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Tenterfield - By-election (Roll: 1,910)
Nominations: Thursday, 20 November 1884, Polling: Monday, 24 November 1884 (No poll held)
Candidate Votes Votes %
Lee, Charles Alfred (Elected) Elected unopposed
Cause Category: Resignation - Other
Notes: According to the ADB, Parkes was absent overseas from July 1883 to August 1884, but retained his seat in parliament at the request of his constituents. On his return, Parkes assessed the political situation and announced his retirement from Parliament. In an explanation, published SMH 4 November, p.2 col.6, he described his resignation as a retirement from active politics, and stated that he 'had no intention of seeking or accepting a seat in any future parliament'. He was back in parliament as member for Argyle within five months, within a year directly challenging and defeating Premier Dibbs in his own seat of St Leonards, and back serving as Premier in early 1887.
Source: SMH 21 November 1884, p.5 col.1