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1856 Election - Sequence of Election
Date Districts
Monday, 10 March 1856 Noms Sydney Hamlets
Tuesday, 11 March 1856 Poll Sydney Hamlets
Wednesday, 12 March 1856 Noms Sydney City
Thursday, 13 March 1856 Poll Sydney City
Tuesday, 25 March 1856 Noms East Camden
Wednesday, 26 March 1856 Noms West Camden (Unc); Northumberland Boroughs; Western Boroughs
Thursday, 27 March 1856 Noms Cook and Westmoreland; North-Eastern Boroughs
Friday, 28 March 1856 Noms Argyle; Bathurst County; Durham; Murray (Unc); Parramatta; St Vincent
Friday, 28 March 1856 Poll Northumberland Boroughs
Saturday, 29 March 1856 Noms Gloucester and Macquarie; King and Georgiana; Moreton, Wide Bay, Burnett and Maranoa (Unc); Roxburgh; Southern Boroughs (Unc)
Saturday, 29 March 1856 Poll North-Eastern Boroughs; Parramatta; Western Boroughs
Monday, 31 March 1856 Noms Clarence and Darling Downs; Lachlan and Lower Darling; Phillip, Brisbane and Bligh; Wellington County
Monday, 31 March 1856 Poll Argyle; Bathurst County; East Camden; West Camden (No Poll)
Tuesday, 1 April 1856 Noms Cumberland (North Riding)
Wednesday, 2 April 1856 Noms Maneroo (Unc); Murrumbidgee (Unc); Northumberland and Hunter; Wellington and Bligh
Thursday, 3 April 1856 Noms Liverpool Plains and Gwydir; New England and McLeay; Stanley County
Friday, 4 April 1856 Noms Stanley Boroughs
Friday, 4 April 1856 Poll Cook and Westmoreland; Cumberland (North Riding); Southern Boroughs (No Poll)
Saturday, 5 April 1856 Noms Cumberland Boroughs; Cumberland (South Riding)
Saturday, 5 April 1856 Poll Murray (No Poll)
Monday, 7 April 1856 Poll Durham; King and Georgiana; Stanley Boroughs
Tuesday, 8 April 1856 Poll Cumberland Boroughs; Roxburgh
Wednesday, 9 April 1856 Poll Cumberland (South Riding); Stanley County
Thursday, 10 April 1856 Poll Gloucester and Macquarie; St Vincent; Wellington County
Friday, 11 April 1856 Poll Phillip, Brisbane and Bligh
Tuesday, 15 April 1856 Poll Clarence and Darling Downs
Wednesday, 16 April 1856 Poll Liverpool Plains and Gwydir; Maneroo (No Poll); Murrumbidgee (No Poll); Wellington and Bligh
Thursday, 17 April 1856 Poll Moreton, Wide Bay, Burnett and Maranoa (No Poll); New England and McLeay; Northumberland and Hunter
Saturday, 19 April 1856 Poll Lachlan and Lower Darling