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Candidate Date Party District
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Ardill, George Edward (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Yass
Arthur, Joshua George (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Hamilton
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Baddeley, John Marcus (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Cessnock
Ball, Richard Thomas (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 Country Party Corowa
Ballantyne, Robert Charles 11/12/1937 (by) Independent Corowa
Bate, Henry John (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia South Coast
Bavin, Thomas Rainsford (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 United Australia Gordon
Beale, Rupert Noel 11/05/1935 Independent Woollahra
Beck, William 11/05/1935 Communist Parramatta
Bennett, Charles Edward (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 United Australia Gloucester
Blackman, Jervis George 11/05/1935 Independent Petersham
Bland, George Henry 11/05/1935 Independent Burwood
Bondeson, Harold Vincent 11/05/1935 Douglas Credit Croydon
Booth, George (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Kurri Kurri
Bowe, Joseph Cecil 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Cobar
Bramston, Richard Davis 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Hurstville
Brophy, James Chester 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Granville
Brown, Malcolm (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Upper Hunter
Brownhill, James Octavius 11/05/1935 Independent Tamworth
Bruce, Robert Thompson 11/05/1935 Labor Party Ashfield
Bruxner, Michael Frederick (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 Country Party Tenterfield
Budd, Arthur Eames (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Byron
Bugler, Joseph Vincent 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Newtown
Bulmer, Edward William 11/05/1935 Communist Kogarah
Burke, Francis Michael (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Newtown
Butler, Walter James 11/05/1935 Labor Party Hurstville
Buttenshaw, Ernest Albert (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Lachlan
Byrne, Joseph Patrick 11/05/1935 Labor Party Parramatta
C Top of Page
Cahill, John Joseph (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Arncliffe
Cameron, Robert (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Waratah
Campbell, Eric 11/05/1935 Centre Movement Lane Cove
Carlton, William Joseph (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Glebe
Carter, Harry Charles (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Liverpool Plains
Chaffey, Frank Augustus (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Tamworth
Chapman, William Arthur 11/05/1935 Independent UAP Upper Hunter
Chifley, Joseph Benedict 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Auburn
Clark, Joseph Alfred 11/05/1935 Labor Party Castlereagh
Cleary, John Joseph 11/05/1935 Labor Party Yass
Clementson, William Alfred 11/05/1935 Labor Party Waverley
Clyne, Daniel (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party King
Colbourne, Patrick Joseph 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Petersham
Connellan, Valdimer Lucius 11/05/1935 Labor Party Lachlan
Connors, Francis Patrick 11/05/1935 Labor Party Dulwich Hill
Coombe, Stuart John Fraser 11/05/1935 Independent Sturt
Cordner, Allan Edward 11/05/1935 Independent Hawkesbury
Cram, Robert George 11/05/1935 Communist Hartley
Cranston, John Robert Kerr 11/05/1935 Communist Illawarra
Creed, Sydney Stewart 11/12/1937 (by) Country Party Corowa
Croot, Michael 11/05/1935 Labor Party Drummoyne
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Dare, Leslie George 11/05/1935 Independent UAP North Sydney
Davidson, Mark Anthony (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Cobar
Davies, Evan Alexander 11/05/1935 Labor Party Ryde
Davies, William (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Illawarra
De Meyrick, Julian Frank 11/05/1935 United Australia Bankstown
Dodd, Frederick John 11/05/1935 Communist Newcastle
Donald, Herbert Arthur 11/05/1935 United Australia Marrickville
Donovan, John Rawdon 11/05/1935 Labor Party Murray
Dowd, Arthur Joseph 11/05/1935 Labor Party Burwood
Dowling, Thomas Joseph 11/05/1935 Communist Glebe
Doyle, John Vincent 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Hamilton
Drummond, David Henry (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 Country Party Armidale
Du Maurier, Northey 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Arncliffe
Duncan, Walter Leslie 11/05/1935 United Australia Illawarra
Dunn, William Fraser (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Mudgee
Dunningham, John Montgomery (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Coogee
Dyer, William Charles 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Leichhardt
E Top of Page
Eggins, Bertie Clarence 11/05/1935 Country Party Clarence
Elliott, Hilton Oswald (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Ashburnham
Ely, William Thomas 11/05/1935 Labor Party Granville
Enticknap, Ambrose George 11/05/1935 Labor Party Murrumbidgee
Evans, Charles William Henry 11/05/1935 Communist Cessnock
F Top of Page
Fitzpatrick, Jack Phineas 11/05/1935 Labor Party Bondi
Fitzsimons, Herbert Paton (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Lane Cove
Flanagan, John 11/05/1935 Labor Party Randwick
Fleck, Claude Cropton (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Granville
Folster, William 11/05/1935 Labor Party Orange
Forsyth, Percy Reginald 11/05/1935 Labor Party Liverpool Plains
Foster, Hugh Carlyle 29/08/1936 (by) United Australia Vaucluse
Foster, William Frederick (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 United Australia Vaucluse
Fowler, James Berwick 11/05/1935 Centre Movement George's River
Frith, William (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 Country Party Lismore
G Top of Page
Gardiner, Albert 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Canterbury
Gillies, Douglas John 11/05/1935 Communist Waratah
Goldfinch, Philip Henry Macarthur (Elected) 08/11/1935 (by) United Australia Gordon
Gollan, George Charles (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Parramatta
Gorman, Robert Douglas (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Annandale
Gosling, Mark 11/05/1935 Labor Party Kogarah
Gowland, George Edward Duncan 11/05/1935 Communist Paddington
Grant, George Beresford 26/06/1937 (by) United Australia Woollahra
Griffin, Martin Joseph 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Bathurst
Guhl, Karl Joseph 11/05/1935 Labor Party Coogee
H Top of Page
Hankinson, Robert Henry (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Murrumbidgee
Harper, Horace Edward (Defeated) 11/05/1935 United Australia Arncliffe
Hartley, Francis James 11/05/1935 Labor Party Oxley
Hawkins, Francis Harold (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Newcastle
Hedges, William Whaley (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Monaro
Heffron, Robert James (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 Labor Party Botany
Henry, Alfred Stephen (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Clarence
Hoad, Kenneth Oswald 11/05/1935 Labor Party Cootamundra
Hocking, Edward John (Defeated) 11/05/1935 United Australia Canterbury
Hogan, Alexander 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Waverley
Horsington, Edward Matthew (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Sturt
Howarth, Walter Arthur Harrex (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Maitland
Howe, Benjamin 11/05/1935 Labor Party North Sydney
Howie, Allan 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Balmain
J Top of Page
Jackett, Harry Gordon (Elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Burwood
Jackson, John 11/05/1935 Labor Party Nepean
Jackson, Joseph (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Nepean
Jarvie, Milton Livingstone Fredericks (Defeated) 11/05/1935 Independent UAP Ashfield
Jones, Edward Emanuel 11/05/1935 Labor Party Albury
Jones, Enoch 11/05/1935 Centre Movement Arncliffe
K Top of Page
Keast, Theopholus William John 11/05/1935 Labor Party Ashburnham
Keegan, John 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Annandale
Kelly, Christopher Augustus (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Bathurst
Kidd, Ernest Wilberforce 11/05/1935 Independent UAP Manly
Killalea, John Kennedy 11/05/1935 Independent Tamworth
Kilpatrick, Matthew (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Wagga Wagga
Kinsella, Edward Parnell 11/05/1935 Labor Party George's River
Kirkwood, Leslie Leonard 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Paddington
Knight, Hamilton (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Hartley
L Top of Page
Lang, John Thomas (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Auburn
Lavelle, Thomas James 11/05/1935 Federal Labor North Sydney
Lawson, Joseph Alexander (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Murray
Lazzarini, Carlo Camillo (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Marrickville
Lee, John Robert (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Drummoyne
Lethbridge, Christopher Baron (Elected) 11/12/1937 (by) Independent Corowa
Levy, Daniel (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Woollahra
Lewis, Bertie Edgar 11/05/1935 Independent Glebe
Lloyd, Herbert William (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 United Australia Mosman
Lloyd, Stanley Allan (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Concord
Loughlin, Peter Ffrench (Defeated) 11/05/1935 United Australia Goulburn
Loveday, Frederick 11/05/1935 Communist Bankstown
M Top of Page
Maher, Raphael Septimus 11/05/1935 Labor Party Wagga Wagga
Main, Hugh (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Temora
Mair, Alexander (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Albury
Martin, Lewis Ormsby (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Oxley
Mason, Harold Harvey (Elected) 26/06/1937 (by) Independent UAP Woollahra
Matthews, Claude Hilton (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Leichhardt
McArdle, William 11/05/1935 Labor Party Tamworth
McClelland, Alfred 11/05/1935 Labor Party Dubbo
McDicken, Henry James 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Concord
McDonald, George Roy William 26/06/1937 (by) Independent UAP Woollahra
McGirr, James (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Bankstown
McHenry, Patrick 11/05/1935 Communist Bulli
McIlveen, Roy St Clair 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Waratah
McKell, William John (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Redfern
McKnight, William George 11/05/1935 Independent Tamworth
McNamara, Alan William 11/05/1935 Labor Party Concord
McWilliams, Robert George 11/05/1935 Communist Redfern
Miles, John Bramwell 11/05/1935 Communist Kurri Kurri
Monro, Cecil Owen James (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia George's River
Moore, Clarence Edward 11/05/1935 Labor Party Monaro
Morton, Mark Fairles (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 United Australia Wollondilly
Moverly, Arthur Henry (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Randwick
Munro, Fergus Foster 11/05/1935 Centre Movement Hornsby
Murphy, Aubrey Frederick Carlile 11/05/1935 Centre Movement Concord
Murphy, Reginald James 11/05/1935 Labor Party South Coast
Murray, Roland Charles 11/05/1935 United Australia Lakemba
N Top of Page
Neagle, Stanley Richard Hammond 11/05/1935 Labor Party Young
Ness, John Thomas (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Dulwich Hill
Nye, William Henry 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Newcastle
O Top of Page
O'Connor, John Moses 11/05/1935 Labor Party Barwon
Ogston, Adam Hutton 11/05/1935 Communist Granville
O'Hearn, Walter Finlay 11/05/1935 Labor Party Maitland
O'Neill, Edward William 11/05/1935 Labor Party Temora
O'Neill, Eugene 11/05/1935 Independent Cessnock
O'Sullivan, Maurice (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Paddington
P Top of Page
Pattinson, Archibald Roy 11/05/1935 Labor Party Croydon
Pollack, Peter 11/05/1935 Independent Neutral Bay
Prentice, James Pollock 11/05/1935 Communist King
Primrose, Hubert Leslie (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia North Sydney
Q Top of Page
Quinane, Patrick Joseph 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Kogarah
Quirk, John (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Balmain
R Top of Page
Rees, David Lewis 11/05/1935 Labor Party Willoughby
Reid, Albert David (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Young
Reid, Alfred Albert Edward Ernest Vassa (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Manly
Reid, John Thomas (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Casino
Richardson, Athol Railton (Elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Ashfield
Richardson, Ernest 11/05/1935 United Australia Hamilton
Robin, Geoffrey Herbert 11/05/1935 United Australia King
Robinson, William Thomas 11/05/1935 Independent Clarence
Robson, Ewan Murray (Elected) 29/08/1936 (by) Independent UAP Vaucluse
Rogan, John Neil 11/05/1935 Labor Party Byron
Ross, James Clyde (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Kogarah
Ross, William Forrest Maxwell (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Cootamundra
Rowe, Albert Edward 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Illawarra
S Top of Page
Sanders, Edward Lloyd (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Willoughby
Scully, William James 11/05/1935 Labor Party Namoi
Shand, James Barclay (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Hornsby
Shannon, Thomas John (Re-elected) 18/04/1935 Labor Party Phillip
Sharkey, Lawrence Louis 11/05/1935 Communist Balmain
Sheahan, William Francis 11/05/1935 Labor Party Petersham
Sinclair, Colin Archibald (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Namoi
Solomon, Eric Saxby (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Petersham
Spooner, Eric Sydney (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Ryde
Spring, David Hugh (Defeated) 11/05/1935 Country Party Mudgee
Stanley, Fred (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Lakemba
Stevens, Bertram Sydney Barnsdale (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Croydon
Stewart, John Joseph 11/05/1935 Independent Lakemba
Storey, Sydney Albert Dawson 07/08/1937 (by) Independent Gordon
Stuart, Frederick William 11/05/1935 Independent Byron
Sutherland, Hugh Henry 11/05/1935 Ind Labor Newcastle
Sweeney, John Thomas (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Bulli
Sweeney, Leonard William 11/05/1935 Labor Party Casino
T Top of Page
Taylor, John Norman 11/05/1935 Federal Labor Randwick
Thomas, Norman (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Bondi
Tonge, Arthur (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Canterbury
Tonking, Alwyn Uren (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Orange
Townsend, Alfred Richard 11/12/1937 (by) Country Party Corowa
Tully, John Moran (Elected) 11/05/1935 Labor Party Goulburn
Turner, Henry Basil (Elected) 07/08/1937 (by) United Australia Gordon
Turner, Herbert Eden 11/05/1935 Independent South Coast
V Top of Page
Vincent, Roy Stanley (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Raleigh
W Top of Page
Waddell, John William (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Waverley
Wade, Benjamin Martin (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Barwon
Walker, Ronald Bruce (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Hawkesbury
Wallace, Arthur Cooper 11/05/1935 Independent Raleigh
Weaver, Reginald Walter Darcy (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Neutral Bay
Webb, James Eli (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 United Australia Hurstville
Wilkins, Gordon (Defeated) 11/05/1935 Country Party Bathurst
Wilson, George Alan Lachlan (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Dubbo
Wood, Henry Alfred 11/05/1935 Independent Glebe
Wood, John 11/05/1935 Labor Party Upper Hunter
Y Top of Page
Yeo, Alfred William (Re-elected) 11/05/1935 Country Party Castlereagh
Yewdall, William Barrett 11/05/1935 Independent Arncliffe