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St George - By-election (Roll:
Nominations: Wednesday, 30 September 1925, Polling: Wednesday, 30 September 1925 (No poll held)
Candidate Party Votes % Quotas Final %
Bagnall, William Roy Clifford (Elected) Nationalist Elected unopposed
Cause Category: Resignation - Federal contest
Notes: Bagnall was appointed to replace T.J.Ley, who resigned to contest the 1925 Federal election. Ley narrowly won the seat of Barton, defeating Labor MP Frederick McDonald. After announcing his intention to contest the result in the Courts, McDonald disappeared and was never seen again. Many years later, Ley was convicted of murder in Britain, though found by the court to be insane. It is now widely believed that Ley was responsible for the disappearance and probable murder of McDonald.