttor, William Henry 08/04/1856 Roxburgh
Suttor, William Henry (Elected) 19/06/1856 (by) Bathurst County
T Top of Page
Thompson, James (Elected) 10/04/1856 St Vincent
Thorn, D H 19/04/1856 Lachlan and Lower Darling
W Top of Page
Waugh, David L 31/03/1856 East Camden
Weekes, Elias Carpenter 28/03/1856 Northumberland Boroughs
Weekes, Elias Carpenter (Elected 2) 09/04/1856 Cumberland (South Riding)
Weekes, Elias Carpenter (Elected) 05/08/1856 (by) Northumberland Boroughs
Williamson, James 10/04/1856 Gloucester and Macquarie
Wilshire, James Robert (Elected 4) 13/03/1856 Sydney City