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Candidate Date Party District
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Abadee, Phillip Leon 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Maroubra
Aitken, John James 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Peats
Aitken, John James 02/02/1985 (by) Australian Democrats Peats
Akister, John Edward (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Monaro
Amery, Richard (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Riverstone
Anderson, Geoffrey George 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Broken Hill
Anderson, Peter Thomas (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Penrith
Andrews, Allan 31/01/1987 (by) Liberal Party Heathcote
Anthony, Michael John 24/03/1984 Labor Party Murray
Aquilina, John Joseph (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Blacktown
Arkell, Francis Neville (Elected) 24/03/1984 Independent Wollongong
Armstrong, Ian (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Lachlan
Aston, Ray (Elected) 31/05/1986 (by) Liberal Party Vaucluse
Axford, Norm 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
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Badman, John 02/08/1986 (by) Independent Rockdale
Baird, Bruce (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Northcott
Baker, Graham 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Lane Cove
Bannerman, David Sutherland 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Blacktown
Bannon, Brian (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Rockdale
Barber, Jill 02/08/1986 (by) Independent Bass Hill
Barrett, John Gregory 24/03/1984 Independent Oxley
Beasley, John 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
Beck, Donald Frederick Charles (Elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Byron
Beckroge, William Harmon (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Broken Hill
Bedford, Eric (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Cabramatta
Bellchambers, Charles 02/08/1986 (by) Independent Rockdale
Bellchambers, Edwin Charles 24/03/1984 Independent Rockdale
Bennie, Gibson 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Balmain
Berkhout, Gerard Marie 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Cessnock
Biscoe, Stephen Wayne 01/02/1986 (by) Independent Cabramatta
Blefari, Frank Tonny 24/03/1984 Independent Newcastle
Booth, John (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Wakehurst
Booth, Kenneth George (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Wallsend
Bourke, Laurence 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Wakehurst
Bowman, Don (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Swansea
Brading, Ralph (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Camden
Bradshaw, Margaret 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Blue Mountains
Bransdon, David Arthur 24/03/1984 Independent Liverpool
Brash, Nicholas 01/02/1986 (by) Marijuana Party Kiama
Brash, Nicholas 31/01/1987 (by) Marijuana Party Heathcote
Brereton, Laurie (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Heffron
Britt, Edwin Alfred 24/03/1984 Labor Party Willoughby
Brooks, Ray 02/02/1985 (by) Independent Murray
Brooks, Ronald Walker 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Wollongong
Brown, Ivor William 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Lismore
Brown, Laurence 24/03/1984 Labor Party Coffs Harbour
Bruton, Colin Edward 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Corrimal
Butler, Gregory 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Murray
Byers, Alan Edward 24/03/1984 Independent Merrylands
Byers, Alan Edward 01/02/1986 (by) Call to Australia Cabramatta
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Cain, John 24/03/1984 Independent Waratah
Caine, Milton Clive 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Swansea
Cainero, Claude 24/03/1984 National Party Northern Tablelands
Calvert, Barry John 24/03/1984 Labor Party The Hills
Cameron, Ian Donald 24/03/1984 Labor Party Ku-ring-gai
Carr, Noel 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Heathcote
Carr, Robert John (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Maroubra
Carter, Garry Allan 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Wallsend
Carter, Viv 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats St Marys
Carver, Peter 02/08/1986 (by) Australian Democrats Bass Hill
Carver, Peter 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
Caterson, Frederick Douglas Claude (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party The Hills
Causley, Ian (Elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Clarence
Cavalier, Rodney (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Gladesville
Chamberlain, Daryl 24/03/1984 Liberal Party St Marys
Chambers, Peter Richard 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Ryde
Chapman, Toni Margaret 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats The Hills
Chappell, Ray (Elected) 23/05/1987 (by) National Party Northern Tablelands
Chestnut, Gary John 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Gosford
Christie, Robert William John (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Seven Hills
Cleary, Michael (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Coogee
Clifford, Marc James 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Seven Hills
Clough, James (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Eastwood
Clough, Ralph (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Bathurst
Collins, Peter Edward James (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Willoughby
Connor, Reginald Francis Xavier 24/03/1984 Labor Party Wollongong
Cooke, Joan Lily 24/03/1984 Independent Manly
Copeland, Joyce 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Burrinjuck
Cox, Peter Francis (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Auburn
Crameri, Kevin Douglas 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Penrith
Crawford, Peter (Elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Balmain
Crisp, Neville John 24/03/1984 National Party Broken Hill
Crosio, Janice (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Fairfield
Cruickshank, Adrian John (Elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Murrumbidgee
Curran, James Lawrence 24/03/1984 Labor Party Castlereagh
Curtis, David Allan 24/03/1984 Labor Party Vaucluse
D Top of Page
Daley, Philip 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Elizabeth
Davidson, Dick 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Waverley
Davies, Gordon Robert Wyndham 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Heathcote
Davoren, Wes (Elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Lakemba
Day, Bill 24/03/1984 Labor Party Clarence
Debus, Bob (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Blue Mountains
Dekker, Jan 24/03/1984 Labor Party Northcott
Delves, Margaret Jean 24/03/1984 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Devine, Barry 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Heffron
Dezelin, Rudolph 24/03/1984 Independent Wollongong
Donnelly, Mark Harrison 31/05/1986 (by) Call to Australia Pittwater
Dowd, John (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Lane Cove
Downy, Chris 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Woronora
Doyle, Tony (Elected) 02/02/1985 (by) Labor Party Peats
Droulers, Julien 24/03/1984 Rainbow Party Bass Hill
Droulers, Julien 01/02/1986 (by) Rainbow Party Canterbury
Drysdale, Robyn Anne 24/03/1984 Labor Party South Coast
Dubler, Robert Edward 24/03/1984 Labor Party Gordon
Duncan, Robert Bruce (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Independent Lismore
Dunkerley, Christopher 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Eastwood
Dunne, Anthony 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Davidson
E Top of Page
Eastman, John Charles 24/03/1984 Labor Party Gloucester
Edwards, Colin 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Wentworthville
Edwards, Valmai Frances 02/08/1986 (by) Socialist Workers Rockdale
Egan, David Thomas 24/03/1984 Liberal Party South Coast
Egan, John 24/03/1984 Independent Gladesville
Egan, Michael Rueben (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Cronulla
Elias, George 01/02/1986 (by) Liberal Party Canterbury
F Top of Page
Face, Jack Richard (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Charlestown
Fahey, John Joseph (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Camden
Ferguson, Laurie (Elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Granville
Fetterplace, Gordon Karl 24/03/1984 Independent Campbelltown
Finn, Ken 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Coogee
Fischer, Timothy (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Murray
Fisher, Colin (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Upper Hunter
Fisher, Gillian Margaret 31/05/1986 (by) Nuclear Free Australia Vaucluse
Fitzroy-Mendis, Kusala 12/10/1985 (by) Small Business and Enterprise Party Gloucester
Fitzroy-Mendis, Kusala 01/02/1986 (by) Small Business and Enterprise Party Cabramatta
Fitzroy-Mendis, Kusala 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Heathcote
Fitzroy-Mendis, Stanley 12/10/1985 (by) Small Business and Enterprise Party Gloucester
Fitzroy-Mendis, Stanley 31/05/1986 (by) Small Business and Enterprise Party Vaucluse
Fitzroy-Mendis, Stanley 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Heathcote
Foley, Maurice Lindsay 24/03/1984 Independent Wakehurst
Foot, Rosemary Irene (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Vaucluse
Formann, Ronald Frederick 24/03/1984 National Party Monaro
Forsythe, Patricia 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Newcastle
Franklin, Steve 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Blue Mountains
Fry, Bruce 24/03/1984 Call to Australia Blue Mountains
G Top of Page
Gabb, Kenneth George (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Earlwood
Gabrielian, Garo 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Merrylands
Garbin, Anthony 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Liverpool
Gartrell-Wardale, Kevin David 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Gordon
Gee, Robert 24/03/1984 National Party Maitland
Gemmell, Bob 02/08/1986 (by) Liberal Party Rockdale
Gemmell, Robert 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Rockdale
George, Ronald Anthony 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Kogarah
George, Valeria Elaine 01/02/1986 (by) Australian Democrats Kiama
Giles, William Noel 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Oxley
Glachan, Ian Doric 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Albury
Godfrey, Lyn 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Swansea
Goninon, Geoffrey 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Fairfield
Gorrick, Christopher Charles 24/03/1984 Labor Party Hornsby
Grace, Robert Hunter 31/05/1986 (by) Independent Pittwater
Graham, Anne Catherine 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Castlereagh
Green, Colleen 24/03/1984 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Greiner, Nicholas Frank (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Ku-ring-gai
Griffin, Warren John 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Georges River
Griffiths, John Donald 24/03/1984 Independent The Hills
H Top of Page
Hale, Kenneth 24/03/1984 Independent Parramatta
Harrison, Robert Joseph Wilson (Elected) 01/02/1986 (by) Labor Party Kiama
Hartcher, Christopher Peter 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Gosford
Hatton, John Edward (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Independent South Coast
Hay, David Aberdeen (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Manly
Hayes, Edward Jack 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Lake Macquarie
Hazard, Noel 24/03/1984 Socialist Balmain
Heggie, Maria 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Cabramatta
Heggie, Maria 01/02/1986 (by) Liberal Party Cabramatta
Hellyer, Ronald 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Woronora
Hickman, Rodney Charles 12/10/1985 (by) Independent Gloucester
Hill, Cheryl 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Heathcote
Hillman, Brian 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Bligh
Hillman, John 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
Hills, Patrick Darcy (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Elizabeth
Hockings, Marie-Anne 12/10/1985 (by) Nuclear Disarmament Gloucester
Houston, Edward Shane 24/03/1984 Independent Campbelltown
Howe, Geoffrey 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Ashfield
Hunter, Mervyn Leslie (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Lake Macquarie
I Top of Page
Irvine, Anne 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Tamworth
Irwin, Geoffrey (Elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Merrylands
J Top of Page
Jackson, Rex Frederick (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Heathcote
Jackson, Rex Frederick (Defeated) 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Heathcote
Jaeger, Trevor 24/03/1984 Labor Party Orange
Jarman, Wayne 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Waratah
Jayawardena, Yvonne 31/05/1986 (by) Australian Democrats Vaucluse
Jeffery, Bruce Leslie (Elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Oxley
Jeffries, Stephen William 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Newcastle
Jessup, Kenneth 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Riverstone
Johnson, Fran 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Heathcote
Jones, Samuel (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Independent Waratah
K Top of Page
Kay, James 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Illawarra
Keane, Maurice Francis (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Woronora
Kelly, Lawrence Borthwick (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Corrimal
Kerr, Malcolm John (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Cronulla
Kirkham, Stephen Raymond 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Burwood
Knight, David 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Wentworthville
Knight, Michael Steven (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Campbelltown
Knott, William Edwin (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Kiama
Knowles, Stan (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Ingleburn
Kortlang, Ian William 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Ryde
Kristofferson, Peter 24/03/1984 Independent Waverley
Kudrynski, Julius 24/03/1984 Independent Wollongong
L Top of Page
Landa, Paul (Elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Peats
Langton, Brian Joseph (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Kogarah
Lardelli, Michael 24/03/1984 Independent Gladesville
Law, Stephen 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Lakemba
Leahy, Ann Leslie 24/03/1984 Socialist Swansea
Leal, Barry 24/03/1984 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Lee, Margaret Helen 24/03/1984 Independent Manly
Leggett, Donald Ernest 24/03/1984 National Party Gosford
Leroy, Liliane Janine 24/03/1984 Labor Party Mosman
Lerve, Gordon 24/03/1984 Labor Party Dubbo
Leys, Robert Keith 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Manly
Lloyd, Cecil 31/01/1987 (by) Illawarra Workers Party Heathcote
Lloyd, Jim 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Peats
Longley, Jim (Elected) 31/05/1986 (by) Liberal Party Pittwater
Lopez, Dominic Joseph 24/03/1984 Independent Mosman
Lovelee, Bill 02/08/1986 (by) Labor Party Bass Hill
Lucas, Gary 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Ingleburn
M Top of Page
Machin, Wendy (Elected) 12/10/1985 (by) National Party Gloucester
Mack, Edward (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Independent North Shore
MacLennan, Graeme 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Pittwater
MacLennan, Graeme 31/05/1986 (by) Australian Democrats Pittwater
MacLeod, Jennifer 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Elizabeth
Macrae, John 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Parramatta
Maio, Yvonne 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Granville
Mair, Harold David (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Albury
Mangleson, James Harry 24/03/1984 Independent Byron
Marriott, Thomas Owen 24/03/1984 Independent Murrumbidgee
Matthews, Michael 24/03/1984 Independent Elizabeth
McCarthy, Thelma 23/05/1987 (by) Labor Party Northern Tablelands
McCarthy, William John Patrick (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Northern Tablelands
McDonald, Terry 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Bankstown
McDonald, Terry 31/01/1987 (by) Liberal Party Bankstown
McEwan, Karen 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Balmain
McGowan, Brian (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Gosford
McIlwaine, Garry David (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Ryde
McLean, James 02/08/1986 (by) Independent Rockdale
McManus, Ian (Elected) 31/01/1987 (by) Labor Party Heathcote
Meers, Heather 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Waverley
Metherell, Terry (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Davidson
Mezinec, Richard 02/08/1986 (by) Independent Bass Hill
Mezinec, Richard 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
Miller, Frederick Joseph (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Bligh
Milne, Scott 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Wagga Wagga
Mochalski, Richard Charles (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Bankstown
Monk, Brett James 31/05/1986 (by) Independent Pittwater
Moore, Harry Frank (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Tuggerah
Moore, Timothy John (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Gordon
Morgan, Denise 24/03/1984 Labor Party Pittwater
Moriarty, Michael 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Miranda
Moss, Kevin (Elected) 01/02/1986 (by) Labor Party Canterbury
Mountain, Alan Kenneth 24/03/1984 Independent Byron
Mulock, Ron (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party St Marys
Munro, John Ross 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Monaro
Murphy, John 24/03/1984 Independent Murray
Murphy, Robynne 31/01/1987 (by) Socialist Workers Heathcote
Murray, John (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Drummoyne
Murray, Wal (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Barwon
N Top of Page
Naughton, Miriam 24/03/1984 Independent Goulburn
Neesam, Robert Andrew 01/02/1986 (by) Australian Democrats Cabramatta
Neilly, Stanley Thomas (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Cessnock
Newman, John (Elected) 01/02/1986 (by) Labor Party Cabramatta
Newton, Claire Therese 24/03/1984 Labor Party Lismore
Nicholson, Kenneth 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Byron
Nile, Elaine Blanche 31/05/1986 (by) Call to Australia Vaucluse
Nile, Elaine Blanche 02/08/1986 (by) Call to Australia Bass Hill
Nile, Elaine Blanche 31/01/1987 (by) Call to Australia Bankstown
Nunn, Leslie 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Tuggerah
O Top of Page
O'Connor, Kevin 31/01/1987 (by) Call to Australia Heathcote
Ognibene, Rudolph 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Auburn
O'Keeffe, Denis 24/03/1984 Independent Clarence
Ollett, Louise Kitchener 01/02/1986 (by) Call to Australia Kiama
O'Neill, Phillip Joseph (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Burwood
Osborne, Clive Geoffrey 24/03/1984 National Party Bathurst
Owen, Dennis 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Illawarra
Owen, Michael (Elected) 02/08/1986 (by) Liberal Party Bass Hill
P Top of Page
Paciullo, George (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Liverpool
Page, Ernie (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Waverley
Park, Noel (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Tamworth
Parker, Max 24/03/1984 Liberal Party East Hills
Payne, Clem 24/03/1984 Independent Tuggerah
Peacocke, Gerry (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Dubbo
Perry, Ian Francis 24/03/1984 Independent Penrith
Petch, Ivan 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Gladesville
Petersen, George (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Illawarra
Pettigrew, Michael Stuart 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Hornsby
Phillips, Ron (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Miranda
Pickard, Neil Edward William (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Hornsby
Ponnuswamy, Nadar 24/03/1984 Others Elizabeth
Ponnuswamy, Nadar 31/05/1986 (by) Uninflated Movemement Vaucluse
Ponnuswamy, Nadar 02/08/1986 (by) Uninflated Movemement Rockdale
Poulos, Colin 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Heathcote
Poulton, Clyde Stuart 01/02/1986 (by) Liberal Party Kiama
Powell, Jim 31/01/1987 (by) Community Conservation Team Heathcote
Price, John (Elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Waratah
Punch, Leon Ashton (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Gloucester
Q Top of Page
Quinn, Ernest Neville (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Wentworthville
R Top of Page
Refshauge, Andrew John (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Marrickville
Rigney, Virginia Coral 01/02/1986 (by) Nuclear Disarmament Cabramatta
Rigney, Virginia Coral 31/05/1986 (by) Nuclear Disarmament Pittwater
Robb, Lyle Desmond 24/03/1984 Labor Party Byron
Robb, William Edward (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Miranda
Rogan, Pat (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party East Hills
Rooke, Christopher Scott 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Albury
Rossiter, Arthur 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
Rout, Peter Frederick 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Marrickville
Rozzoli, Kevin (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Hawkesbury
Ryan, Garry 24/03/1984 Labor Party Tamworth
Ryan, John Francis 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Earlwood
Ryan, Kevin James (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Hurstville
Ryan, Kevin James 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
S Top of Page
Saleam, Jim 01/02/1986 (by) National Action Canterbury
Samaha, Violette 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Campbelltown
Sanders, John 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Gladesville
Sarina, Ronald 24/03/1984 Independent Goulburn
Saunders, Ashley 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Waratah
Sawyer, Lynn 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Tuggerah
Sawyer, Peter 31/01/1987 (by) United Australia Bankstown
Schipp, Joe (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Wagga Wagga
Schneider, Gavan 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Coogee
Scott, Murray 31/01/1987 (by) Australian Democrats Heathcote
Sekers, Dorothy 24/03/1984 Independent Waverley
Semmler, Peter 24/03/1984 Labor Party North Shore
Shapira, Miron 24/03/1984 Labor Party Lane Cove
Sharp, John Randall 24/03/1984 National Party Burrinjuck
Sharp, Robert 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Canterbury
Sheahan, Terence William (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Burrinjuck
Shedden, Doug (Elected) 31/01/1987 (by) Labor Party Bankstown
Shuttleworth, Ross Neil 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Penrith
Sinclair, Bill 24/03/1984 Labor Party Barwon
Singleton, Matthew (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Coffs Harbour
Skinner, Jillian 24/03/1984 Liberal Party North Shore
Small, Jim (Elected) 02/02/1985 (by) National Party Murray
Smiles, Phillip Murray (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Mosman
Smith, Alan 31/01/1987 (by) United Australia Heathcote
Smith, Richard Max (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Pittwater
Sonego, Ben 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Drummoyne
Steel, Warren Joseph 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Kiama
Stephens, Bob 24/03/1984 Labor Party Goulburn
Stewart, Alan Gibson (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Manly
Stewart, Kevin James (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Canterbury
Sutton, Julie 24/03/1984 Labor Party Davidson
Swiderski, Peter 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Bass Hill
T Top of Page
Tanner, Janice Elaine 01/02/1986 (by) Independent Kiama
Terrett, Paul Francis 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Earlwood
Terrett, Paul Francis 01/02/1986 (by) Australian Democrats Canterbury
Thornton, Brian Neville 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Murrumbidgee
Tobin, Brian 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Heathcote
Toole, Trevor 24/03/1984 National Party Bathurst
Toorneman, Harmanus 24/03/1984 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Torzsok, Sandor 24/03/1984 Citizens Action Bass Hill
Townend, Christine 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Mosman
Tuckwell, Joyce 24/03/1984 Labor Party Eastwood
Tuckwell, Pamela Robyn 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Ku-ring-gai
Turkington, Sean 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Willoughby
U Top of Page
Unsworth, Barrie (Elected) 02/08/1986 (by) Labor Party Rockdale
V Top of Page
Vartanian, John 02/08/1986 (by) Pan Ethnic Republican Bass Hill
Vartanian, John 31/01/1987 (by) New Australian Republic Bankstown
Viskauskas, George 24/03/1984 Labor Party Oxley
Vitlin, Margaret 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats East Hills
Von Mengersen, Andrew 24/03/1984 Independent Barwon
W Top of Page
Wade, William Arthur (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Newcastle
Walker, Francis John (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Georges River
Walsh, Allan Peter (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Maitland
Walsh, Michael John 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Marrickville
Walsh, Peter John 02/02/1985 (by) Liberal Party Peats
Webeck, John 24/03/1984 Independent Pittwater
Webster, Robert (Elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Goulburn
Webster, Tom (Defeated) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Wakehurst
West, Garry Bruce (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Orange
West, Tim 24/03/1984 Labor Party Lachlan
Whelan, Paul (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Ashfield
Whitfield, Keith 02/02/1985 (by) Independent Peats
Wilde, Barry (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Parramatta
Wilkie, Scott 31/01/1987 (by) Independent Bankstown
Wilkinson, Donald 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Maitland
Wilson, Edwina Lyn 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Lake Macquarie
Wilson, Peter Edward 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Charlestown
Wilson, Raymon 24/03/1984 Independent Fairfield
Wiltshire, Clifford 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Northcott
Winters, Louis 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Bathurst
Wood, Robert 31/05/1986 (by) Nuclear Disarmament Vaucluse
Worthington, John 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Parramatta
Wotton, Roger Corfield Anson (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 National Party Castlereagh
Wran, Neville Kenneth (Re-elected) 24/03/1984 Labor Party Bass Hill
X Top of Page
Xenos, Phillip Adrian 24/03/1984 Independent Wollongong
Y Top of Page
Yabsley, Michael Robert (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Bligh
Yeomans, Guy Andrew (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Hurstville
Young, Nat 31/05/1986 (by) Independent Pittwater
Young, Robert Arthur 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Kogarah
Z Top of Page
Zammit, Paul John (Elected) 24/03/1984 Liberal Party Burwood
Zingarelli, Joseph Albert 24/03/1984 Australian Democrats Vaucluse