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Camperdown - 1904 (Roll: 8,722)
Won by Progressive
No absolute majority for winning candidate
Candidate Party Votes Votes %
Clegg, William Carnegie Liberal Party 1,352 28.28
Kelly, John Independent 13 0.27
Levy, Alfred Lippman Independent 352 7.36
McCulloch, Donald Ross Ind Labor 138 2.89
Salmon, John Ind Liberal 881 18.43
Smith, James Francis (Re-elected) Progressive 1,841 38.51
Sparkes, George Hudson Independent 203 4.25
Formal Votes 4,780
Informal Votes 76 1.57
Total Votes / Turnout 4,856 55.68
Notes: Smith was member for Newtown-Camperdown. Clegg announced early that he would contest LRA pre-selection, leading to a rapid increase in branch members from 337 in January to 1,000 in May. Clegg won the ballot but his opponent Salmon refused to accept the decision and nominated as an Independent Liberal. This split the Liberal vote allowing Smith to win the contest. (Loveday, Martin and Weller, p232) Levy and Salmon were identified by the Daily Telegraph on 5 August as candidates splitting the anti-government vote.