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Candidate Date Party District
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Adam, James Phillip 09/11/1946 (by) Labor Party Corowa
Adkins, William George 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Drummoyne
Allen, Claude Richard 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Canterbury
Ardill, George Edward 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Hawkesbury
Arthur, Joshua George (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Hamilton
Atkinson, Ernest Phillip 09/11/1946 (by) Liberal Party Albury
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Baddeley, John Marcus (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Cessnock
Baines, Lawrence 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Bulli
Barker, Arnold Verdun 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Randwick
Bartley, Reginald James 27/05/1944 Independent Woollahra
Batchelor, Ernest George 27/05/1944 Country Party Hawkesbury
Bate, Henry Jefferson Percival (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Wollondilly
Baxter, Edward Herbert 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Oxley
Beale, Jack Gordon (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Independent South Coast
Beale, Oliver Howard 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Hornsby
Beecraft, Ainslie 27/05/1944 Lang Labor North Sydney
Bennett, Charles Edward 27/05/1944 Country Party Gloucester
Billington, Leslie James 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Ryde
Black, Ivan Carlisle (Elected) 15/12/1945 (by) Liberal Party Neutral Bay
Bladwell, William Raymond 01/06/1946 (by) Country Party Goulburn
Bodkin, William Francis 27/05/1944 Labor Party Ashfield
Bolton, Kenneth McLeod 15/12/1945 (by) Independent Neutral Bay
Booth, George (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Kurri Kurri
Bragg, Valentine Parkhouse 27/05/1944 Country Party Young
Brain, George William (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Willoughby
Brierly, Henry Charles 03/02/1945 (by) Independent Ryde
Browne, Frank 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Bondi
Browne, William Lindsay 03/02/1945 (by) Labor Party Ryde
Bruxner, Michael Frederick (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Tenterfield
Buckley, Alick 27/05/1944 Country Party Byron
Burgess, William Henry 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Cobar
Burke, Francis Michael (Defeated) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Newtown
Burke, Frederick Joseph 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Ryde
Butcher, Bertram Alfred 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Randwick
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Cahill, Frederick Joseph (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Young
Cahill, John Joseph (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Cook's River
Caldwell, John MacPherson 27/05/1944 Country Party Orange
Cameron, Robert (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Waratah
Cammell, John Rupert 18/08/1945 (by) Independent Blacktown
Campbell, William Ephraim 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Hamilton
Carlton, William Joseph (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Concord
Chaffey, William Adolphus (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Independent Tamworth
Chanter, John Courtenay (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Lachlan
Clark, Leslie Southee 27/05/1944 Country Party Dubbo
Claydon, Thomas Gerard 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Kogarah
Clyne, Daniel (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party King
Cooke, Frederick George 27/05/1944 Independent Mudgee
Coulton, Stanley Robert 27/05/1944 Communist Burwood
Cramer, John Oscar 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Lane Cove
Crook, William Edgar 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Lakemba
Cunningham, Lucien Lawrence (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Coogee
Currey, William Matthew (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Kogarah
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Darby, Evelyn Douglas (Elected) 15/09/1945 (by) Liberal Party Manly
Davidson, Mark Anthony (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Cobar
Davies, William (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Wollongong-Kembla
Deacon, Stanley Thomas 27/05/1944 Communist Waratah
Dickson, Samuel Douglas (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Temora
Dodd, Arthur Robert Buckhurst 27/05/1944 Labor Party Byron
Dorney, Les Roger Bede 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Phillip
Dring, Edgar Percy (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Ashburnham
Drummond, David Henry (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Armidale
Drummond, George William 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Drummoyne
Dunn, James Patrick Digger 27/05/1944 Labor Party Manly
Dunn, James Patrick Digger 15/09/1945 (by) Soldiers' Candidate Manly
Dunn, William Fraser (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Mudgee
E Top of Page
Edgcumbe, Francis Henry 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Leichhardt
Enticknap, Ambrose George (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Evatt, Clive Raleigh (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Hurstville
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Felsch, Edward John 09/11/1946 (by) Independent Auburn
Finnan, Francis Joseph (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Hawkesbury
Fitzgerald, Raymond Leo (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Independent Gloucester
Flood, James Patrick 27/05/1944 Labor Party Murray
Foley, Horace John 27/05/1944 Lang Labor King
Fowler, Lilian (Elected) 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Newtown
Fowles, Howard Thomas (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Illawarra
Freeman, John Stanley (Elected) 18/08/1945 (by) Labor Party Blacktown
Frith, William (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Lismore
G Top of Page
Gardiner, Archibald Keith 27/05/1944 Country Party Bathurst
Geraghty, James Leo (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party North Sydney
Geraghty, Walter James 27/05/1944 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Gollan, George Charles (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Parramatta
Gollan, William McCulloch (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Randwick
Gorman, Robert Douglas (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Annandale
Graham, Edgar Hugh (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Greig, Robert John (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Drummoyne
Griffiths, Joseph Harold 27/05/1944 Labor Party Ryde
H Top of Page
Hagen, Arthur 27/05/1944 Independent Annandale
Hallett, Leslie James 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Bondi
Hamilton, Raymond George (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Namoi
Hanson-Norman, Aubrey 15/09/1945 (by) Labor Party Manly
Harding, William Neville 27/05/1944 Democratic Party North Sydney
Hawkins, Francis Harold (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Newcastle
Haylen, Leo Edward 27/05/1944 Labor Party Willoughby
Hearnshaw, Eric (Elected) 03/02/1945 (by) Liberal Party Ryde
Hedge, John Edward St John 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Illawarra
Heferen, Stephen Roy (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Barwon
Heffron, Robert James (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Botany
Henderson, Robert Lindsay 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Kogarah
Hill, Francis (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Blacktown
Hollis, Percy Robert Dick 01/06/1946 (by) Liberal Party Goulburn
Holloway, George Polson 27/05/1944 Independent Lane Cove
Holmes, Denis 27/05/1944 Labor Party Casino
Horsington, Edward Matthew (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Sturt
Howarth, Walter Arthur Harrex (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Maitland
Hoy, Ernest George 27/05/1944 Country Party Dubbo
Hunter, David Benjamin (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Croydon
Hurley, Cornelius John (Elected) 09/11/1946 (by) Labor Party Albury
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Irvine, William John 03/02/1945 (by) Independent Ryde
Ivey, Malinda Angelina 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Balmain
Izon, Francis George 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Blacktown
J Top of Page
Jackett, Harry Gordon (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Burwood
Jackson, John 27/05/1944 Labor Party Nepean
Jackson, Joseph (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Ind Democrat Nepean
Jackson, Norman Cyril 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Woollahra
Jones, Enoch 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Rockdale
Jordan, Leslie Charles (Elected) 27/05/1944 Ind Country Oxley
K Top of Page
Kelly, Christopher Augustus (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Bathurst
Kendell, Ebenezer Thomas 27/05/1944 Country Party Corowa
Kendell, Ebenezer Thomas (Elected) 09/11/1946 (by) Country Party Corowa
Kenna, Patrick William 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Wollondilly
King, James Patrick 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Temora
King, John Clifford 27/05/1944 Labor Party Albury
Knight, Hamilton (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Hartley
Knox, David Thomas 27/05/1944 Independent Croydon
L Top of Page
Lamb, William Henry (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Granville
Landa, Abram (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Bondi
Lang, James Christian (Elected) 09/11/1946 (by) Lang Labor Auburn
Lang, John Thomas (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Auburn
Lawson, Joseph Alexander (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Murray
Laxton, John Friel 27/05/1944 Independent Dulwich Hill
Lazzarini, Carlo Camillo (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Marrickville
Lethbridge, Christopher Baron (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Independent Corowa
Lethbridge, Christopher Baron (Defeated) 09/11/1946 (by) Liberal Party Corowa
Lindsay, William Reginald 27/05/1944 Labor Party Maitland
Long, Norman Christopher 27/05/1944 Labor Party Raleigh
Long, William John 27/05/1944 Independent Parramatta
Lorimer, Kenneth Kermode 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Gordon
M Top of Page
Macdonald, Donald Peter (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Independent Mosman
Macpherson, Percy Norman Lord 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Hurstville
Mahony, James Augustine 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Hornsby
Mair, Alexander (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Albury
Malcolm, Alan Dewar 27/05/1944 Country Party Murrumbidgee
Mallam, Heathcote Clifford 27/05/1944 Labor Party Burwood
Mallard, Hedley Richard Horace 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Georges River
Malone, Thomas Augustine 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Newcastle
Manuel, George Francis 27/05/1944 Labor Party Neutral Bay
Martin, Clarence Edward (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Waverley
Martin, John 27/05/1944 Communist Bulli
Martin, Samuel Manning 27/05/1944 Ind Country Oxley
Mason, William Earle 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Mosman
Matthews, Claude Hilton (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Leichhardt
Maunder, George Ernest 18/08/1945 (by) Liberal Party Blacktown
McCarron, Charles 27/05/1944 Country Party Ashburnham
McCristal, Timothy William 27/05/1944 A.L.M. Oxley
McGirr, James (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Bankstown
McGrath, John Francis (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Rockdale
McGrath, Thomas Michael 27/05/1944 Labor Party Corowa
McInnes, John Malcolm 27/05/1944 Country Party Wagga Wagga
McKay, Leonard 03/02/1945 (by) Independent Ryde
McKell, William John (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Redfern
Mead, Ernest Richmond 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Ryde
Miller, Henry 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Rockdale
Minnis, Ebenezer 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic North Sydney
Miscamble, Howard Henry 27/05/1944 Independent Ryde
Miscamble, Howard Henry 03/02/1945 (by) Social Credit Ryde
Mitchell, George Deane (Defeated) 27/05/1944 Independent Oxley
Mooney, Patrick 27/05/1944 Labor Party Auburn
Moran, Stanley James 27/05/1944 Communist Balmain
Morgan, William Joseph Tyler 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Blacktown
Mulcahy, Henry Cecil 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Lakemba
Murray, Roland Charles 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Concord
Mutton, Brice 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Concord
N Top of Page
Newton, Russell Jack Miller 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Drummoyne
Nott, Kevin Colin 27/05/1944 Independent Mudgee
Nott, Roger Bede (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Liverpool Plains
O Top of Page
Oakes, Warren Frank 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Lismore
Ogilvie, Edward Douglas 27/05/1944 Independent Tenterfield
Ogston, Adam Hutton 27/05/1944 Communist Lakemba
O'Halloran, Robert Emmet (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Orange
O'Neill, Wilfred Michael 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Granville
O'Sullivan, Maurice (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Paddington
Oxford, Herbert William 27/05/1944 Labor Party Armidale
P Top of Page
Peffer, Frank Edward 09/11/1946 (by) Labor Party Auburn
Peters, William Charles 09/11/1946 (by) Labor Party Ashfield
Phelps, Ernest Leo 18/08/1945 (by) Independent Blacktown
Price, John Julian Edward 03/02/1945 (by) Fair Deal Ryde
Pryor, Ross 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Annandale
Pursell, Frank Grenville 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Mosman
Q Top of Page
Quirk, Mary Lily May (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Balmain
R Top of Page
Regan, John Neil 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Byron
Reid, Alfred Albert Edward Ernest Vassa (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Ind Democrat Manly
Reid, John Thomas (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Casino
Renshaw, John Brophy (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Castlereagh
Richardson, Athol Railton (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Ashfield
Richardson, Athol Railton (Re-elected) 09/11/1946 (by) Liberal Party Ashfield
Ritchie, Henry Hugh 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Dulwich Hill
Roberts, Stephen Everard 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Bankstown
Robertson, Clarence Gordon (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Dubbo
Robson, Ewan Murray (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Democratic Party Vaucluse
Rolle, James Richard 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Neutral Bay
Rose, D'Arcy (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Upper Hunter
Rosen, Alfred 27/05/1944 New Order Labor Bondi
Rubie, John Quinlan Henning 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Coogee
Ryan, Charles Allan 27/05/1944 Ind Country Oxley
S Top of Page
Sarina, Ronald Grafton 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Illawarra
Scott, James 27/05/1944 Country Party Liverpool Plains
Seiffert, John Wesley (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Monaro
Shand, James Barclay (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Ind Democrat Ryde
Shannon, Thomas John (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Phillip
Sheahan, William Francis (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Yass
Shields, Charles William 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Leichhardt
Sligar, Joseph Leo 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Lachlan
Spensley, Edward Hector 27/05/1944 Country Party Illawarra
Stack, Stephen Harold 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Manly
Stanley, Fred (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Lakemba
Steel, Lucy Amelia Jane 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Blacktown
Stephens, Stanley Tunstall (Elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Byron
Stewart, Alexander Allan 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Bondi
Storey, Sydney Albert Dawson (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Ind Democrat Hornsby
Stuart, Frederick William 27/05/1944 Country Party Byron
Sutherland, Keith Cecil Theodore 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Burwood
Sweeney, John Thomas (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Bulli
Sweeney, Leonard William 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Waratah
T Top of Page
Taylor, Allan Archibald 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Nepean
Thomas, Lancelot Richard 27/05/1944 Country Party Namoi
Thomas, Norman 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Lane Cove
Tonge, Arthur (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Canterbury
Townsend, Alfred Richard 09/11/1946 (by) Country Party Albury
Treasure, Percy Henry 27/05/1944 Ind Democrat South Coast
Treatt, Vernon Haddon (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Woollahra
Treble, Arthur Thomas 27/05/1944 Labor Party Parramatta
Truer, Gustav George 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Concord
Tully, John Moran (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Labor Party Goulburn
Tully, Laurence John 27/05/1944 Labor Party Temora
Tully, Laurence John (Elected) 01/06/1946 (by) Labor Party Goulburn
Turner, Henry Basil (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Gordon
Turner, Herbert Eden 27/05/1944 Ind Labor South Coast
Turner, Sidney William 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Dulwich Hill
Twomey, Maurice Augustus 27/05/1944 Ind Labor Bulli
Tyrrell, Patrick 27/05/1944 Lang Labor Redfern
V Top of Page
Vaughan, George Henry 03/02/1945 (by) Independent Ryde
Vincent, Roy Stanley (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Country Party Raleigh
W Top of Page
Wade, Benjamin Martin 27/05/1944 Independent Barwon
Watson, Raymond Sanders 27/05/1944 Independent Blacktown
Weaver, Reginald Walter Darcy (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Neutral Bay
Weir, George (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Dulwich Hill
White, Eric 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Manly
Whitehouse, Thomas 27/05/1944 Independent Rockdale
Williams, Arthur John Leonard (Re-elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Georges River
Wingfield, Cecil Gordon (Re-elected) 28/04/1944 Country Party Clarence
Woodhill, Charles Kenneth 27/05/1944 Democratic Party South Coast
Woodman, Harrold Eustace 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Willoughby
Woodward, Henry Phipps John (Elected) 27/05/1944 Labor Party Lane Cove
Wylie, Gerald Douglas 27/05/1944 Liberal Democratic Wollondilly
Y Top of Page
Yeo, Alfred William 27/05/1944 Country Party Castlereagh
Young, Harold Hugh John 27/05/1944 Democratic Party Gloucester