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Armidale - By-election (Roll: n.a.)
Retained by Liberal Party
Nominations: Thursday, 2 September 1915, Polling: Saturday, 18 September 1915 (No poll held)
No election, candidate declared elected
Candidate Party Votes % 2nd Ball %
Lane, Herbert William (Elected) Liberal Party Elected unopposed
Cause Category: Killed in action
Notes: Lieutenant-Colonel George Frederick Braund was killed in action at the Dardanelles. There was a propsal by Liberal Leader Wade to endorse G.S.Beeby as a joint Liberal and FSA candidate. However, thise received opposition from local delegates, and Armidale Mayor H.W.Lane was preselected. (Rydon, Spann and Nelson)
Source: SMH 3 September 1915, p.10 col.8