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Gloucester - By-election (Roll: 39,713)
Retained by National Party
Nominations: Thursday, 19 September 1985, Polling: Saturday, 12 October 1985
Not contested by both major parties
Candidate Party Votes % Final %
Machin, Wendy (Elected) National Party 21,461 68.32
Hockings, Marie-Anne Nuclear Disarmament 2,589 8.24
Hickman, Rodney Charles Independent 7,096 22.59
Fitzroy-Mendis, Stanley Small Business and Enterprise Party 104 0.33
Fitzroy-Mendis, Kusala Small Business and Enterprise Party 161 0.51
Formal Votes 31,411
Informal Votes 765 2.38
Total Votes / Turnout 32,176 81.02
Cause Category: Resignation - Other
Notes: Caused by the resignation of National Party Leader Leon Punch. Wendy Machin became the NSW Country/National Party's first female MP. An article in the Gloucester Advocate just after the close of nominations stated that Kusala and Stanley Fitzroy-Mendis were a mother and son team from Darling Point.