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Candidate Date Party District
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Abbott, Charles Lydiard Aubrey 30/05/1925 Progressive Namoi
Alexander, David Allen 30/05/1925 Nationalist Botany
Allaburton, John James 30/05/1925 Independent Cumberland
Alldis, Septimus Denbigh (Elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Eastern Suburbs
Anderson, David More (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Ryde
Anderson, David Shaw 30/05/1925 Independent Eastern Suburbs
Anderson, Gordon David 30/05/1925 Labor Party Eastern Suburbs
Anderson, Walter 30/05/1925 Labor Party Cumberland
Anderson, Walter Edmund 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor St George
Arkins, James Guy Dalley (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist St George
Armstrong, Frederick William 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Western Suburbs
Armstrong, Samuel Roy 30/05/1925 Progressive Wammerawa
Arthur, Richard (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Nationalist North Shore
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Baddeley, John Marcus (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Newcastle
Bagnall, William Roy Clifford (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist St George
Bagnall, William Roy Clifford (Elected) 30/09/1925 (by) Nationalist St George
Ball, Richard Thomas (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Murray
Bate, Henry John 30/05/1925 Nationalist Goulburn
Bate, Henry John (Elected) 21/01/1926 (by) Nationalist Goulburn
Bateman, Walter Samuel 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Botany
Bates, Robert 30/05/1925 Independent Sydney
Batey, George Wright 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Maitland
Bavin, Thomas Rainsford (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Ryde
Beddie, James 30/05/1925 Nationalist Bathurst
Bennett, Walter (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Maitland
Best, Edmund Carncross (Elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Murrumbidgee
Bingham, Robert 30/05/1925 Labor Party Cumberland
Birt, John Edward (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sydney
Blackett, Harold Thomas 30/05/1925 Nationalist Wammerawa
Bluett, William Philip 30/05/1925 Progressive Goulburn
Bodkin, George Clifford 30/05/1925 Labor Party Murray
Booth, George (Elected 5) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Newcastle
Brierley, Cecil 30/05/1925 Prot Ind Nat Ryde
Bruntnell, Albert (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Parramatta
Bruxner, Michael Frederick (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Progressive Northern Tableland
Burke, Francis Michael (Re-elected 5) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Botany
Burke, Michael (Elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sydney
Burns, George Mason 30/05/1925 Labor Party St George
Buttenshaw, Ernest Albert (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Progressive Murrumbidgee
Buttsworth, Henry Robert 30/05/1925 Nationalist Wammerawa
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Cahill, John Joseph (Elected 5) 30/05/1925 Labor Party St George
Cain, John 30/05/1925 Majority Labor Western Suburbs
Cameron, Duncan Angus 30/05/1925 Nationalist Murrumbidgee
Cameron, John Hugh 30/05/1925 Nationalist Oxley
Cameron, William (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Maitland
Campbell, Angus 30/05/1925 Nationalist Cootamundra
Campbell-Cowan, Raymond Jeffrey 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor North Shore
Cann, George (Re-elected 4) 30/05/1925 Labor Party St George
Cannon, Alphonsus Joseph 30/05/1925 Young Australia Sydney
Carney, Joseph 30/05/1925 Labor Party Cootamundra
Carr, Ernest Shoobridge 30/05/1925 Independent Cumberland
Casserly, Thomas 30/05/1925 Nationalist St George
Chaffey, Frank Augustus (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Namoi
Chalson, William 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Parramatta
Chamberlain, James Henry 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Ryde
Childs, Bertrand Ronald 30/05/1925 Labor Party North Shore
Clark, Joseph Alfred (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Wammerawa
Coghlan, Charles 30/05/1925 Progressive Murray
Cole, Stanley Llewellyn 30/05/1925 Nationalist Balmain
Concannon, James Matthew 30/05/1925 Labor Party Ryde
Connell, Hugh John (Re-elected 4) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Newcastle
Cooper, John 30/05/1925 Independent St George
Crick, William Aloysius 30/05/1925 Labor Party Eastern Suburbs
Cromarty, Magnus (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Newcastle
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Davey, George Robert 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Cootamundra
Davidson, Mark Anthony (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sturt
Davies, David John 30/05/1925 Labor Party Newcastle
Davies, William (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Wollondilly
Denford, Henry Leigh 30/05/1925 Communist Botany
Denny, Oliver Thomas Colthirst 30/05/1925 Nationalist Newcastle
Dicker, Alfred James 30/05/1925 Independent St George
Doe, Brian James (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sturt
Dooley, Charles 30/05/1925 Independent Sturt
Dooley, James (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Bathurst
Drew, Patrick James 30/05/1925 Communist Sydney
Drummond, David Henry (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Progressive Northern Tableland
Dunlop, James 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor St George
Dunn, William Fraser (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Wammerawa
Dwyer, Catherine Winifred (Kate) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Balmain
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Ely, William Thomas (Elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Parramatta
Emmett, Samuel 30/05/1925 Prot Ind Nat Wollondilly
Evatt, Herbert Vere (Elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Balmain
Ewers, Florence 30/05/1925 Labor Party Cumberland
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Fallon, Cyril Joseph (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Independent Eastern Suburbs
Farrar, Francis Henry 30/05/1925 Nationalist St George
Fayle, Stanley Roy 30/05/1925 Nationalist Byron
Featherstone, William Richard 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Ryde
Fegan, John Lionel 30/05/1925 Nationalist Newcastle
Fell, William Scott (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Ind Nationalist North Shore
Field, Ernest 30/05/1925 Progressive Cootamundra
Fitzgerald, Joseph John (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Oxley
Fitzgerald, Raymond Leo 30/05/1925 Progressive Oxley
Fitzpatrick, John Charles Lucas (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Bathurst
FitzSimons, William Robert (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Cumberland
Flannery, Martin Matthew (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Flannery, William Ernest 30/05/1925 Progressive Oxley
Folkard, George Edward 30/05/1925 Nationalist Parramatta
Foster, Charles Frederick 30/05/1925 Independent Sydney
Foster, William Frederick (Elected 4) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Eastern Suburbs
Foyster, Thomas Bertram 30/05/1925 Progressive Byron
Fuller, George Warburton (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Wollondilly
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Gallagher, Peter 30/05/1925 Ind Labor Botany
Garden, John Smith 30/05/1925 Communist Sydney
Gardiner, Arthur Rowland 30/05/1925 Independent Newcastle
Gillespie, Gideon Charles 30/05/1925 Nationalist Balmain
Gillespie, James Nicoll 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Eastern Suburbs
Gillies, Robert Towers (Elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Byron
Goldstein, Hyman (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Eastern Suburbs
Goodin, Vernon William Edward (Elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Murray
Gosling, Mark (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party St George
Goudie, James Marchment 30/05/1925 Labor Party Oxley
Goulden, William Cecil Lewelleyn 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor St George
Greentree, Thomas 30/05/1925 Nationalist Balmain
Greig, Robert John (Re-elected 4) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Ryde
Griffiths, Thomas 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sturt
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Hagan, Michael Thomas 30/05/1925 Labor Party Namoi
Harris, Reginald 30/05/1925 Progressive Cumberland
Harvey, Francis Richard 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sturt
Hawkins, James De Vere 30/05/1925 Labor Party Namoi
Hedges, William Whaley 30/05/1925 Progressive Goulburn
Henley, Thomas (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Ryde
Herford, William 30/05/1925 Nationalist Botany
Hestelow, James Barrass 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Newcastle
Higgs, Albert Arthur 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sydney
Hill, Theodore Hooke (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Oxley
Hindwood, Roy John 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor St George
Hoad, Kenneth Oswald (Elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Cootamundra
Holdsworth, William (Elected 4) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sydney
Hollis, Percy Frank 30/05/1925 Nationalist Goulburn
Hollis-Neath, Ernest William Edward 30/05/1925 Labor Party Byron
Horsington, Edward Matthew (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sturt
Hoskins, Tom James (Re-elected 4) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Western Suburbs
Howarth, William Louis 30/05/1925 Progressive Wollondilly
Huie, Alexander Gordon 30/05/1925 Independent Western Suburbs
Hynes, John Patrick 30/05/1925 Labor Party Maitland
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Jackson, Joseph (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sydney
Jaques, Harold Vivian (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Eastern Suburbs
Jarvie, Milton Livingstone Fredericks (Elected 5) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Western Suburbs
Johnston, James Henry 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Balmain
Jones, Albert John 30/05/1925 Independent Parramatta
Jones, Arthur Alexander 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor St George
Jones, James 30/05/1925 Independent Sydney
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Kay, Alick Dudley (Elected 5) 30/05/1925 Independent North Shore
Keegan, Thomas Michael (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Balmain
Kefford, Reuben Owen 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sydney
Kelly, Christopher Augustus (Elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Bathurst
Kelly, Oliver Bourke 30/05/1925 Labor Party North Shore
Kilpatrick, Matthew (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Progressive Murray
Knight, Hamilton 30/05/1925 Labor Party Bathurst
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Laird, James Andrew 30/05/1925 Progressive Namoi
Lambourne, Ernest 30/05/1925 Independent St George
Lamont, Edward Louis 30/05/1925 Labor Party Ryde
Lane, Albert (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Balmain
Lang, John Thomas (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Parramatta
Lazzarini, Carlo Camillo (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Western Suburbs
Lee, John Robert (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Botany
Leece, Lionel Henry James 30/05/1925 Communist Balmain
Levien, Robert Henry 30/05/1925 Independent Namoi
Levy, Daniel (Re-elected 5) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sydney
Lewis, Daniel William Henry 30/05/1925 Progressive Northern Tableland
Ley, Thomas John (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Nationalist St George
Liebau, Carl Geoff 30/05/1925 Majority Labor Botany
Long, William John 30/05/1925 Labor Party Botany
Loughlin, Peter Ffrench (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Cootamundra
Lyons, James Denis 30/05/1925 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Lysaght, Andrew Augustus (Elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Wollondilly
M Top of Page
Macdonald, John Boyd 30/05/1925 Nationalist Wammerawa
Main, Hugh (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Progressive Cootamundra
Mallett, Charles Sustains 30/05/1925 Independent Balmain
Malloy, Patrick 30/05/1925 Labor Party Wollondilly
Marks, Ernest Samuel 30/05/1925 Nationalist North Shore
Marks, Frederick William 30/05/1925 Independent Eastern Suburbs
McArdle, William 30/05/1925 Labor Party Northern Tableland
McArthur, Alexander 30/05/1925 Progressive Murrumbidgee
McClelland, Alfred (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Northern Tableland
McClelland, William 30/05/1925 Labor Party Maitland
McCracken, Mary Ellen 30/05/1925 Independent Murrumbidgee
McCristal, Timothy William 30/05/1925 Labor Party Ryde
McGirr, James (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Cumberland
McGirr, John Joseph Gregory (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Young Australia Sydney
McGuinness, Francis 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sydney
McKell, William John (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Botany
McLachlan, Lachlan 30/05/1925 Progressive Namoi
McTiernan, Edward Aloysius (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Western Suburbs
Meatheringham, Harry David 30/05/1925 Independent North Shore
Melville, Gertrude Mary 30/05/1925 Labor Party Eastern Suburbs
Milgate, Leslie Gordon 30/05/1925 Young Australia Sydney
Miller, Edwin 30/05/1925 Independent Sydney
Millington, Alfred 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Western Suburbs
Minahan, Patrick Joseph (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Sydney
Minahan, Patrick Joseph (Elected) 24/06/1925 (by) Labor Party Sydney
Missingham, William Thomas (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Progressive Byron
Mitchell, Robert Walter 30/05/1925 Independent Newcastle
Monro, Cecil Owen James 30/05/1925 Nationalist St George
Morris, Aaron Robert 30/05/1925 Progressive Cumberland
Morrow, Thomas Howard (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Parramatta
Mortimer, Charles Ernest Lionel 30/05/1925 Young Australia Sydney
Morton, Henry Douglas 30/05/1925 Progressive Oxley
Morton, Henry James 30/05/1925 Nationalist Western Suburbs
Morton, Mark Fairles (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Wollondilly
Munro, Charles Alexander Richmond 30/05/1925 Nationalist Byron
Murphy, Cecil Horace (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party North Shore
Murray, David (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Newcastle
Murray, David (New Lambton) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Newcastle
Mutch, Thomas Davies (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Botany
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Ness, John Thomas (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Western Suburbs
Newton, Edward 30/05/1925 Independent Wollondilly
Nicholson, Charles Edward 30/05/1925 Nationalist Maitland
Niesigh, Joseph William 30/05/1925 Nationalist Murray
Nulty, William Murray 30/05/1925 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
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O'Brien, William Joseph (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Murray
O'Halloran, Robert Emmet (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Eastern Suburbs
O'Hearn, Walter Finlay (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Maitland
Olde, Bernard Clarence 30/05/1925 Labor Party Western Suburbs
O'Leary, Denis James 30/05/1925 Young Australia Goulburn
Olsen, Olave Jacobie 30/05/1925 Progressive Murray
Overhill, George 30/05/1925 Nationalist Eastern Suburbs
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Pattison, John Dale 30/05/1925 Independent Ryde
Payne, Thomas Gilbert 30/05/1925 Communist Balmain
Pendlebury, James Edwin 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Newcastle
Perdriau, Raymond Stephen (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Byron
Perkins, John Arthur (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Goulburn
Pinkstone, William Henry 30/05/1925 Nationalist Cootamundra
Preston-Stanley, Millicent (Elected 5) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Eastern Suburbs
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Quirk, John (Re-elected 4) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Balmain
R Top of Page
Ratcliffe, Wilfred Joseph (Re-elected 4) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Botany
Raw, Laurence Stanley 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Sydney
Reid, Alfred Albert Edward Ernest Vassa (Re-elected 4) 30/05/1925 Nationalist North Shore
Reid, Reginald Eustace 30/05/1925 Nationalist St George
Rickie, Nellie 30/05/1925 Communist Botany
Ritchie, John 30/05/1925 Labor Party Wammerawa
Robinson, Cecil Lawson 30/05/1925 Majority Labor Parramatta
Robinson, Joseph Ridley 30/05/1925 Nationalist Eastern Suburbs
Robinson, William Thomas 30/05/1925 Nationalist Oxley
Rosenthal, Charles (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Bathurst
Ryan, Roger Matthew 30/05/1925 Labor Party Western Suburbs
S Top of Page
Salmon, Ernest Easton 30/05/1925 Nationalist North Shore
Sanders, Edward Lloyd (Elected 5) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Ryde
Scully, William James (Re-elected 1) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Namoi
Shanahan, Dennis 30/05/1925 Labor Party Northern Tableland
Shand, James Barclay 30/05/1925 Nationalist Cumberland
Shand, James Barclay (Elected) 22/09/1926 (by) Nationalist Cumberland
Sheiles, Ernest Clarence 30/05/1925 Labor Party St George
Shoobridge, William Cecil 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sturt
Silverstone, Francis 30/05/1925 Independent Parramatta
Simpson, William Ballantyne 30/05/1925 Nationalist Western Suburbs
Sinclair, James 30/05/1925 Nationalist Botany
Singer, Adam Gordon 30/05/1925 Progressive Goulburn
Skelton, Walter Peden Joyce (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Protestant Labor Newcastle
Sloane, Samuel 30/05/1925 Labor Party North Shore
Small, Herbert Henry 30/05/1925 Nationalist Ryde
South, Alexander Alfred 30/05/1925 Nationalist Wollondilly
Stead, Gordon Ernest 30/05/1925 Nationalist Sydney
Steele, Clarence Joseph 30/05/1925 Labor Party Goulburn
Stokes, Patrick Vincent (Elected 2) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Goulburn
Stopford, Robert (Defeated) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Balmain
Strange-Mure, Arthur Charles Stuart 30/05/1925 Independent Botany
Stuart, Frederick William (Elected 3) 30/05/1925 Progressive Byron
Stuart-Robertson, Robert James (Re-elected 5) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Balmain
Swiney, Thomas James 30/05/1925 Labor Party Byron
T Top of Page
Taylor, Stanley Cassin 30/05/1925 Labor Party Ryde
Terry, William 30/05/1925 Labor Party Oxley
Thompson, Ernest Lindsay 30/05/1925 Progressive Ryde
Thorby, Harold Victor Campbell (Re-elected 3) 30/05/1925 Progressive Wammerawa
Todhunter, Ernest Percy 30/05/1925 Nationalist Cootamundra
Tonge, Arthur 30/05/1925 Labor Party North Shore
Tonge, Arthur (Elected) 22/09/1926 (by) Labor Party North Shore
Treatt, Eric Burford 30/05/1925 Progressive Cootamundra
Troy, James Grant 30/05/1925 Labor Party Western Suburbs
Tully, John Moran (Elected 3) 30/05/1925 Labor Party Goulburn
Turner, Stephen Firth 30/05/1925 Nationalist Botany
U Top of Page
Upchurch, Arthur 30/05/1925 Progressive Cumberland
V Top of Page
Vaughan, Crawford 30/05/1925 Progressive Ryde
Vincent, Roy Stanley (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Progressive Oxley
W Top of Page
Walker, Robert Bruce (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Cumberland
Waterhouse, Alfred Ernest 30/05/1925 Independent North Shore
Watt, Charles Prosper 30/05/1925 Nationalist Newcastle
Wearne, Walter Ernest (Re-elected 2) 30/05/1925 Nationalist Namoi
Westmore, Reginald Dines 30/05/1925 Nationalist Murrumbidgee
Williams, John Keith 30/05/1925 Progressive Byron
Williams, Mary Jamieson 30/05/1925 Independent North Shore
Witenden, Benjamin 30/05/1925 Progressive Cootamundra
Wood, William Herbert 30/05/1925 Nationalist North Shore
Wrench, George Edwin 30/05/1925 Labor Party Parramatta
Y Top of Page
Yeo, Alfred William 30/05/1925 Progressive Wammerawa