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Cumberland (South Riding) - By-election (Roll: 2,748)
Nominations: Tuesday, 4 November 1856, Polling: Friday, 7 November 1856 (No poll held)
Candidate Votes Votes %
Donaldson, Stuart Alexander (Elected) Elected unopposed
Cause Category: Qualifications Committee
Notes: Caused by the election of John Ryan Brenan at an earlier by-election being declared invalid by the Elections and Qualifications Committee. A poll had not been conducted at Canterbury as had been notified, and the Committee nullified the result because of this failure. The by-election timing was useful for the newly appointed Parker Ministry, as it allowed Treasurer and former Premier Stuart Donaldson to re-enter parliament, having been defeated at a ministerial by-election in Sydney Hamlets on 10 October.
Source: Elections and Qualifications Committee report that caused by-election, LAVP 1856-7, Vol A1 p.801 and following. Empire, 5 November 1856, p. 5, cols 2-5, declared elected on close of nominations. Also reported SMH 5 November, p.3 col.1-5.