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Candidate Date Party District
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Abdulla, Zarif 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Lakemba
Abrahams, Lynn 22/03/2003 One Nation Bega
Acitelli, Domenico 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Liverpool
Adair, Michele 22/03/2003 Independent Georges River
Aiken, Robert 22/03/2003 Others Lakemba
Aitken, Jim 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Penrith
Alameddine, Ahmad 22/03/2003 Unity Liverpool
Alameddine, Ghaleb 22/03/2003 Unity Campbelltown
Alameddine, Selmen 22/03/2003 Unity Blacktown
Allan, Pam (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Wentworthville
Allen, Mick 22/03/2003 Independent Macquarie Fields
Amery, Richard (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Mount Druitt
Amos, Andrew 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Pittwater
Andrews, Marie (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Peats
Aplin, Greg (Elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Albury
Aquilina, John (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Riverstone
Armstrong, Ian (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Lachlan
Arnold, Pam 22/03/2003 Independent South Coast
Arvidson, Mitch 22/03/2003 Independent Penrith
Ashton, Alan (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party East Hills
Atkins, Carol 22/03/2003 Independent Monaro
Atkins, Ronald 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Dubbo
Atkinson, George 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Pittwater
Au, Shui 22/03/2003 Unity Auburn
Au, Siu 22/03/2003 Unity Cronulla
Awad, Karam 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Fairfield
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Bailey, Alison 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Kogarah
Bailey, John 22/03/2003 One Nation Cessnock
Bailey, Peter 22/03/2003 National Party Northern Tablelands
Baissari, Sam 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Wentworthville
Balk, Casey 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Tweed
Ballard, Robert 22/03/2003 Independent Albury
Bange, Jane 22/03/2003 The Greens South Coast
Barham, Jan 22/03/2003 The Greens Ballina
Barnard, Ken 17/09/2005 (by) Independent Macquarie Fields
Barr, David (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Independent Manly
Barsony, Roger 22/03/2003 The Greens Fairfield
Bartlett, John (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Port Stephens
Bateman, James 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Charlestown
Bates, Barbie 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Penrith
Bathgate, Stephen 22/03/2003 Others Drummoyne
Battersby, Elaine 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Newcastle
Bawden, Bob 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Blacktown
Bazeley, Carl 22/03/2003 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Beamer, Diane (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Mulgoa
Behn, Doug 22/03/2003 Independent Clarence
Benedek, Paul 22/03/2003 Socialist Alliance Port Jackson
Benjamin, Essam 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Smithfield
Bennell, Kirsten 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Maroubra
Bennett, Ursula 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Bega
Benson, Matthew 22/03/2003 The Greens Epping
Berejiklian, Gladys (Elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Willoughby
Bethune, Jason 22/03/2003 The Greens Blacktown
Bi, Anne 22/03/2003 Unity Baulkham Hills
Bilson, George 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Baulkham Hills
Bisby, Geoff 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Blacktown
Black, Peter (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Country Labor Murray-Darling
Blake, Andrew 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Drummoyne
Bleicher, Michelle 17/09/2005 (by) Australian Democrats Marrickville
Body, William 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Macquarie Fields
Boland, Michael 22/03/2003 One Nation Liverpool
Boswell, Jennifer 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Charlestown
Bourne, Christine 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Mulgoa
Bowen, Jim 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Heathcote
Boyd, Felicity 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Port Stephens
Boyd, Ian 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Ku-ring-gai
Boyd, Victor 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Liverpool
Bradley, Jeremy 22/03/2003 The Greens Oxley
Brazenall, Max 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Camden
Brennan, Jan 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Rockdale
Briscoe-Hough, Gregory 22/03/2003 Independent Lakemba
Brogden, John (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Pittwater
Brooke, Vicki 22/03/2003 The Greens Peats
Brookes, Glenn 22/03/2003 Liberal Party East Hills
Brown, Matt (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Kiama
Brown, Noeline 22/03/2003 Labor Party Southern Highlands
Buckingham, Jeremy 22/03/2003 The Greens Orange
Burney, Linda (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Canterbury
Burns, Gary 22/03/2003 Independent Bligh
Burston, Colleen 22/03/2003 One Nation Myall Lakes
Burston, Marjorie 22/03/2003 One Nation Clarence
Burston, Tenille 22/03/2003 One Nation Coffs Harbour
Burston, Trent 22/03/2003 One Nation Tweed
Burton, Cherie (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Kogarah
Bush, Francis 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Georges River
Bush, John 22/03/2003 Independent Heffron
Butler, Peter 22/03/2003 The Greens Macquarie Fields
Butler, Robert 22/03/2003 Independent Willoughby
Byrne, Charles 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Campbelltown
Byrne, Michael 22/03/2003 Independent Menai
Byrne, Sam 17/09/2005 (by) The Greens Marrickville
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Cagney, Cindy 22/03/2003 Independent Camden
Cai, Li 22/03/2003 Unity Penrith
Cai, Zi 22/03/2003 Unity Davidson
Caldwell, Benjamin 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Illawarra
Camp, Christopher 22/03/2003 Horse Riders Party Heathcote
Campbell, David (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Keira
Campbell, Eva 22/03/2003 Independent Camden
Cansdell, Steve (Elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Clarence
Capararo, Graham 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Cessnock
Carfield, George 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Keira
Carpentier, Ben 22/03/2003 Labor Party Pittwater
Carr, Bob (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Maroubra
Ceravolo, Anita 22/03/2003 The Greens Bligh
Chadban, John 22/03/2003 Independent Myall Lakes
Chamberlain, Michael 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Chan, David 22/03/2003 Unity Epping
Chan, Ernest 22/03/2003 Unity Parramatta
Chan, Lawrence 22/03/2003 Unity Ryde
Chan, Polly 22/03/2003 Unity Port Jackson
Chan, William 22/03/2003 Unity Hornsby
Chanphakeo, Stephen 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Heffron
Chao, Sylvia 22/03/2003 Unity Willoughby
Chaytor, Steven (Elected) 17/09/2005 (by) Labor Party Macquarie Fields
Chehoff, Michael 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Fairfield
Chen, Gengxing 22/03/2003 Unity Lakemba
Chermak, Daniel 22/03/2003 One Nation Wagga Wagga
Chermak, Peter 22/03/2003 One Nation The Entrance
Chinnock, Wilma 22/03/2003 Country Labor Bega
Chung, Steve 22/03/2003 Unity Smithfield
Church, Michael 22/03/2003 One Nation Mulgoa
Churches, David 22/03/2003 One Nation Upper Hunter
Cipov, John 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Illawarra
Clancy, Lisa 22/03/2003 Labor Party Myall Lakes
Clark, Jim 22/03/2003 The Greens Southern Highlands
Cluderay, Gerald 22/03/2003 One Nation Smithfield
Cluderay, Paul 22/03/2003 One Nation Riverstone
Coghlan, Eoin 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Rockdale
Coleman, David 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Maroubra
Collier, Barry (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Miranda
Collier, Henry 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Kiama
Collins, David 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Ryde
Collins, John 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Davidson
Colyer, Val 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Kogarah
Connor, Chris 22/03/2003 Country Labor Upper Hunter
Constable, Russell 22/03/2003 One Nation Lachlan
Constance, Andrew (Elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Bega
Cook, Quentin 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Blue Mountains
Corkill, John 22/03/2003 The Greens Lismore
Corrigan, Geoffrey (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Camden
Cosgrove, Lindsay 22/03/2003 Independent Burrinjuck
Cowley, Jen 20/11/2004 (by) National Party Dubbo
Crameri, Kevin 22/03/2003 Independent Penrith
Crittenden, Paul (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Wyong
Cronin, Alan 22/03/2003 Independent East Hills
Csanki, Sharyn 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Wallsend
Cull, John (Defeated) 22/03/2003 National Party Tamworth
Curnow, Clive 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Kiama
Curran, Mark 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Rockdale
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Dabbagh, Nabil 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats East Hills
Dakin, Howard 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration East Hills
Dakin, Sue 22/03/2003 Country Labor Ballina
Dale, Francis 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Auburn
Daley, Michael (Elected) 17/09/2005 (by) Labor Party Maroubra
D'Amore, Angela (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Drummoyne
Dansie, Judith 22/03/2003 One Nation Penrith
Darley, Keith 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Auburn
Davies, Sharon 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Maitland
Dawson, Leo 22/03/2003 Country Labor Dubbo
De Leau, Lesa 22/03/2003 The Greens Rockdale
De Luca, Vincent 22/03/2003 Independent Wakehurst
Debnam, Peter (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Debus, Bob (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Dedman, Lindon 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Blacktown
Diamantes, George 22/03/2003 One Nation Camden
Dickinson, Mark 22/03/2003 The Greens Gosford
Digby, Craig 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Camden
Dillon, Meryl 22/03/2003 Country Labor Barwon
Docherty, Scott 22/03/2003 Labor Party Cronulla
Dodd, Lorraine 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Mulgoa
Donald, James 22/03/2003 One Nation Northern Tablelands
Douglas, Claire 22/03/2003 Independent Albury
Dover, Sally 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Port Stephens
Dowman, Albert 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration The Hills
Drake, John 22/03/2003 Independent Granville
Draper, Peter (Elected) 22/03/2003 Independent Tamworth
Ducker, Martin 22/03/2003 The Greens Murrumbidgee
Duckett, Allan 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Miranda
Duncan, Malcolm 22/03/2003 Independent Bligh
Dunn, Robert 26/11/2005 (by) Independent Pittwater
Dwyer, Terry 22/03/2003 One Nation Tamworth
Dyer, Nick 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Port Jackson
E Top of Page
Easton, Col 22/03/2003 One Nation Londonderry
Easton, Rosemary 22/03/2003 One Nation Campbelltown
Eckersley, Charmian 22/03/2003 The Greens Swansea
Edgar, Gemma 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Menai
Edwards, Lesley 22/03/2003 The Greens Penrith
Ellard, Anthony 22/03/2003 Labor Party The Hills
Ellis, Bryan 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs The Entrance
Ellis, Mark 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Peats
Emirali, Levent 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Auburn
Erglis, Evalds 22/03/2003 Independent Coffs Harbour
Evans, Lee 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Keira
F Top of Page
Falconer, Boyd 22/03/2003 Independent Londonderry
Fardell, Dawn (Elected) 20/11/2004 (by) Independent Dubbo
Faulkner, Nic 22/03/2003 Independent Ballina
Fearn, Helen 22/03/2003 One Nation Oxley
Feinbier, Warren 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Cronulla
Fenton, Charlie 22/03/2003 National Party Port Macquarie
Ferguson, Christine 22/03/2003 One Nation Maitland
Ferguson, Kate 22/03/2003 Independent Charlestown
Fitzsimmons, Dominic 22/03/2003 The Greens Canterbury
Flanagan, Terry 22/03/2003 Country Labor Clarence
Florence, Annie 22/03/2003 The Greens Bega
Flowers, James 22/03/2003 One Nation Swansea
Fogarty, Michaela 22/03/2003 Country Labor Northern Tablelands
Foley, Thomas 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Rockdale
Fonseca, Johnn 22/03/2003 The Greens Smithfield
Fordyce, Dennis 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Mulgoa
Forrest, Peter 22/03/2003 The Greens Wakehurst
Forrest, Shauna 22/03/2003 The Greens Lane Cove
Fraser, Andrew (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Coffs Harbour
Fraser, Garth 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Keira
Fraser, Laurie 22/03/2003 The Greens Hawkesbury
Fraser, Nola 17/09/2005 (by) Liberal Party Macquarie Fields
Fredman, Nick 22/03/2003 Socialist Alliance Lismore
Frick, Allen 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats North Shore
Fuller, Paul 22/03/2003 One Nation Port Stephens
G Top of Page
Gadiel, Tanya (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Parramatta
Galey, Sue 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Albury
Gallagher, Mick 22/03/2003 Independent Hornsby
Gander, Gladys 22/03/2003 One Nation Newcastle
Gander, Trevor 22/03/2003 One Nation Lake Macquarie
Gardiner, Anne 17/09/2005 (by) The Greens Maroubra
Garrett, Anna 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Strathfield
Gaudry, Bryce (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Newcastle
Gayed, William 22/03/2003 The Greens Mulgoa
Gelling, Ian 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Penrith
Gemmell, Susie 22/03/2003 The Greens Ku-ring-gai
Geoghegan, Bob 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Maitland
George, Thomas (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Lismore
Ghabbar, Sanaa 22/03/2003 The Greens Bankstown
Ghalayini, Mahmoud 22/03/2003 Independent Rockdale
Gibson, Di 22/03/2003 Independent Wallsend
Gibson, Paul (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Blacktown
Giles, Patricia 26/11/2005 (by) Christian Democrats Pittwater
Gill, Linda 22/03/2003 The Greens Myall Lakes
Glastonbury, Simon 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Port Jackson
Glen, Fiona 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Charlestown
Goh, Godwin 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Liverpool
Goldsmith, John 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Peats
Goldstein, Saidi 17/09/2005 (by) Christian Democrats Marrickville
Grabovac, David 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Bankstown
Graham, Rex 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Wagga Wagga
Grant, Lee 22/03/2003 The Greens Cabramatta
Green, Allan 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Mount Druitt
Green, Helga 22/03/2003 One Nation Kiama
Greene, Kevin (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Georges River
Gregory, Ken 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats The Hills
Griffiths, Angela 22/03/2003 Independent Lismore
Griffiths, John 22/03/2003 Independent Hawkesbury
Griffiths, Tom 22/03/2003 The Greens Port Stephens
Grigg, Brian 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Blue Mountains
Grindrod, James 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Macquarie Fields
Grivas, George 22/03/2003 One Nation Blue Mountains
H Top of Page
Habib, Mary 22/03/2003 Reform the Legal System Lakemba
Hailes, Gerda 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Wyong
Hale, Ian 22/03/2003 One Nation Monaro
Hamer, Kerri 17/09/2005 (by) Independent Maroubra
Hampsey, Sean 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Cabramatta
Hancock, Shelley (Elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party South Coast
Harris, Conny 22/03/2003 The Greens Davidson
Harris, Richard 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Illawarra
Hartcher, Chris (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Gosford
Hastie, Carolyn 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats The Entrance
Hawkins, Mary 22/03/2003 The Greens Strathfield
Hay, Jean 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Manly
Hay, Noreen (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Wollongong
Hay, Tony 22/03/2003 Labor Party Baulkham Hills
Hayes, Gerard 22/03/2003 Country Labor Oxley
Hazzard, Brad (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Henderson, Meredith 22/03/2003 The Greens Wollongong
Hennelly, Paul 22/03/2003 Fishing Party Myall Lakes
Hennessy, Barry 22/03/2003 Independent Illawarra
Hesse, Colin 22/03/2003 The Greens Marrickville
Hetherington, Peter 22/03/2003 Independent Orange
Hewitt, Andrew 22/03/2003 Labor Party Ku-ring-gai
Heycott, Bill 22/03/2003 Independent Illawarra
Hickey, Kerry (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Cessnock
Hinman, Pip 17/09/2005 (by) Socialist Alliance Marrickville
Hocking, Gordon 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Miranda
Hodge, Leonard 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Lake Macquarie
Hodgkinson, Katrina (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Burrinjuck
Holder, Greg 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Coffs Harbour
Holloway, David 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Smithfield
Holstein, Chris 22/03/2003 Independent Peats
Hooper, Norman 22/03/2003 Independent Londonderry
Hopwood, Judy (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Hornsby
Horgan, Michael 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Parramatta
Horton, Mark 22/03/2003 National Party Dubbo
Hough, Robert 22/03/2003 Country Labor Port Macquarie
Howden, Jocelyn 22/03/2003 The Greens The Hills
Howells, Tony 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Wakehurst
Hubbard, Mike 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Wakehurst
Hughes, Brian 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Clarence
Hughes, David 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wollongong
Humpherson, Andrew (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Davidson
Hunter, Jeff (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
Hutchins, Ian 22/03/2003 One Nation Dubbo
I Top of Page
Iemma, Morris (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Lakemba
Ingram, John 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Swansea
Irvine, John 22/03/2003 Independent Northern Tablelands
Irvine, Judy 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Granville
Isbester, Marsha 22/03/2003 National Party Murray-Darling
J Top of Page
Jarecki, Sheryl 22/03/2003 The Greens Riverstone
Johanson, Margaret 22/03/2003 The Greens Illawarra
Johnson, Sue 22/03/2003 Socialist Alliance Marrickville
Jones, Danielle 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Kiama
Jones, Howard 22/03/2003 The Greens Kiama
Jorquera, Roberto 22/03/2003 Socialist Alliance Auburn
Judge, Virginia (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Strathfield
Jurcevic, Rik 22/03/2003 The Greens Maroubra
K Top of Page
Kadwell, John 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Kiama
Kaitanovich, Greg 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Auburn
Kassim, Soraya 22/03/2003 The Greens Kogarah
Kelly, Ned 22/03/2003 Fishing Party Tweed
Kendall, Jim 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Wallsend
Keneally, Kristina (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Heffron
Kennedy, Mary 22/03/2003 One Nation Georges River
Kennedy, Robert 22/03/2003 One Nation Illawarra
Kennedy, Tom 22/03/2003 One Nation Murray-Darling
Kerr, Malcolm (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Cronulla
Kerr, Peter 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Mount Druitt
Keshavarz Talebi, Kamran 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats The Hills
Kidd, Michael 22/03/2003 Country Labor Murrumbidgee
King, David 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Blacktown
King, Tony 22/03/2003 Independent Port Stephens
Knowles, Craig (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Macquarie Fields
Koutsouras, John 22/03/2003 Independent Canterbury
Kouzi, Jack 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Canterbury
L Top of Page
Lai, Alan 22/03/2003 Unity Heffron
Lam, Keelah 22/03/2003 The Greens Manly
Lamont, Ian 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Gosford
Lantry, Alicia 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Mount Druitt
Lantry, Vickie 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Myall Lakes
Lanyon, Peter 22/03/2003 Country Labor Lismore
Latz, Phil 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Wollongong
Lau, John 22/03/2003 Unity Georges River
Lawler, Ann 22/03/2003 Independent Maitland
Lawler, Steven 22/03/2003 Independent Upper Hunter
Lawrance, Sarah 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Heffron
Leach, Frederick 22/03/2003 One Nation Keira
Lee, Hue 22/03/2003 Unity Pittwater
Lee, John 22/03/2003 Independent Maitland
Lee, Peter 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Swansea
Lee, Rita 22/03/2003 Unity Wakehurst
Leishman, Tanya 22/03/2003 The Greens Heathcote
Li, Lisa 22/03/2003 Unity Coogee
Li, Pei 22/03/2003 Unity Lane Cove
Liang, Henson 22/03/2003 Unity Marrickville
Lim, Chiang 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Parramatta
Liu, Naxin 22/03/2003 Unity Kogarah
Long, Greg 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Lopez, Jean 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Mulgoa
Loughlin, Terrance 20/11/2004 (by) The Greens Dubbo
Lynch, Paul (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Liverpool
Lyons, Mark 22/03/2003 Labor Party Epping
M Top of Page
Macdonald, Alasdair 17/09/2005 (by) Unaffiliated Marrickville
Mach, Van 22/03/2003 Unity Wollongong
Maguire, Daryl (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Maier, Steve 22/03/2003 The Greens Dubbo
Mak, Yieu 22/03/2003 Unity Gosford
Mallard, Shayne 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Bligh
Mammen, Neville 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Tamworth
Mansour, Morris 22/03/2003 Independent Strathfield
Mansour, Ramzy 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Marrickville
Martin, Gerard (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Country Labor Bathurst
Martinez, Gabi 22/03/2003 The Greens Baulkham Hills
Masina, Paul 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Camden
Mathew, Marie 22/03/2003 Independent Clarence
Mathews, Nico 22/03/2003 Country Labor Albury
Matson, Murray 22/03/2003 The Greens Coogee
Mavin, Anthony 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wakehurst
Maxwell, Steve 22/03/2003 The Greens Auburn
May, Darren 22/03/2003 One Nation Ballina
May, Joanne 22/03/2003 One Nation Wyong
Mayfield, Caroline 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Willoughby
McBride, David 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Coogee
McBride, Grant (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party The Entrance
McCafferty, Joanne 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Georges River
McCaffery, Barry 22/03/2003 Independent South Coast
McCaffrey, Ian 22/03/2003 Independent Myall Lakes
McCallum, Peter 22/03/2003 One Nation Heathcote
McCallum, Renata 22/03/2003 One Nation Cronulla
McClung, Jean 22/03/2003 Independent Southern Highlands
McDermott, Colin 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Granville
McDermott, Joseph 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Bankstown
McDonald, Michael 22/03/2003 One Nation Burrinjuck
McDonald, Nathan 22/03/2003 One Nation Southern Highlands
Mcdonald, Rhonda 22/03/2003 One Nation Macquarie Fields
McGillivray, Suzanne 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Lane Cove
McGrane, Tony (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Independent Dubbo
McGrath, John 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Granville
McInnes, Pippa 22/03/2003 The Greens Blue Mountains
McKay, Sonya 22/03/2003 The Greens East Hills
McKenzie, Ian 22/03/2003 The Greens Newcastle
McKinnon, Don 22/03/2003 Independent Murray-Darling
McKinnon, Jenny 22/03/2003 The Greens Lachlan
McLachlan, Chris 17/09/2005 (by) Independent Marrickville
McLean, Bruce 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Orange
McLeay, Paul (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Heathcote
McLeod, James 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Port Macquarie
McLeod, Robert 22/03/2003 Unity The Hills
McManus, Michael 22/03/2003 Country Labor Burrinjuck
McMurdo, Wendy 22/03/2003 The Greens Hornsby
McNaught, Hugh 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Hawkesbury
McPherson, Col 22/03/2003 Country Labor Wagga Wagga
McTaggart, Alex (Elected) 26/11/2005 (by) Independent Pittwater
Meagher, Reba (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Cabramatta
Meaney, Anthony 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Swansea
Medway, Kerry 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Port Macquarie
Megarrity, Alison (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Menai
Melland, Julia 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Lismore
Mendelssohn, David 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Marrickville
Merton, Wayne (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Baulkham Hills
Mifsud, Charles 22/03/2003 Independent Illawarra
Mills, John (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Wallsend
Milton, Brian 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Port Stephens
Moffat, John 22/03/2003 Independent Miranda
Moffitt, Marjorie 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Manly
Moore, Catherine 22/03/2003 The Greens Monaro
Moore, Clover (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Independent Bligh
Moore, Peter 22/03/2003 Independent Peats
Morgans, John 22/03/2003 One Nation Albury
Morris, Matthew (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Charlestown
Morrison, Howard 22/03/2003 The Greens Lake Macquarie
Morrison, Lindy 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Coogee
Morton, Ben 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Wyong
Moulds, Barry 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Myall Lakes
Moulds, David 22/03/2003 Independent Wollongong
Moylan, Joyce 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wyong
Mudgee, David 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Epping
Muldoon, Graeme 22/03/2003 Independent Port Macquarie
Muller, Stephen 22/03/2003 Independent Drummoyne
Mullins, Darrel 22/03/2003 One Nation Parramatta
Muntz, Bob 22/03/2003 The Greens Burrinjuck
Murray, Brett 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Wentworthville
N Top of Page
Nam, Ken 22/03/2003 Unity Canterbury
Nannelli, Owen 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Epping
Nathan, Kenneth 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Penrith
Newell, Neville (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Tweed
Newman, Allison 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Gosford
Newnam, Kathy 22/03/2003 Socialist Alliance Charlestown
Newton, Paul 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Cabramatta
Newton, Richard 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Mount Druitt
Nicolaou, Paul 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Ryde
Nicolaou, Paul 26/11/2005 (by) Liberal Party Pittwater
Nicotra, Mario 26/11/2005 (by) Australian Democrats Pittwater
Nikoletatos, Peter 22/03/2003 Independent Charlestown
Nikolovski, John 22/03/2003 Independent Rockdale
Ninham, Leigh 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Campbelltown
Nixon, Ted 22/03/2003 The Greens North Shore
Norek, Mark 22/03/2003 Independent Manly
Nori, Sandra (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Port Jackson
O Top of Page
Oakeshott, Rob (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Independent Port Macquarie
Oates, Garry 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration The Entrance
O'Connor, Kane 22/03/2003 One Nation Auburn
O'Connor, Shane 22/03/2003 One Nation Granville
O'Donnell, Gabrielle 22/03/2003 Labor Party Lane Cove
O'Farrell, Barry (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Ku-ring-gai
O'Gorman, Rory 22/03/2003 The Greens Vaucluse
O'Neill, Deborah 22/03/2003 Labor Party Gosford
Orkopoulos, Milton (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Swansea
Orman, Kate 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Hornsby
Osborne, Michael 22/03/2003 The Greens Wallsend
Owens, Chris 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Ryde
Oz, Susan 22/03/2003 One Nation Menai
P Top of Page
Page, Don (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Ballina
Palladinetti, Tina 22/03/2003 The Greens Menai
Paluzzano, Karyn (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Penrith
Parker, David 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Newcastle
Parker, Jamie 22/03/2003 The Greens Port Jackson
Parkins, Jim 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Macquarie Fields
Parry-Jones, Gwen 22/03/2003 The Greens The Entrance
Parsons, Keith 22/03/2003 The Greens Charlestown
Parsons, Norm 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Riverstone
Paterson, Brett 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Newcastle
Paull, David 22/03/2003 The Greens Barwon
Peacock, Tom 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Riverstone
Pearce, Paul (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Coogee
Pender, Karen 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Granville
Perrin, Brendon 22/03/2003 The Greens Northern Tablelands
Perry, Barbara (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Auburn
Peterson, Janne 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Bankstown
Phatarfod, Barri 22/03/2003 Labor Party Bligh
Phillips, Edna 22/03/2003 One Nation Wallsend
Phillips, John 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Londonderry
Phillips, John 22/03/2003 One Nation Charlestown
Phillips, Jon 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Bligh
Piccoli, Adrian (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Murrumbidgee
Pini, Alexander 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Drummoyne
Pinsuti, Susan 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Burrinjuck
Piper, Tania 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Baulkham Hills
Plant, Denis 17/09/2005 (by) Christian Democrats Macquarie Fields
Pollard, Stephen 22/03/2003 Country Labor Lachlan
Pong, Stephen 22/03/2003 Unity Bligh
Pope, Judy 22/03/2003 Independent Hawkesbury
Potter, Mark 22/03/2003 One Nation East Hills
Poularas, Manny 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Smithfield
Powell, Allen 22/03/2003 The Greens Camden
Price, John (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Maitland
Pride, George 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Wollongong
Pringle, Gregg 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Bankstown
Pringle, Steven (Elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Prior, David 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Manly
Purcell, Mark 22/03/2003 The Greens Clarence
Q Top of Page
Quinn, Allan 22/03/2003 The Greens Londonderry
R Top of Page
Rae, Richard 22/03/2003 Independent Marrickville
Rangihaeata, Makere 20/11/2004 (by) Independent Dubbo
Ranke, Aina 22/03/2003 The Greens Maitland
Raue, Ben 17/09/2005 (by) The Greens Macquarie Fields
Reader, Darren 22/03/2003 The Greens Wentworthville
Rees, Jim 22/03/2003 The Greens Wagga Wagga
Refshauge, Andrew (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Marrickville
Reid, Jim 22/03/2003 Independent North Shore
Reid, Karen 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats East Hills
Reilly, Pat 22/03/2003 Independent Willoughby
Ren, Chuan 22/03/2003 Unity Maroubra
Reves, Goran 22/03/2003 Independent Blacktown
Rhoades, Keith 22/03/2003 Independent Coffs Harbour
Richardson, Michael (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party The Hills
Rickard, Scott 22/03/2003 The Greens Wyong
Roberts, Anthony (Elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Robertson, Brent 22/03/2003 The Greens Mount Druitt
Roumieh, Nasser 22/03/2003 Unity Bankstown
Rowe, Jane 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Pittwater
Rowe, Warren 22/03/2003 Independent Bathurst
Rowell, Jai 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Macquarie Fields
Rozos, Angelo 22/03/2003 Labor Party Davidson
Russell, Susie 22/03/2003 The Greens Port Macquarie
Ryan, Kevin James 22/03/2003 Independent Rockdale
Ryan, Steve 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats South Coast
S Top of Page
Saliba, Marianne (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Illawarra
Salomon, Alice 22/03/2003 Labor Party Vaucluse
Salti, Wafaa 22/03/2003 The Greens Granville
Salvaggio, John 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Hornsby
Sami, Nawal 22/03/2003 Unity Newcastle
Sartor, Frank (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Rockdale
Savoca, Carmelo 22/03/2003 One Nation South Coast
Sawalha, Bashir 22/03/2003 The Greens Lakemba
Saxiones, Noeline 22/03/2003 One Nation Hawkesbury
Scevola, Salvatore 22/03/2003 Independent Drummoyne
Scholem, Esther 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Blue Mountains
Schreiber, Kevin 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Miranda
Schwarze, Gail 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Albury
Scully, Carl (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Smithfield
Seaton, Peta (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Southern Highlands
Sergent, Michael 22/03/2003 The Greens Keira
Sharpe, Chris 22/03/2003 Labor Party Wakehurst
Shaw, Jimmy 22/03/2003 The Greens Ryde
Shea, Chiming 22/03/2003 Unity Ku-ring-gai
Shearan, Allan (Elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Londonderry
Shen, Victor 22/03/2003 Fishing Party Port Jackson
Shen, Victor 17/09/2005 (by) Fishing Party Maroubra
Shepherd, Lyndon 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Wentworthville
Shoebridge, Brian 22/03/2003 The Greens Bathurst
Siapos, Peter 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Canterbury
Simpson, David 22/03/2003 Independent Bathurst
Simpson, Julie 22/03/2003 The Greens Miranda
Skinner, Jillian (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party North Shore
Slack-Smith, Ian (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Barwon
Smith, Beth 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Cronulla
Smith, Beth 17/09/2005 (by) Christian Democrats Maroubra
Smith, Wayne (Defeated) 22/03/2003 Country Labor South Coast
Smith, Will 22/03/2003 The Greens Heffron
Smith-Di Francesco, Dianne 22/03/2003 Independent Wyong
Sonda, Tracie 22/03/2003 Independent Cronulla
Soulos, Mersina 22/03/2003 The Greens Drummoyne
Souris, George (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Upper Hunter
Sowilam, Hanan 22/03/2003 Reform the Legal System Bankstown
Sparks, Philip 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Epping
Spence, Chris 22/03/2003 One Nation Barwon
St Lawrence, Patricia 22/03/2003 Independent Cessnock
Stanton, Rob 22/03/2003 Independent The Hills
Steel, Mike 22/03/2003 The Greens Willoughby
Stennett, Christopher 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Wyong
Stephenson, Pamela 22/03/2003 Country Labor Coffs Harbour
Stepkovitch, Nick 17/09/2005 (by) Independent Maroubra
Stevens, Daniel 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Davidson
Stevens, Natalie 26/11/2005 (by) The Greens Pittwater
Stewart, Tony (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Bankstown
Stonehouse, Darran 22/03/2003 The Greens Albury
Stoner, Andrew (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Oxley
Strachan, Neil 22/03/2003 The Greens Upper Hunter
Stringer, Richard 22/03/2003 Independent Barwon
Strom, Jan 22/03/2003 Independent Coffs Harbour
Strutt, Isabel 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Northern Tablelands
Stubbs, Rex 22/03/2003 Independent Hawkesbury
Su, Cynthia 22/03/2003 Unity Wentworthville
Su, Thomas 22/03/2003 Unity Menai
Suwald, Kerry 22/03/2003 The Greens Cessnock
Swallow, Ian 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Wentworthville
T Top of Page
Tabart, Tom 22/03/2003 The Greens Tweed
Tai, Kek 22/03/2003 Unity Macquarie Fields
Tait, Ray 22/03/2003 Country Labor Tamworth
Tan, Ay 22/03/2003 Unity Blue Mountains
Tan, Greg 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Riverstone
Tannous, Joe 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Strathfield
Taunton-Henderson, Nada 22/03/2003 One Nation Fairfield
Taunton-Webb, David 22/03/2003 One Nation Cabramatta
Taylor, Glenn 22/03/2003 Country Labor Orange
Tebbutt, Carmel (Elected) 17/09/2005 (by) Labor Party Marrickville
Thew, Leighton 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Willoughby
Thomas, Brett 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Menai
Thompson, Ann 22/03/2003 National Party Bathurst
Thomson, Lorraine 22/03/2003 Save Our Suburbs Marrickville
Thomson, Lorraine 17/09/2005 (by) Save Our Suburbs Marrickville
Tierney, Michael 22/03/2003 The Greens Liverpool
Tindall, Gabrielle 22/03/2003 The Greens Coffs Harbour
Tink, Andrew (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Epping
Tongsumrith, Somchai 22/03/2003 Unity Granville
Toohey, Michael 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Heathcote
Torbay, Richard (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Independent Northern Tablelands
Torr, Bradley 22/03/2003 One Nation Bankstown
Tran, Cong 22/03/2003 Unity Rockdale
Treyvaud, Ross 22/03/2003 Independent Cabramatta
Tripodi, Joe (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Fairfield
Troy, Dale 22/03/2003 National Party Cessnock
Truong, Loan 22/03/2003 Unity Maitland
Truong, Nguyen 22/03/2003 Unity Fairfield
Try, Daniel 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Lakemba
Tsang, Alfred 22/03/2003 Unity Strathfield
Tschanter, Dell 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Swansea
Tuck, Mick 22/03/2003 Independent Myall Lakes
Tullis, John 22/03/2003 Independent Heffron
Turner, John (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Myall Lakes
Turner, Russell (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 National Party Orange
Turrisi, Tina 22/03/2003 Unity Drummoyne
U Top of Page
Uri, John 22/03/2003 Unity Mount Druitt
V Top of Page
Valentine, Chris 22/03/2003 The Greens Tamworth
van de Weg, Bruce 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Hawkesbury
van de Weg, Margaret 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Baulkham Hills
Vance, Les 22/03/2003 Independent Parramatta
Vanderpoll, Wally 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Davidson
Vardon, Chris 22/03/2003 Independent Bega
Vermeer, Peter 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Heathcote
Vinnicombe, Bob 17/09/2005 (by) One Nation Macquarie Fields
Vinnicombe, Sue 22/03/2003 National Party Tweed
Vlamitsopoulos, John 22/03/2003 The Greens Cronulla
Vuong, Ngoc 22/03/2003 Unity Hawkesbury
W Top of Page
Wadsworth, David 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Hornsby
Wainwright, Sam 22/03/2003 Socialist Alliance Bankstown
Walch, Geoff 22/03/2003 The Greens Murray-Darling
Waldron Hahn, Victoria 22/03/2003 The Greens Campbelltown
Wales, Debra 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Peats
Walker, Phil 22/03/2003 Liberal Party The Entrance
Walters, Hunter 22/03/2003 The Greens Pittwater
Ward, Geoff 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Peats
Wareing, Imogen 22/03/2003 Labor Party Willoughby
Warnock, Jack 22/03/2003 Independent Barwon
Waters, Geraldine 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Penrith
Watkins, John (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Ryde
Watson, Greg 22/03/2003 Independent South Coast
Watterson, Barry 22/03/2003 Independent Coogee
Wearne, Lorraine 22/03/2003 Independent Parramatta
Webb, Peter (Defeated) 22/03/2003 National Party Monaro
Welsh, Christine 22/03/2003 The Greens Georges River
West, Graham (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Campbelltown
Whan, Steve (Elected) 22/03/2003 Country Labor Monaro
White, Susan 22/03/2003 Labor Party Hornsby
Whitehead, Margery 22/03/2003 Independent Heffron
Wilkie, John 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Bathurst
Williams, Chris 22/03/2003 Socialist Alliance Illawarra
Williams, David 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Wallsend
Williams, Harry 22/03/2003 Independent Newcastle
Williams, Ray 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Riverstone
Williamson, Doug 22/03/2003 The Greens Parramatta
Wilton, Heather 22/03/2003 Independent Albury
Winter, Stephan 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Rockdale
Winton, Tabitha 22/03/2003 Labor Party North Shore
Wiszniewski, Witold 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Ku-ring-gai
Witten, Richard 22/03/2003 Independent Tamworth
Wong, Christopher 22/03/2003 Unity Cabramatta
Wood, Anne 22/03/2003 Independent Wollongong
Wood, Steve 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats The Entrance
Woodger, Janey 22/03/2003 Aust. Against Further Immigration Londonderry
Woodger, Janey 17/09/2005 (by) Aust. Against Further Immigration Macquarie Fields
Woodward, Malcolm 17/09/2005 (by) Independent Marrickville
Wright, David 22/03/2003 Liberal Party Campbelltown
Wroblewski, Michael 22/03/2003 Independent Drummoyne
Wyness, Joseph 22/03/2003 Christian Democrats Mount Druitt
X Top of Page
Xie, Stanley 22/03/2003 Unity East Hills
Y Top of Page
Yagoub, Thoria 22/03/2003 Reform the Legal System Auburn
Yang, Lisan 22/03/2003 Unity Miranda
Yeadon, Kim (Re-elected) 22/03/2003 Labor Party Granville
Yong, Teck 22/03/2003 Unity Vaucluse
Yoo, Tony 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Parramatta
York, Alec 22/03/2003 Australian Democrats Clarence
Yuen, John 22/03/2003 Unity Manly
Z Top of Page
Zahner, Brian 22/03/2003 One Nation Blacktown
Zhang, Xiaogang 22/03/2003 Unity North Shore
Zochling, Hugh 22/03/2003 Labor Party Manly