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Young - 1882 (Roll: 3,518) - 2 to be elected
Nominations: Friday, 1 December 1882, Polling: Monday, 4 December 1882
Candidate Votes Votes %
Spring, Gerald (Elected 1) 1,097 40.74
Mackinnon, James Archibald (Elected 2) 799 29.67
Watson, James (Defeated) 797 29.60
Formal Votes 2,693
Informal Votes 50 1.82
Total Votes / Estimated Turnout 2,743 39.70
Notes: Sitting MP W J Watson did not contest owing to absence from the colony (SMH 2 December, p.7 col.6) . James Watson was Colonial Treasurer in the Parkes government. After his defeat in Young, Watson nominated for Illawarra, where he was again defeated.
Source: SMH 5 December 1882, p.7 col.2, with a fuller report on the Treasurer's defeat published 6 December, p.6 col.2
Corrections: The Statistical Register entry of 2,693 formal ballots is clearly incorrect, as this equals the value of total votes in this two-member district.