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Cumberland (South Riding) - 1856 (Roll: 2,748) - 2 to be elected
Nominations: Saturday, 5 April 1856, Polling: Wednesday, 9 April 1856
Candidate Votes Votes %
Manning, William Montagu (Elected 1) 833 38.74
Weekes, Elias Carpenter (Elected 2) 576 26.79
Brenan, John Ryan 521 24.23
Russell, William 220 10.23
Formal Votes 2,150
Informal Votes 0 0.00
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 2,150 39.12
Persons Voting / Turnout 1,242 45.20
Notes: William Manning had served in the old Legislative Council as an appointed member. Unlike other newly appointed Ministers, he did not have to resign and contest a ministerial by-election as he already held the office of Solicitor-General at the time of his election. (LC Consolidated Index) Weekes was elected, but later won an appeal against his defeat in Northumberland Boroughs, choosing to sit for that seat and resign from this seat. The subsequent by-election was won by Brenan.
Source: Report of nominations SMH 7 April 1856, pp.5-7, results SMH 15 April 1856, p.4 col.5-6